Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blind Pig Club Day 24th May 2014

Thank you everyone for today at the club. The assistance from those who set packed up today was appreciated.
It was a more than busy day today, with lots of visitors coming for the BSS, and lots of people going home with some more nice shinys! Thanks for coming along to those who just visited for the BSS, hopefully you may come and have a game or two next time.
Attendees well over 40 in number.
Games in action today were:
Infinity (good turn out for the tournament, see other post)
WH40K (someone I believe even had the new edition of the rules)
Kings of War
Dad & Sons Wargame (Paul & Mathew)
Dreadball (the League kicked off with two matches played)
A Game of Thrones LCG
Super Dungeon Explore
Love Letter (won by John McD - nobody believes this BTW)
Zombie Munchkin

Encouragement and Dedication Award to James GG who drove all the way back to Brisbane from Rockhampton - just to pop in and get his gaming fix.

A visitor at the BP BSS Day.  His friend bought this for
a tournament he's running (so I heard).


Infinity in action.



Paul having a game with his son.  :)

Blind Pig Infinity Tournament 24th May 2014

A good turn out for the Infinity tournament at the club today.  Thanks Daniel for running the event.  Pictures below show the terrain and participants.  I'm afraid I don't know all the participants for the day, so there are blank pictures where a name has been recorded (I'm sorry if I don't know you).

Wooden Spoon Recipient (on right of picture)

Best Painted Force - Mickey

3rd Place - Pat D (of the Blind Pig)

Group Photo - TO on his knee(s)!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New blog started!

I have started a new blog, I will link to the side bar shortly.

Dedicated to old games and figures.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Early edition Orcs for 40K

So I've been bitten by the bug with restoring and using my old figures.  I find that (personally) the orcoid races have been the most evocative when it comes to figures (from most manufacturers).  Here is what I've been up to!

Still working on this meganob.  Dulling him down in the process.

Before shot.  This is what this figure looked like before I restored him.

Oh god, purple.  The before shots before restoring.

End product.  Brought up to current version of painting orcoids.

One of my older models.  Gretchin robot and Orc controller.

Friday, May 16, 2014

The next big project! maybe..... eventually.....

So with having caught the bug of WFB 3rd Ed I have been reviewing what armies I haven't converted to HoTT.  Not a lot, only dregs left bar a couple of old favourites like Chaos, Lizardmen and Orcs & Goblins.

Searching the shelves of unpainted figures I came upon box after box os Skaven.  I think I got a deal on the years ago and apart from some of the "newer" stuff, they have been waiting.... and waiting....  and maybe now the time is right.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blind Pig Club Day 10 May 2014

Saturday was the Blind Pig.  This is the only time I really get to leave the house and enjoy myself with the best group of gamers I have ever met.

Suburbia in play.

Mostly 40K (including a game of 2nd Ed.)


I was involved in a game of Alchemist's Academy to start the day off.  Designed by Ray Williams (who popped in during the day).  I found him to be a really nice guy and I have enjoyed his game, the final product was well made and presented.  Ray brought the game to the club on a number of occasions to play test and show the product off.  Recommend to those who like card games.  Looking forward to seeing anything else Ray designs.

I also got to play a game of Surbubia.  A simulated city style euro game.  I enjoyed it, although I really got the strategy towards the end of the game, and by then it was - well too late.  Good game with James , Scott, and Jason (as well as the spectators who found the game not very exciting to watch)

Last game I got to play was Bang the Dice Game.  This is an excellent, fun and quick game to play.  Will have to get this when I have the cash.  Easy to teach, good party game and apart from my gaff of "what's this dago speak on the card" (Spanish I believe) easy to read and understand cards.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My daughters upcoming Formal

I am the proud father of a daughter who is finishing her year 12 this year.  I know all father's say that their daughters (or children) are beautiful, but mine really is.  I'm afraid that I can't allow her to marry anyone whose peerage does not exceed mine.  So I'll leave you guessing.

Old GW stuff

I'm being asked to post pictures of my old GW figures.  Well here is a taste.

Game of WFB 3rd Ed

On Monday I had a visit from an old friend who wanted to revisit WFB 3rd Ed.

What can I say, it was an absolute hoot.  I loved it and the total chaos that Orc & Goblins convey.  Fighting Chaos was even more amusing.

Here are some shots from the day courtesy of my Glen T.