Sunday, November 1, 2015

Kings of War - Orcs

Following on from my Elves I've now looked at my Orcs.

 So the above is my collected and painted Orc army.

 Gore Rider and Gore Chariots.  Straight crossover from my WFB.  The only difficulty I had was with the chariots and the scythed wheels.  I had to snap them off so that they would fit together and form the Regiment (3).  Rather pleased with the chariots.

 The KoW Orcs seem to use the axe as the weapon of choice.  My orcs don't fall under that category so the above are just a unit of Ax or spear and shield Orcs.  My option is to give the above Horde (40) the magical ability Orcsbanes Amulet of Thorns.

The unit on the left become Morax (fighting with two hand weapons fits the descriptor) and a unit of Ax on the right.

 The Black Orcs work well as axes are their weapon of choice.  The left are Morax, the one one the right Greatax.

 A wonderful collection of characters, flaggers (banner bearers), Orclings (Snotlings) and War Drum which I made to be a lone drummer on the appropriate 50mm square base.

And for reasons I can't quite remember (and fact you can only have troops (10) of them) lots of archers.  I guess I can use them as speed bumps for flankers and the like.

So next on show and tell will be the Goblins.