Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just a few Dr Who novels, just a few!

Just some of my books.  It's getting close to rainy season here in Brisbane, and with the rain comes the constant flooding of my lower level.  My lair gets damp.  So I have to annually check my collections, to ensure they are safe and that vermin haven't invaded.  I've found chests of draws make the best book cases.  They keep the dust and most vermin out and allows for easy access.

Some wonderful people I get to meet at the Blind Pig

Recently I participated in the annual tournament to remember a fellow wargamer who passed away - Geoff Jose.  I think this is the 7th year?  Anyway here are photo's of my opponents, all of them wonderful people.

Simon M

Michael S

Thomas E



Many moons ago I painted some of the many gladiators.  I never got very far with them as I needed a solid board to play on.  Thanks to BP Laser I was able to get a custom cut and etched board for my gladiator games.
Above are the collection of painted gladiators.  Spent ages trying to sort them into their classes, not as easy as it seemed.  Still think I got a few wrong.

Close up.

Another close up.

Above is the custom cut and etched board that BP Laser produced for me.  Measures 2'x2'.  It's great that I can just collapse it after use and carry it anywhere I like.  It's on 3mm thick MDF.  The hexes are 30mm.  Now just have to paint it to get that bloody sand look.
The figures are a mostly Foundry, and are 28/30mm.  They are based on 30mm bases and all I did for the base texture was to pour in PVA Glue and Kindergarten Sand with a mix of small pebbles.
Still debating on what rules to run with.  To date I have 4 sets which I will have to have a read of and decide which one I like the best.  Maybe I'll mesh some of them together and see what I come up with!