Friday, November 29, 2013

Saturday Entertainment

I'd like to thank Michael S and his daughter Jaz for visiting me today.  Had an unranked game of Dreadball (Robots versus Veer-Myn).  What a game, scoring almost every turn for both players.  Michael almost had the game over at 6-0, but I managed to drop the score back to 3-0.  No one died on either team, yea!

Also underway is the HotT EPIC Ork project.  Here's whats been based.  Still lots of cosmestic work to be done to touch up the figures.  I used old figures I got through trades for this project.

What has been based to date.

The extras!
 These are the additional element options I've made for my Ork army.  Hiding in the back is the artillery (3 x guns with a stand of troops), two Behemoths in the form of a Battlefortress and Stompa, Magician (element with Weirdboy and a Weirdboy Battlewagon), Hero (Nobs and banners) and three elements of Warband (Nobz).  Quite happy to date with this lot.
The 24AP list ready to roll.
The above is my 24AP list. 4 x Horde (Boyz), 1 x Behemoth (Stompa), 2 x Warband (Nobz), 3 x Riders (Battlewagons), 3 x Knights (Different Battlewagons - ie big gun and deathroller!).

Will post more in due course.  Currently picking through my Imperials to build an opposing force with.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Project - HotT EPIC Ork

Cleaning up my studio has given me a small boost to do something.

While thinking of what to do I had a look through HotT, and The Stronghold Rebuilt ( .  A lot of my files I had from the old Stronghold are stored on disc and I think goes back a number of years to the early 2000's.  The first list by Alan (Saunders) had the elements based for 25mm scale, which was what I was thinking of doing.  Nothing wrong with massed troops for elements.  However, practicality and an inbuilt ennui drove me to choose the least resistance.  So I've gone with the revised list from The Stronghold Rebuilt.

Here is the pictures of what is being used for the project.  Obviously lots and lots of figures, not all will be used, but who knows where my madness will lead me.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Latest acquisitions... board games

So after parting with some much loved EPIC I was able to raise some funds to pick up these games today.

Krosmaster: Arena.  

I could not help myself with this one.  I played this at the club with James GG, Simon M and his wife K-Lee.  The figures are what attracted me to the game firstly.  Game play is fun.  A good family game.


Haven't played this one yet.  The reviews were what made me decide to give it a go.  Will post more when I've had a few games.

Bought my games from Glen at ACE Comics Annerley.  Best place to browse, have a chat and feel welcome.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

50th Anniversary of Dr Who Tribute

Hard to believe that it was 50 years ago.  Seems just like yesterday to me.  Here are some photo's of some of my Dr Who figures I've had for a while.  Must do something with them soon.

The 3rd Doctor, John Pertwee has always been (until David Tennant) my favourite Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Sladen) my favourite companion.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

X-Wing Saturday

I have a old friend who comes over every now and then, though more regular these days, which is nice.

Our game of preference at present is X-Wing from FFG.

Some shots from our two games today.  Honour is satisfied with a win to each of us. Played the scenario that came with the Lambda shuttle.  I thought it would be a cake walk for the Rebels, but it proved to more difficult that I thought.  I lost the first game (I played Rebels - 2 x B-Wings + 1 Y-Wing), and just managed to win the second (1 x TIE-Bomber, 1 x TIE Advanced and 1 x Lambda Shuttle), by securing the last objectives.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday Update - Still LotR

So Friday here is Brisbane.

Watching the cricket (Australia vs England), Fringe (Season 2) and rebasing figures (although at the moment in time, typing!).  While it's early days in the cricket, England to win!

Here is the latest batch of figures for LotR converted.  I now have plenty to play any variation.

Top has the Haradrim list.  No elephant, as the GW one will not lend itself to the basing system.

More elements for Gondor/Rohan, Elves (with ent), Heroes.

Almost a decent photo.  My sneaker for Orthanc!

The Fellowship, broken into the best option (in my opinion).
Gandalf, Frodo & Sam - Magician
Aragon, Legolas & Gimli - Hero
Boromir, Pippin & Merry - Hero

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

HotT/DBA Lord of the Rings (with pictures!).

Here are pictures of the armies that are now battle ready.  They can take to the table at any time!
Again, I must apologise for the less than ideal photo quality.  I'm using my vidcam which seems to be 20/80 in it's success rate with taking shots.  However what you can see should be more than enough to prove the proof in the pudding.

Khazad (Dwarfs)

Lothlorien (Elves)




There will be more elements added over the next few days.  The "magical" side of HotT is being provided.  Ents, Halflings, Easterlings, Haradrim etc.  So stay tuned, there will be more to come.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Small update LotR

Due to a lack of a decent camera, I'm holding off any photo's at present.

To date the LotR to HotT/DBA is progressing well.

I have completed:

Rohan is still to be flocked, but it is looking good.  If I can get a camera and take some shots I'll post some.

BTW I was impressed with this

Recommend this chaps blog.

Cheers till next time.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

LotR - Problems Solved (for the moment)

My problem with the GW base sizes was moot when I started to hack off everything but the feet.  On the whole the project will work for both the DBA variant and for my HotT armies.  Below is where I am at present.

Using a pair of wire cutters to cut the plastic away.  Not sure how much longer I'll be up to this.  Massive bruise developing in the palm of my hand.  What pain we will put up to see a project finished.

Army of Orthanc, awaiting to be flocked.

The flocked Khazad and "Elf" Armies.

Mordor underway.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Well it seemed a good idea at the time

Having to have a really good think about how I am going to base the LotR figures for either DBA/HotT.  All the figures are GW, and while the initial LotR figures were less "heroic" scale, they don't quite accommodate the base scales used in the rule.  Why oh why the author of DBA/HotT refuses to acknowledge the figure scale creep is beyond me.  I can indeed do all the lists for the LotR DBA lists, I have the figures, I just don't know how to solve the basing problem.

Will have to have a long think on this one before I do anything "rash".

Might post some pictures later on.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Death of LotR to HotT

Been reviewing what I currently have figure wise.  I have a huge amount of painted LotR that I once enjoyed playing from GW.  However the company has screwed us over with cost and value, so I'm now looking at the huge amount of painted stuff that is just not being used.

So currently looking at:



Friday, November 8, 2013

Saturdays Ramble

I've added a shot of example army created from the lists for Skaven and Empire HotT.  See posts below.

Popped down to ACE Comics Annerley and enjoyed a couple of board games with a friend.  It was very quiet there, either everyone was at Supernova or they were hiding in the other gaming room.



Played two games.  The first time I played this game the group was still learning and we got a few things wrong.  I just didn't get the game.  Today James and I played two games, and I now know what I'm doing.  I won the first game, lost the second.  I really like this game, and recommend it to those who like Marvel and deck building.


Played one game.  Quick to pick up and understand.  Game went really quickly, another group were setting up and getting to grips with Merchants of Venus, we finished as they decided to go off and have lunch.  I won this game (this is becoming a worrying trend, I'm usually bad at winning any game).  I'd like to play with the full four players just to see how the game plays.  I liked it, for what my opinions worth.

Picked up "In Her Majesty's Name" and "A World Aflame",
more miniature rules for figures I have yet to paint.

That's all folks, for the moment.

HotT Skaven Army List

Classic Skaven from 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles


So continuing on from my previous HotT army list, here are the Skaven.


Clanrat Stormvermin – The elite.


Black Skaven Clanrats – The warrior elite, retainers of the Skaven Warlords.


Clanrat Warriors – The bulk of the Skaven forces.


Skavenslaves – Chained and driven into battle, the lowest caste in Skaven society.


Night Runners – Elites of Clan Eshin.


Gutter Runners – Scouts of Clan Eshin.


Plague Censer Bearers- Warpstone ‘incense burners’. 


Plague Monks – A devout order devoted to infection.


Clan Moulder Beastmasters – Handlers of the many beasts that Clan Moulder tamper with.


Poisoned Wind Globadiers – Warpstone gas is trapped within fragile globes, the effects infects the minds of those who are afflicted.


Warpfire-Thrower Teams – Volatile warpfire and arcane ingredients form the fuel of a flaming weapon.


Jezzailachis – Crewed by two Skaven.  A long large calibre musket.




Mandatory elements are 1 x Horde (Skavenslaves) and 3 x Spear (Clanrat Warriors)

0-1, Hero (Favoured Champion) @ 4AP

0-2. Magician (Grey Seer) @ 4AP

0-2, Blade (Clanrat Stormvermin or Black Skaven Clanrats) @ 2AP

3-12, Spear (Clanrat Warriors) @ 2AP

0-1, Shooter (Poisoned Wind Globadiers) @ 2AP

1-24, Horde (Skaven Slaves) @ 1AP

0-2, Lurker (Gutter Runners) @ 1AP

0-1, Sneaker (Night Runner) @ 3AP

0-1, Beast (Clan Moulder Beastmasters – Rat Ogres, Giant Rats) @ 2AP or Behemoth (Clan Moulder Beastmasters – Rat Ogres) @ 4AP

0-1, Artillery (Jezzailachis, Warpfire-Thrower Team) @ 3AP



0-1, God (Horned Rat) @ 4ap

0-1, Behemoth (Doom Wheel) @ 4Ap

Stronghold – Squalid city of Skavenblight.

An example of a 24AP army created from the list.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

HotT Empire Army List

Classic Empire from 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles

It comes as no surprise that GW have driven many people away from their product.  As a result I have been repurposing my figures to create lots of entertaining HotT armies.  You’ll find elsewhere pictures of my Empire fighting Undead.  Below is my own interpretation.

Mounted Elements

Temple Ritterbruden – Templars of Sigmar, Ulric and Myrmidia.

Hohensknechtes – Secular order of knights; Imperial Guard, High-Helms, Knights Panther and Gryphon Legion.

Statdtsknechtes – Provincial knights of feudal nobles and their retainers – Elector States and Raubritter (robber knights)

Kriegsritter – Mounted militia from the Electoral Provinces.

Foot Elements

Reiksgard – Imperial Guard who protect the Emperor.

Armbrustschutzen – Crossbowmen.

Helblitzen – Good quality troops armed with halberds.

Hakbutschutzen – Troops armed with nmzzle-loading arqubuses.

Ersatzsolder – Mustered troops from the urban population.  Armed with weapons such as halberd, spears, or pikes.  Lightly armoured, shield and hand weapon generally issued.

Landesturm – Rural peasantry.

Bergjaeger – Scouts, trackers and hunters.

Forstjaeger – Skirmishers.

Fleglers – Religious fanatics

Reiks Kanone Batterien – Cannon.


Mandatory elements are 1 x Shooters (Armbrustschutzen) and 1 x Blade (Helblitzen).  The list allows plenty of flexibility to encompass whatever you may have.  This has been developed with the 24AP as standard.

0-1, Aerial Hero (Emperor on Griffon) @ 6AP

0-1, Paladin (Temple Ritterbruden Grand Master) @ 4AP

0-1, Magician (Wizard from one of the Orders) @ 4AP

0-1, Cleric (Priest of Sigmar, Ulric etc) @ 3AP

0-1, Hero (Elector Count) @ 4AP

0-3, Knights (Temple Ritterbruden,  Hohensknechtes, or Statdtsknechtes) @ 2AP

0-1, Riders (Kriegsritter) @ 2AP

1-2, Shooters (Armbrustschutzen) @ 2AP

0-1, Shooters (Hakbutschutzen) @ 2AP

1-2, Blades (Helblitzen) @ 2AP

0-1, Blades (Reiksgard) @ 2AP

0-5, Spears (Ersatzsolder) @ 2AP

0-2, Horde (Landesturm) @ 1AP

0-1, Sneakers (Bergjaeger) @ 3AP

0-1, Lurkers (Forstjaeger) @ 1AP

0-1, Warband (Fleglers) @ 2AP

0-1, Behemoth (Ogres) @ 4AP

0-3, Artillery (Reiks Kanone Batterien) @ 3AP


Additional troops from the following:

0-1 Behemoth (War Wagon, or Steam Tank) @ 4 AP

Stronghold - Fortified Manor house. 

An example of a 24AP army developed from the list.

Monday, November 4, 2013

It was the 1950's or 60's humour?

The McDonnell men of my father's generation were writers.  They also thought they had whit, though I failed to see it at the time.  Here's one I found while searching the archives.  While I cannot beyond reasonable doubt claim any of the brothers wrote this, I have a very old and faded typed version in my possession.  So enjoy, be enraged or laugh, but remember it's the past!

(Note: A quid was what a one pound note was called, Australia still used the English monetary system.)


Men are what women marry.

They have two hands, two feet and sometimes two wives, but never more than one quid or idea at a time.  Like Turkish cigarettes, they are all made out of the same material; the only difference is some are better distinguished than others.

Generally speaking they are divided into three classes – husbands, bachelors and widowers.  A bachelor is a negligible mass of obstinacy entirely surrounded by suspicion.  Widowers are remnants with possibilities.  Husbands are three types, prizes, surprises and consolation prizes.

Taking a husband out of a man is one of the highest forms of plastic art known to this civilisation.  It requires science, sculpture, commonsense, faith hope and charity – mostly charity.

It is a psychological marvel that a small, tender, soft, violet-scented thing like a woman should enjoy kissing a big, awkward, stubby-chinned, tobacco and bay rum-scented thing like a man.

If you flatter a man, you frighten him to death.  If you don’t you bore him to death.  If you permit him to make love to you, he gets tired of you in the end, and if you don’t he gets tired of you in the beginning.

If you believe him in everything, he says you cease to charm him.  If you believe all he tells you he thinks you a fool.  If you don’t he thinks you are a cynic.

If you wear gay clothes, rouge and a startling hat, he hesitates to take you out, but if you wear a little brown beret and a tailor-made suit, he takes you out and stares all evening at a woman in gay clothes, rouge and a startling hat.

If you join him in his gaieties and approve of his drinking, he swears you are leading him to the devil.  If you don’t approve of his drinking and urge him to give up his gaieties, he vows you are driving him to the devil.

If you are the clinging-vine type, he doubts whether you have a brain.  If you are a modern, advanced, intelligent woman, he doubts whether you have a heart.  If you are silly, he longs for a bright play-mate brilliant and intellectual.  If you are popular with men, he is jealous, and if you aren’t, he hesitates to marry a wallflower.

Man is just a worm in the dust ... he comes along, wriggles around for a while, and finally, some chicken gets him.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - The Insert Edition!

Most of my friends will know that I'm "anal retentive" when it comes to sleeving my cards. Thanks to a very good friend (Michael Mulhern) I was able to get the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. The sleeved cards will not fit into the limited slots that the plastic insert provides. Here is what I did. I should be able to fit all the releases for this set into this box. It's not pretty, but it works.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

What's on the shelf

This will be an occasional series.  I take no credit for originality, I pinched the idea from The Dice Tower, thought I'd give it a go.  So here goes.

Top shelf!
Nuclear War:  A fun card game of mutual annihilation.  Played often in the 1980's amongst the group of people who were my closest friends at that point in time.  Highly recommended.

World of Greyhawk: A RPG source for the (oddly enough) world of Greyhawk.  Was used as reference for a PBM (Play By Mail) game popular in Brisbane at the time (early/mid 80's).  Kept purely for nostalgia.

Conan: An RPG by TSR.  Used as a source book.  I had a habit in the 80's of buying almost every RPG that game out.

Boot Hill: An RPG by TSR.  Wild West gunfighting.  Popular for a while, until the next RPG hit the stores.  Kept for nostalgia.

Top Secret: An RPG by TSR.  Spies, James Bond, the cold war was still happening in the 80's.  Was a popular game fun by a very old friend (Michael Mulhern).  This has a lot of sentimental reasons for keeping it.  Another boxed version Top Secret/S.I was released some time after the original.

DragonQuest: An RPG by SPI.  A favourite amongst another cable of gamers.  Was ahead of it's time when it was released, which is why I think it didn't get the following it deserved.

Ravenloft: An RPG by TSR. Loved Gothic Horror, always have.  Mainly reference material these days.

Dark Sun: An RPG by TSR.  One of my main RPGs I ran in the late 80's.  Lots of fun.

Dungeon!: Boardgame produced under licence by Jedko Games. 

Tunnels & Trolls: An RPG by Flying Buffalo.  This is a boxed edition that houses my originals.  This was a light hearted game that was not taken seriously due to the fun titles of spells.  Sill it was fun, there was a release called Monsters! (Monsters!, can't quite remember if it was repeated, too lazy to get up and have a look or google it) which reversed the roles, you placed the "bad guys" fighting agains those nasty heroes who kept trying to invade your home and steal your treasure (and life).

Invasion Earth.  A miniature set of rules for Doctor Who, produced by Harlequin Miniatures (?).  This box set contained figures (Daleks, everyone has to own at least a few Daleks), which was the main reason I purchased this.  Rules, can't really comment on.  They're there, and that's all I can say.

Wabbit Wampage:  Boardgame.  You play the rabbits out to win against the farmer and his "minions".  Fun game.

Star Commander: Card game of Starship construction (and destruction). 

Circus Maximus: Chariot racing of the most complex nature.  I only ever played with the a friend who was a number cruncher and enjoyed those types of games.  Me I just asked this is what I want to do, can I do, and what do I roll and what do I need to win!

Enemy in Sight:  A card game.  Was recommend to me by Tony White of Napoleons Military Bookshop.  Never actually played it.  On my list of games I will get around to playing.

Civilisation: Board game that started it all.  The original is the best (which this is).

Hamanaptra: An RPG boxed set of source books.  I used it for my Wargods of Aegyptus games.

Traveller 2300:  Sci-fi RPG by GDW.  Kept as I hate throwing out games.

Gamma World: An RPG by TSR.  The fun game we played a lot of.  Kept for nostalgia.

Dawn Patrol: Really a game of WWI air combat, why they tried to sell it as a "Role Playing Game of WWI air combat" I really don't know.  Played with an old friend who is sadly no longer alive.

Second shelf from top.
Chaos Marauders: Until reprinted by FFG, this was a rather hard to get hold of game.  Fun game, card placement mechanics. 
Judge Dredd, The Role-playing Game: GW tried their hand at every thing in the 80's, some of it good some of it, well... I bought this purely as reference material.  It was a hard system to run as most of the people I gamed with couldn't get their idea around role-playing Judges. 
Blood Royale: Board game by GW.  Played once.  Crudely referred to the "on your back and breed" game of empire building and dynastic marriage.  Played once or twice, and has been a shelf warmer since.
Warrior Knights: Board game by GW.  Never actually played.  I do have the FFG version (don't ask me why, still trying to figure that one out!).
Fury of Dracula: Board game by GW.  One of the most popular games played amongst my friends in the late 80's.  I love this game, and look forward to playing it again one day when I have a regular group of players.
Block Mania: A board game by GW.  Based in the Judge Dredd universe.  Played once, from memory.  Seemed to like it.  Kept as it's part of my GW collection.
Rogue Trooper: A board game by GW.  This was one based on another character story from the 2000AD comics.  I enjoyed the Rogue Trooper comic, the board game was OK from memory.
Curse of the Mummys Tomb: A board game by GW.  Played once. 
Judge Dredd: A board game by GW.  Similar to Rogue Trooper.  Played once or twice.
Chainsaw Warrior: A solo board game by GW.  There is no an app which you can buy online.  Quicker than setting up and playing the "hard copy".  Good for it's time.

Final shelf, the middle one.
The Battle of Five Armies: Board game by ICE.  Played once.  Kept because it's Tolkien material!
The Lonely Mountain: Board game by ICE.  Played this a few times.  Seemed to recall it as a fun game at the time.  Must play again.
Settlers of Catan: Board game by Mayfair Games.  Who doesn't know about Catan.  Played once, not enjoyed by many of the group.  I liked it.
Babylon Wars: Tactical ship to ship combat similar to Star Fleet Battles.  If you liked SFB, then you'll most likely like this one.
Ragnarok: Miniature rules.  Purchased as they were available at the time, and I collect rules. 
Talisman: Board game by GW.  This game is still the most enjoyed game in my family.  My wife loves this game, as do I.  Competitive players don't seem to hold it in high esteem.  The container above holds the metal figures that Citadel released for the characters.  Before FFG re-released this game I was offered obscene sums of money for my set (it includes all the expansions).  Kept because it's one of the few games my wife will play.
Starfire: Starship/fleet combat game. 
The Tragedy of McDeath: Scenario pack for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
Warhammer: Minaiture (though also toted as a RPG) rules that started the whole GW saga.  Kept because its a 1st edition in pristine condition.
Warhammer: 2nd Edition set of the miniature rules by GW.
Bommerz Over Da Suplhur River: Board game by GW.  Only ever played this at a GW store.  My copy has never been used.  Fun, simple game.
So that's it for the moment.  Maybe some in the times to come, maybe not! 

Dreadball to date

So here's my Dreadball to date.  Two teams, Chromium Chargers a team from Season 2 (on the left) and my cobbled together Veer-myn (Season 1).  A rather nice Perspex board.  I have another of these that I will work on, but at this stage this is it.

Been searching the collection for a suitable referee figure.  Out of all the figures I've collected over the years, do you think I can find any!  Have two robots from Hydra Miniatures I am contemplating on using.

The hover bot has the green light at present as the block bot is rather tall.  If I used the block bot then it would be a short story about it being the first generation referee droid.  I always like making a bit of story to go with all my hobbies.

Check out Hydra Miniatures, they have a great range of figures, especially for Retro Raygun.

Do you want sauce with that?

This Saturday 2nd November was the Blind Pig Club day.

I had a good day, though I had some trouble with the sauce when it came to lunch.  Apparently I did a very good Mr Bean impression.  So I'm sure the "Do you want sauce", will be a catch cry at lunch for many BP's to come.

I played Zombicide today at the club.

This was a really fun game to play.  For a supposedly "cooperative" game the survivors seemed to be everything but.  The first game was given up on as horrible.  The party were split into two groups and in hind sight we should have done things differently.  Second game was highly entertaining.  Daniel who was playing a character I can 't remember shot and killed two party members for not being "cooperative".  Fun game, even if it got silly towards the end.
Lastly I played my league game of Dreadball.  This was my 3rd game.  My luck with the dice was returning to legendary!  That is to say, woefull.  I could not roll to save my life, and one player died as a result.  The game is excellent.  Better than Blood Bowl, though I will still play BB, so don't get me wrong.
So that all till next time!