Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Warhammer Historical

Last fornight I ordered from Warhammer Historical some of the latest productions.  I did this primarily as they had a very nice 50% off sale, and who can pass up that sort of savings?  I certainly couldn't.

Today they arrived.  I had a look at the postal tracking.  Posted from the UK 12/10, tracked 13/10, 14/10 and 15/10.  Then it seems it sat in customs for four days before being sent on it's way to me.  Well, its with me now, so I can stop worrying about it going astray.

Over the Top
Soft cover.176 pages.  Typical high standard of presentation.  As to the content and it's use?  I just have to find the time to read it.

Gladiator, The Game of Deadly Arena Combat in Ancient Rome.
Hard Cover.  144 pages.  Again high standard of presentation. 

Waterloo, Tabletop Wargaming in the Age of Napoleon.
Hard Cover. 288 pages. High standard of presentation.

The Waterloo set I will read at some time in the future.  Gladiator I can actually start running with immediately.  I have a fair number of gladiators alread painted up.  All I need to do is create an arena!  (Maybe Bec might read this and build an arena of epic proportions - you know with a chariot track etc).

Over the Top follows on from the Great War ruleset.  From a quick flick I'm dissappointed in the content.  I really was hoping that this expansion would have covered the Middle East, but it continues on with the Western front.  I have Germans and British in 28mm but have to get around to painting them up.  A project for the long haul.

So it seems Gladiator is the most likely one of these to see some mileage.

My ECW project is progressing to the stage where I may have to paing some more figures.  Not a lot, well about 100 odd.  Mostly musket, cavalry and highlanders.  This will round off my lists, allowing me to field armies from any of the combatants for the period.  I must get my camera back from my daughter.  Hopefully I'll post pictures in due course.

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