Thursday, June 9, 2016

Crime Alley Terrain

Over the next while I shall be sharing some photos of the adventures undertaken using the Pulp Alley rules.  The terrain below is an example of the terrain that is in use at the Blind Pig, so I would encourage people to attend the club whenever they can to enjoy a game on the excellent terrain they have.

The board shown below will be for Crime Alley initially, battles between G-Men and Mobster, Man Scientists and Altruistic Heroes...  Lots of fun to come over the coming weeks if not months.

My work will be cut out as I have to source, and our create the extra details in the way of terrain, letter boxes, newstands, brick-a-brack etc.  Need a fountain, a statue a few other items and of course period cars, no easy or particularly cheap (well not for a pensioner anyway).

So stay tuned as I expand on this.  Most likely a AAR this weekend for Crime Alley, G-Men versus Mobsters.