Thursday, June 29, 2017

Chaos 8th Edition - Might be a better one?

I have been using Battle Scribe to build my lists and I've been having some trouble nutting out how to understand the logic of it's engine - but my perseverance seems to have paid off and I've managed to have mastered it!  I think, so much so that I think my Chaos list is actually correct for the models shown as opposed to the Ultramarines in the previous blog. I'll go back and rework that one I think.

Battalion Detachment +3CP
 (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) 
[107 PL, 1991pts]

+ HQ [18 PL, 353pts] +

Daemon Prince [10 PL, 197pts]: Hellforged sword [42pts], Nurgle, Warp bolter [9pts]

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour [8 PL, 156pts]: Combi-bolter [2pts], Force stave [14pts], Tzeentch

+ Troops [27 PL, 498pts] +

Chaos Space Marines [9 PL, 167pts]: 9x Chaos Space Marine [117pts], 2x Plasma gun [26pts], Slaanesh
. Aspiring Champion [24pts]: Plasma pistol [7pts], Power sword [4pts]

Chaos Space Marines [9 PL, 164pts]: 9x Chaos Space Marine [117pts], Heavy bolter [10pts], Plasma gun [13pts], Tzeentch
. Aspiring Champion [24pts]: Plasma pistol [7pts], Power sword [4pts]

Chaos Space Marines [9 PL, 167pts]: 9x Chaos Space Marine [117pts], Nurgle, 2x Plasma gun [26pts], 5x Replace boltgun with chainsword
. Aspiring Champion [24pts]: Plasma pistol [7pts], Power sword [4pts]

+ Elites [28 PL, 511pts] +

Chaos Terminators [14 PL, 300pts]: Tzeentch
. Chaos Terminator [72pts]: Chainfist [22pts], Combi-melta [19pts]
. Chaos Terminator [44pts]: Lightning claw [9pts], Lightning claw [4pts]
. Chaos Terminator [70pts]: Chainfist [22pts], Heavy flamer [17pts]
. Chaos Terminator [70pts]: Combi-melta [19pts], Power fist [20pts]
. Terminator Champion [44pts]: Lightning claw [9pts], Lightning claw [4pts]

Rubric Marines [14 PL, 211pts]: 9x Rubric Marine [162pts]
. Aspiring Sorcerer [49pts]: Force sword [12pts], Warpflame Pistol [7pts]

+ Fast Attack [4 PL, 66pts] +

Chaos Spawn [4 PL, 66pts]: 2x Chaos Spawn [4 PL, 66pts]

+ Heavy Support [18 PL, 323pts] +

Chaos Vindicator [11 PL, 171pts]: Havoc launcher [11pts]

Havocs [7 PL, 152pts]: Autocannon [20pts], 4x Havoc [52pts], Heavy bolter [10pts], Lascannon [25pts], Missile launcher [25pts], No Chaos Mark
. Aspiring Champion [20pts]: Boltgun, Plasma pistol [7pts]

+ Dedicated Transport [12 PL, 240pts] +

Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 83pts]: Combi-bolter [2pts], Combi-flamer [11pts], Nurgle

Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]: Combi-bolter [2pts], Combi-bolter [2pts], Slaanesh

Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 83pts]: Combi-bolter [2pts], Havoc launcher [11pts], Tzeentch

++ Total: [107 PL, 1991pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ultramarines 8th Edition - dabbling with the new


I bit the bullet and have been drawn back to the dark side... but only because I have enough painted stuff that I can play without having to pick up a paint brush.  I must admit that GW is making really good go at trying to get me back in the saddle with their whole new approach - and it's working, damn them.

Ultramarine Army version 1 - sorry for not the best of picture.

Battalion Detachment +3CP 
(Imperium - Space Marines) 
[126 PL, 1999pts]

+ HQ [34 PL, 635pts] +

Librarian in Terminator Armor [9 PL, 174pts]:
2) Might of Heroes, Combi-plasma [15pts], Force stave [14pts]

Sergeant Chronus [20 PL, 372pts]
Land Raider Crusader [17 PL, 314pts]:
2x Hurricane bolter [8pts], Multi-melta [27pts], Twin assault cannon [35pts]

Sergeant Telion [5 PL, 89pts]

+ Troops [29 PL, 398pts] +

Scout Squad [10 PL, 109pts]
. Scout Sergeant [11pts]: Bolt pistol, Chainsword
. 7x Scout w/Boltgun [77pts]
. Scout w/Heavy Weapon [21pts]: Heavy bolter [10pts]

Scout Squad [10 PL, 125pts]: 6x Camo cloak [18pts]
. Scout Sergeant [11pts]: Bolt pistol, Chainsword
. Scout w/Heavy Weapon [36pts]: Missile launcher [25pts]
. 4x Scout w/Sniper Rifle [60pts]: 4x Sniper rifle [16pts]

Tactical Squad [9 PL, 164pts]
. 7x Space Marine [91pts]
. Space Marine Sergeant [13pts]: Bolt pistol, Chainsword
. Space Marine w/Heavy Weapon [38pts]: Missile launcher [25pts]
. Space Marine w/Special Weapon [22pts]: Flamer [9pts]

+ Elites [31 PL, 321pts] +

Honour Guard [2 PL, 52pts]
. Honour Guard [26pts]: Power axe [5pts]
. Honour Guard [26pts]: Power axe [5pts]

Sternguard Veteran Squad [14 PL, 145pts]
. Space Marine Veteran [19pts]: Special issue boltgun [3pts]
. Space Marine Veteran [19pts]: Special issue boltgun [3pts]
. Space Marine Veteran [19pts]: Special issue boltgun [3pts]
. Space Marine Veteran [19pts]: Special issue boltgun [3pts]
. Space Marine Veteran w/Heavy Weapon [33pts]: Meltagun [17pts]
. Veteran Sergeant [36pts]: Boltgun, Power fist [20pts]

Vanguard Veteran Squad [15 PL, 124pts]: Jump Pack [1 PL, 10pts]
. Space Marine Veteran [20pts]: Bolt pistol, Power sword [4pts]
. Space Marine Veteran [20pts]: Bolt pistol, Power sword [4pts]
. Space Marine Veteran [23pts]: Chainsword, Plasma pistol [7pts]
. Space Marine Veteran [23pts]: Chainsword, Plasma pistol [7pts]
. Veteran Sergeant [28pts]: Grav-pistol [8pts], Power sword [4pts]

+ Fast Attack [27 PL, 563pts] +

Attack Bike Squad [9 PL, 188pts]
. Attack Bike [3 PL, 57pts]: Heavy bolter [10pts], Twin boltgun [2pts]
. Attack Bike [3 PL, 57pts]: Heavy bolter [10pts], Twin boltgun [2pts]
. Attack Bike [3 PL, 74pts]: Multi-melta [27pts], Twin boltgun [2pts]

Land Speeders [18 PL, 375pts]
. Land Speeder [6 PL, 128pts]: Assault cannon [21pts], Multi-melta [27pts]
. Land Speeder [6 PL, 140pts]: Heavy bolter [10pts], Typhoon missile launcher [50pts]
. Land Speeder [6 PL, 107pts]: Heavy bolter [10pts], Heavy flamer [17pts]

+ Dedicated Transport [5 PL, 82pts] +

Razorback [5 PL, 82pts]: Twin heavy bolter [17pts]

++ Total: [126 PL, 1999pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (

Of to look at my Chaos now, oddly enough Nurgle flavoured.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Board Game Stats - Lies, damn lies and statistics...

I've been waiting for this App to become available for Android (I really do despise Apple on all levels) for a while, and at long last it has arrived!  Yeah.  After a shaky start - I hate reading instructions.  I'm a person who looks at systems and nuts it out on the go, only referring to manuals if I have to.

On the whole this looks decent and meets my needs.  Will see as time goes on.  Here's what I've done for just the month of June.

Here's the link to the website for those interested - LINK

What is great... the insight page does not have a win/loss tally!  That would be just embarrassing for me to post, after all something that looks so close to 0% is not what I'd really want to share.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Fantasy Trip - Advanced Melee and Wizard

It's the Time Machine for me at present, the curse of Paul and his linking me to a solo board game group... it has me looking at what games I have that can actually play solo.  Today I'm looking at Melee and Wizard and the Mircogames from Metagaming.

So I've ripped straight from Wikipedia "Metagaming Concepts, later known simply as Metagaming, was a company that published board games from 1974 to 1983. It was founded and owned by Howard Thompson, who designed the company's first game, Stellar Conquest. The company also invented Microgames and published Steve Jackson's first designs, including Ogre, G.E.V. and The Fantasy Trip."  There you have it in a nutshell, does that help?  Nope didn't think so, below is a link to the Microgames that many people will be familiar with.

That should jog most peoples memory of that was in many people's minds affordable gaming at the time.  Pithy little games, Steve Jackson got his launch here and we know where he went from there, though his Munchkin is his lamentable millstone to date!

Below are the MicroQuests I own - six in total, all unpunched or "opened". Do I dare to play them, I guess I will now that I've decided to.  I shall have to see my friend Paul of BPLaser about getting the hex system lasered and then I shall be ready to have a go at it.  Yes I think I shall have a definite go at this one... but you know what I'm like don't you dear reader, as reliable as a punter on a race day!







By the way I am chasing Melee and Wizard the original two games, while I have the Advanced booklets I'd love to get my hands on the boxes just to complete my obsession, you know what it's like to have OCD!

Here's a picture of what they are in case you need a memory job, drop me a line if you can help, charity is happily accepted!!!! (yes that is a lot of explanation marks!)

Till next time.

The Hon.John

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chainsaw Warrior - Games Workshop Solitaire Game 1987

Carrying on from yesterdays post I went and looked at Chainsaw Warrior.  I had RAF all ready to go when I had an unexpected visitor and had to pack it all away to have the table clear.  As you can see from this post my perseverance to staying on topic melted away and I was distracted by another bright shiny.  In this case it was shiny, the game has been laminated in contact plastic, I recall at the time it was a craze amongst a group of us to do this.  I now of course regret this, as it has ruined some of the games, sticky edges more than anything.  Annoying...

Here is my copy out and I've played a game... lost to the Darkness........

The box, in very good repair, thanks to contact plastic, but shiny...

Image from BGG, I also found I had the cards from the WD as well.
Of course you can get this game as an App (Auroch Digital/GameTheNews - 4.2 Stars - AUS$6.99) on your phone or tablet these days, and to be honest it would be far more economical in time to just grab it than to crack open the game box, set it up, find all the pieces and play the game.  Now having said that, it is not as rewarding as playing the actual boardgame itself.  It is an old game now, 30 years this year, and it really does annoy me when the younger generation poo poo the idea that old games have no place in today's gaming place.  Certainly there are some bombs out there, but like everything you had to start at the beginning to get to the end?  Well maybe I should say the Model T Ford did it's job as does the modern motor vehicle, yet you had to have the Model T before you got to today's motor vehicle.  In another 30 years one will look at a game and think it quaint or outclassed compared to what is being played.  Age and mechanics have nothing or should have nothing to do with whether or not you enjoy the journey which is the game.

BoardGameGeek link to Chainsaw Warrior

Till next time...


R.A.F. West End Games Solitaire Game 1986

Recently a friend of mine, Paul, invited me to join a group on facebook for Solo Boardgamers (soloboardgamers).  This was intriguing?  What games were there, was there anything that might interest me?  Yes there was, admittedly most of the games being listed were modern games, so I went for a delve in my horde and found this one (of many surprisingly enough) - R.A.F.

There is my copy all exposed to the elements.  Everything appears to be there.  I've popped over to BoardGameGeek and downloaded some files, which I shall peruse to see if they have any relevance or aid in playing the game.  1986 is a long time between drinks, I confess my memory is blank with this one, I may have played, helped a friend play it, watched it play, or even dreamt it being played!  I'll report back in due course as to my experience, assuming I'm not again diverted by bright shiny objects...

RAF Link to BoardGameGeek

Till next time.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Once in a Blue Moon!

Once in a Blue Moon!  People who know me well know that I have little if no luck.  Yet every now and then in what I refer to as a Blue Moon I will be favoured by a Blue Moon.  The lovely people at Games World Carindale (Westfield) [Australia] had a pre-order competition for the new 8th Edition 40K release Dark Imperium.  I saved my pennies and entered and today was advised I was the lucky winner of the boxed edition of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  

I am thankful on many levels for this prize.  I'd like to thank Mark of Games World and Games Workshop for the box, it will be cherished and appreciated.  

Me (on left) and Mark (on right) of Games World.
My prize - I will have to start painting, but wait I have the new 8th Edition 40K Dark Imperium...
In ending please consider supporting Games World Carindale (Westfield), it is a family run business located in the busy Westfield shopping centre of Carindale.  The shop has a wonderful range of games and items for all ages from puzzles to statues.  The latest craze of fidget spinners are in stock (in and out of constantly, but good supply and better quality than some).

Games World Business Facebook Page Link



Saturday, June 10, 2017

King of Razorbacks II Results

The second Kings of War tournament has been run at the Blind Pig on Saturday 10th June 2017.  I would like to thank the two groups of people who travelled from the North and West of Brisbane to attend this event, I appreciate your support and attendance.

Winners are grinners! From left to right, Neal, Lyle and Clint.

The final results of the day are shown below.

Clint R 4305 63
Lyle  6575 58
Neal B 4085 50
Ken 4855 42
Courtney T 3450 39
Dan Mac 4980 38
Aris T 3825 35
Eddie C 3640 28
Terry 3270 27

1st Place : Clint
2nd Place: Lyle
3rd Place: Neal
Best Painted: Aris

I would like to thanks Martin from Brisbane Mouldmaking for his very generous prize support of resin bases.  You can check out his facebook page for any further details, please support him as he has supported me in this event.

Till next time.

The Hon. John McD.

Board games at the Blind Pig Games Club June 10th

It was a busy day today.  I was involved in running a tournament for the club, there was also another tournament being run, yet we managed to get in a slice of board games.  It was an exceptional turnout for the day, probably 30 people or more, I didn't get the final count.

First up was the ever popular Gods Gambit.

Then came Unfair, which was a close run game with the top three players 104 to 109 though last place was 76 (from memory).  A popular game, I must buy this in the very near future.

Following on came Legendary Big Trouble in Little China, another one on my list of wants... it never ends!

A board game whose rules required an interpreter but proved to be a winner nevertheless... Xibalba.

Ending the day for me was Machi Koro: Bright Lights Big City, which Pat brought along (his game) and which he won!  It's nice to win a game when you actually own the game!

Also in play by other people were Rebellion.

Space Crusade!

Pictures from the club day.

The next Blind Pig Games Club meets are 22nd and 29th July 2017, I hope to see you there.