Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last day of the month, first day of the week.

After much procrastination I finally did my tax.  What a jolly exercise it was.  Having a migraine as a carry over from yesterday afternoon didn't help much.  So my wife is very happy with me now.  All I have to wait for now is for the ATO to process it.  I used the eTax programme and did it "online".  Still confusing, but not as much as reading the Tax Pack.

So as I stated before, my health isn't good.  The migraines are getting worse, and there is very little that can be done to reduce them.  I need a nice dark cool place.  Pity summer is coming.

I've yet to get back into painting.  With this happening I've just been looking at my old figures and deciding what to do with them.  Wargods of Aegyptus seems to be the one to run with at the moment.  I've plenty of figures, and I have the time.  All I need are opponents.  Perhaps at the Blind Pig next year.

Looks like 5 pension days till Christmas.  Don't know what to do this Christmas.  My family is now just my wife and the two kids.  No one to visit, and no one who will visit.  It's generally not a good time of the year for me, as it then feeds on to New Years Day.  I get very melancholy about the prospects of another year. 

Have made a half-hearted attempt at cleaning the studio, but it's looks too much like hard work.  I tire easily these days, and it would help if I could unclog my vacuum cleaner.  I really should make an attempt while the weather is still cool(ish).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday 'Chelle

Today is my beautiful wifes birthday.  I can't tell you how old she is, no woman tells people their age.



John, Liam and Dana.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to the future... read that as past.

I looked at the future and have decided that there is nothing wrong with the past.

"What's he banging on about?" I hear you say...

I've looked at a number of the "new" roleplaying games and I will point the finger at the new D&D as the main culprit.  I'm not impressed.  The games seem to be nothing more than miniature orientated games, well if you want that, go play actual miniature wargames. 

A roleplaying game to me is all about imagination, interpretation and occassionally some dice rolling to determine an unpredicted outcome.  It's all about character development through story telling.  Something that seems to be missing in todays roleplaying community.

So I've gone back to the past.  I've dug out my Runequest, Tunnels & Trolls, Call of Cthulhu, Empire of the Petal Throne and OSRIC (which I don't mind).  Simple systems.  People just seem to want too much these days, and there's nothing worse than reading reams of paper (read feats etc from 4th Ed D&D).  I like the old, choose a class, look at your spells or abilities and off you go.

My wife has been attending church services with the Baptists at present.  No, she hasn't become a heretic, she was invited to attend as she spends a lot of her time helping out in their charity arm.  It started as part of a "work for the dole" programme, and has blossomed into her giving her time to a really nice group of ladies.  Chelle has no "friends" and this group have given her the needed support that she couldn't find from our own faith.  I see I'm rambling, but there is a point to all this.  She told me that the sermon last Sunday was all about forgetting the past, or more precisely stop being hindered/hampered by the past, concentrate on the future and go from there.  So Chelle's doing this, but I'm not.  My past makes me who I am, what I do, and how I will act in the future.  I find comfort in the past, and I refuse to give up or modify my ethics or behaviour to fit into a world that quite frankly needs a damn good thrashing.  I am what I am, my families bard, the keeper of family lore and history.  As someone said once "if we do not learn from the past, then we are doomed to repeat it".  Getting philsophical in my old age. 

So back to the past is my goal.  I'm digging up my old games.  Giving them a dusting.  Reliving the memories that are associated with them.  Everything I have has memories attached to them, which is why I am loath to part with what I have.  Yet, I also believe in being generous, and people have been blessed by my generosity.  Hmm, my ego seems to be rising.  I'll stop now.  I've written enough.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Monday Again

The start of another week.


Played taxi all weekend and achieved nothing.

Still have not lifted a paint brush in action.

Doctors again this week.

My beautiful wifes birthday this Wednesday, the 26th.

My life in exile continues.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

English Civil War

No figures painted, but a lot of re-basing and tidying up.  Hopefully there is now enough to field most of the antagonists for the period.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Warhammer Historical

Last fornight I ordered from Warhammer Historical some of the latest productions.  I did this primarily as they had a very nice 50% off sale, and who can pass up that sort of savings?  I certainly couldn't.

Today they arrived.  I had a look at the postal tracking.  Posted from the UK 12/10, tracked 13/10, 14/10 and 15/10.  Then it seems it sat in customs for four days before being sent on it's way to me.  Well, its with me now, so I can stop worrying about it going astray.

Over the Top
Soft cover.176 pages.  Typical high standard of presentation.  As to the content and it's use?  I just have to find the time to read it.

Gladiator, The Game of Deadly Arena Combat in Ancient Rome.
Hard Cover.  144 pages.  Again high standard of presentation. 

Waterloo, Tabletop Wargaming in the Age of Napoleon.
Hard Cover. 288 pages. High standard of presentation.

The Waterloo set I will read at some time in the future.  Gladiator I can actually start running with immediately.  I have a fair number of gladiators alread painted up.  All I need to do is create an arena!  (Maybe Bec might read this and build an arena of epic proportions - you know with a chariot track etc).

Over the Top follows on from the Great War ruleset.  From a quick flick I'm dissappointed in the content.  I really was hoping that this expansion would have covered the Middle East, but it continues on with the Western front.  I have Germans and British in 28mm but have to get around to painting them up.  A project for the long haul.

So it seems Gladiator is the most likely one of these to see some mileage.

My ECW project is progressing to the stage where I may have to paing some more figures.  Not a lot, well about 100 odd.  Mostly musket, cavalry and highlanders.  This will round off my lists, allowing me to field armies from any of the combatants for the period.  I must get my camera back from my daughter.  Hopefully I'll post pictures in due course.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Monday, the start of a new week

It's the start of a new week.

Children have a pupil free day.  So one's home sleeping, the other is out socialising.

Had the last stitches removed, and am pleased that they are out.  I can scratch without being overly cautious now.

Spent the weekend looking at my English Civil War figures.  I bought (or traded I can't remember now) some ECW from a friend years ago.  I had thought they were bare metal or partial painted.  To my surprise I found that a fair few have been painted.  They aren't works of art, but with a black wash and a nice base they will pass muster.  My dilemma now is which set of lists to work from for a DBA~RRR army.  I like the lists that the DBA~RRR writers produced.  They give you a little leeway compared to the DBA~Extension for 1500AD - 1900AD.  I now have I think sufficient based elements to field both sides.  I will have a couple of dry runs against myself to see how the lists play out and make a final decision in the weeks to come.  I was thinking of introducing a variable list so that it could reflect to my understanding of the period, the lack lustre recruitment of troops.  I think it would help stop an opponent from taking a tooled list each and every time.  Mind you I only see myself playing this period, so my games will most likely be few and far between.  Once the bases have dried I will post some pictures of the troops.

I've finally managed to track down some old TV shows I enjoyed watching.  Gargoyles (a Disney animation series) and Reboot (CGI animation).  Reboot I enjoyed immensely, as it was whitty and may have gone over the heads of some viewers unless they had a broad based education in literature and arts.  I have seen the new Thundercats animation and I enjoyed it.  Lastly the Nero Wolf Mysteries.  I can understand why the series was cancelled after two seasons.  Using certain cast members to play different roles in different episodes showed a series with a budget restriction.  However I did enjoy it for the entertainment it provided.  Certainly not as classy as the Hercule Poirot series by/with David Suchet.

My daughter started her first job at McDonald's this weekend past.  On Saturday, her first day she was really nervous.  It didn't help much when Dana and her mother argued and fought on that day.  It took Dad to sit with her and provide her the encouragement and support that she wanted.  She needed that from me, and I was gratified with her love in return.  I love my children.  She finished the weekend saying that she would not be able to eat McDonald's again.  Certainly she smelt of cooking oil, with it permeating everything she wore and her hair.  Thankfully a hot shower, and she was back to spending hours straightening her hair (she has naturally wavy hair).

I've yet to pick up a paint brush and actually start produceing figures.  I'm looking at my huge Lord of the Rings collection and debating the merit of making them into Hordes of the Things armies.  I just don't know if I want to do that.  Yet they aren't doing anything otherwise, except take up 8 underbed storage tubs.  What to do, what to do?

So that's me for the start of the week.  Totally committed to nothing.

Friday, October 14, 2011

English Civil War Update

I have started on the rebasing of my English Civil War figures to the DBA~RRR convention. 
The list II/21 English Civil War Royalist 1641-1643


1x4Kn(g) or 4Pi(g) or 3Cv(g) or 4Pk(g), 1x4Kn (Cavaliers), 1x4Sh (Musketeers)

Choose 9 from the following:

0-6 4Kn (Cavaliers), 0-1 Dr (Dragoons), 0-4 (1x4Sh + 1x4Pk) (Musketeers and pikemen), 0-1 4Sh (Firelocks), 0-1 4Bd (Billmen), 0-1 Hd (Countrymen armed with farm tools or cudgels), 0-1 Gun or Can (Gallaoper guns or Demi-culverins and sakers)

That is the list I’m starting with.  I’ve done the 1x4Kn(g) element.  Lobster suits and cuirass where possible. 10x4Kn.  These are my Cavaliers. 2xGun/Cannon. 6x4Sh + 6x4Pk.  The pike are ringers at the moment.  They are actually Scots, but I’m in the process of resurrecting some pike to take their place.

So from this I can build a list as follows:

1xKn(g), 6xKn, 2xSh + 2xPk, 1xGun/Can

Now I have to decide how to do the opposition, those nasty Parliamentarians (boo, hiss).

DBx Update

Thanks to the DBA~RRR amendments I have been able to get my English Civil War rebased.  Will post pictures soon.  I am though rather happy with all this. 

Also looking at Hordes of the Empire, Colonial Warfare during the age of expansion. HotT for Colonials. 

Ah, so much to do, so little painted to meet it all.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I knew if I went searching enough I'd find it for the ECW time period.

Thanks to Fanaticus (you can see the link on my side bar) I have found the DBA~RRR amendments that allow you to play the Renaissance, Reformation and Restoration period.  Very happy with this.


Well I bought the Field of Glory:Renaissance rules and Wars of Religion companion and having started to read the rules, and examining the lists, I have a lot of figures to paint.  The nut cruncher is that I have to produce two armies, with twice the amount of work.  Guess I'm getting lazy.  However I am happy that I did buy the rules, they are rather nice.  I do recommend that you get yours through QBD as the price is a lot more competitive than some of the LGS.

So I'm off to ponder my ECW now in DBA~RRR.  Will post pictures when things come to hand.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

12th October 1985

Today the 12th October 26 years ago I married my beautiful wife.  Happy anniversary.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Start of the Week

It's the start of the week.  Things are looking marginally better than they did from Saturday.

My beautiful wife is doing a Certificate II in Hospitality.  Part of the programme required her to do 2 weeks work experience with a business.  Things were going good until Saturday.  The owner or part owner of the business sacked Chelle because she gave him the wrong steak.  Having worked in the education & training world I know what is required of people who are doing work experience.  Chelle was tossed in the deep end.  No one knew who she was on the first day.  Her appearance was not young and good looking.  There was little or no mentoring.  Quite frankly it was a joke.  If this had been real life work, Chelle would have had a very good ground for unfair dismissal.  What concerned us the most was that there was a clause in her placement that said that should she not attend any shift she could lose 7 weeks unemployment benefits.  When you are already getting pittance the lose of that meager amount would have been catastrophic.  Happily it all worked out today.  Chelle has passed her course! 

So I have started to ease myself back into painting.  Just picking a few models and badgering away.  The left arm causes me some twinges, as my muscles react to the stitches.  Thankfully I got the dressing off without any drama.  In previous cases I've had the wound bleed and then congeal into the bandages, making life painful in removing them.  The wounds look real clean, and apart from the scars should heal well. 

Found Reboot and am enjoying it immensely.  Love the humour.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blue Max - WWI Aerial Combat

I worked on this project a number of years ago.  I'm hoping that I will be able to get a hex board built for these 1/72 scale Airfix models.  I had a read of the rules, and honestly if I can understand it in one reading then anyone should be able to play it.

I'm hoping to get this running at the Blind Pig, maybe December but more likely next year.

These are my allies.  The early period has the DH2.

Sadly my Germans are lacking as many aircraft but I will work on that.

I see the Hobby One has the Re8 and Roland two seaters which I shall have to get.  Not sure how I'll do balloons yet.  But I love a challenge.

I do have Wings of War, which is the card game (although they now have aircraft).  The aircraft that has been produced is of a small size, not sure the exact scale.  They aren't cheap, but then I have been looking at other figures, and when you factor is that you have to build and paint them, the WoW aircraft probably aren't that badly priced.  So I may be able to do Blue Max in a smaller scale, but will see what happens.

Some new purchases!

At present Warhammer Historical is having a 50% off sale on all their rule books.  I could not help myself, not at 50% off.  I was just thinking of buying one of the titles for The Great War, but the sale made things far too tempting.

In the end I got Waterloo, Gladiator and Over the Top.  Waterloo, obviously Napoleonics.  Gladiator, hopefully a useable set of gladiatorial combat rules.  Lastly Over the Top which is an extra sourcebook for The Great War ruleset.  All up, including the postage, just under $70AUS.  Considering that some Australian shops want about $60AUS for just one of them, I'm ahead by miles.

So having gone back to historial games for the moment I decided to lash out for the Field of Glory rule sets.  My source, QBD.  Yes the retail chain stocks some wargaming books, I even found roleplaying games hidden in their as well.  The English Civil War (ECW) has always been a favourite period for me, mainly because my family played a part in Montroses army in the North.  We have always remained Royalists and if by any indication of my children, will continue to be so.  It's a nice feeling really.  I'm wandering again.  Anyway I bought the Field of Glory: Renaissence rulebook and Wars of Faith, which covers the ECW period.  What was nice is that any orders with QBD over $60 are post free.  In the end I got the books for about $72.  Again another bargain as one retailer has the rulebook for $60 plus postage.  Score!

So at present I'm 2-0.  Extremely poor, but now chaffing at the bit for my books to arrive.

DBA Optional Rules, by Andrew Ross, Esq.

My good friend Andrew Ross, Esq has granted me permission to publish his optional rules for DBA which he has put together.  Sadly I don't get many games with Andrew these days, as he's available some evenings, but I off to the world of nod due to medication and health.  My greatess weakness is that evenings are not good for me.  So have a read, but please do not reproduce or distribute without the authors permission.

DBA Optional Rules

One, all or none of these rules may be only used with the prior concurrence of both players. An explanation of the rationale behind the rule change is provided in italic text.

Regulars and Irregulars PIP Modifier

Regulars differed from irregulars in receiving training to operate as formed bodies, making them more responsive to the Commander’s plans, timings, manoeuvre intentions and battlefield orders. Although fighting prowess as individual may be similar, regular training resulted in more consistent collective performance than the extremes sometimes experienced by irregulars.

To reflect the relatively consistency performance of regulars compared with the sometimes erratic behaviour of irregulars, dice modified to show 2, 3, 3, 4, 4 and 5 are used for all throws by regular elements. The conventional 1 to 6 dice are used for irregulars.

Whether troops are regular or irregular depends on their organisation, training and the consistency with which they could be controlled. Warband, Horde, Camelry, Scythed Chariots, Camp Followers and Denizens can never be regular. All other troop types can be regular or irregular according to their historical prototypes.

Elephants are always irregular for combat dice throws. If the elephant model also represents a general who would otherwise fall within the regular definition, modified dice are used to generate PIPs.

Troop Quality Combat Modifier

Some troops acquired a greater degree of efficiency and higher morale through experience and training than others. This was reflected in their performance and confidence in their own ability, whether or not it was in fact justified. Conversely, some were untrained, inexperienced and lacking confidence. These differences manifested in combat.

In addition to ordinary elements, troop quality can be further modified as superior or inferior. For every element in a force upgraded to superior, one element must be downgraded to inferior. Deciding which element should be upgraded or downgraded, if any, is more immediately apparent in some lists than others.

Superior troops are those recognised by their contemporaries as significantly superior in morale and efficiency. Elephants, Knights (or Cataphracts if the Cataphract option is used), Cavalry, Light Horse, Spears, Pikes, Blades, Auxilia, Bows, Psiloi or Warband can be superior.

Inferior elements are brittle troops historically identifiable as of significantly inferior morale and efficiency. Elephants, Knights (or Cataphracts if the Cataphract option is used), Cavalry, Light Horse, Camelry, Spears, Pikes, Blades, Auxilia, Bows, Psiloi or Horde can be inferior.

Compare elements total score after combat, rear support and tactical factors are calculated but before applying combat outcomes:

  • Superior troops whose primary opponent is not superior add +1 to any lower distant combat score or equal or lower to any close combat score.
  • Inferior troops whose primary opponent is not inferior deduct -1 from any lower distant combat score or equal or lower to any close combat score.

Cataphract Combat Modifier

The almost complete armour for man and horse used by Cataphracts combined with extremely close formation made them ponderous in manoeuvre and almost impervious to archery. Cataphracts also includes cataphract camels.

Cataphracts in combat against or in close combat against Cavalry, Light Horse, Pikes or Spears add +1 to any equal or lower to any close combat score. When shot at by Bowmen, they add +1 to any lower distance combat score.

Cataphracts in close combat against Scythed Chariots, Elephants, Knights (other than Cataphracts), Blades or Warband deduct -1 from any equal or lower close combat score.

Spear and Bow Combination Combat Modifier

Some formations used shielded spearmen or pikemen to protect archers shooting overhead. The front rank shields of the formation provided an advantage of protection against other bowmen but shallower formation of close combat troops in the front ranks was a disadvantage against close combat opponents.

Combinations or pike or spear armed front ranks with integral support from rear rank bowmen. They count as bowmen when in distant combat but add +1 to any lower combat score. They count as spearmen when in close combat but deduct -1 from equal or lower to any combat score.

Spear and Bow combinations cannot claim rear support.

Cavalry and Infantry Combination Combat Modifier

Some nations deployed with light infantry in close support of their cavalry, sometimes being carried as pillion on the cavalry horse, otherwise running alongside or behind. The close support lent some stability to the horsemen but at the cost of reduced mobility trough the horse carrying extra weight or being slowed to enable to foot soldiers to keep up.

Cavalry of the early Germans (List II/47), ancient Spanish (List II/39) and early Samurai cavalry (List III/54) can claim +1 if supported by integral infantry when in close combat against other Cavalry or Knights (or Cavalry and Cataphracts but not other knights if the Cataphract option is used). The combined element moves at the slowest speed applicable to its constituent troop type (cavalry or psiloi/auxilia) for the terrain it occupies.

Wedge Formation PIP and Tactical Factor Modifier

A wedge formation was used by some mounted units to provide additional shock effect at contact by focusing the point of attack to rupture the opposing formation. If impetus was lost however, the narrower formation could be more easily outflanked, surrounded, and destroyed before the shock advantage could be exploited.

Other less formal wedges common amongst some irregular forces where braver individuals led their less enthusiastic supporters forward, the followers echeloning back along the flanks, lacked the necessary cohesion to count as wedge formation.

Alexandrian Companion cavalry (shown as 3Kn in List II/12 and 15), Hellenistic xystophoroi (shown as 3Kn in List II/16a, b, c, and d; 17; 18; 19a and b; 20a and b; 27; and 34), Byzantine Clibanophoroi (shown as 6Kn in List III/64), and later German knights (shown as 6Kn in List IV/13c and d, and 74) can be deployed in wedge formation.

To reflect their emphasis on momentum and shock of impact, troops in wedge ignore any overlaps by enemy elements in side edge to side edge contact or in front corner to front corner contact, but not those enemy in front edge with the wedge’s side edge, provided:

  • In their own bound: the wedge either advanced into contact
  • In their opponents bound: the wedge pursued close combat opponents who recoiled, broke-off, fled or were destroyed during their last bound

Morale Equivalents

The loss of some bodies of troops would have a greater impact on the morale of an army than the loss of others. For example, the destruction of levy infantry would have less effect on the cohesion of a force than the loss of elite heavy troops.

Prior to the start of the game, elements can be modified to represent morale equivalents for calculating losses. Morale equivalents can be modified according to the table below provided that the total morale equivalents equals the total number of elements in the army.

Alternatively, opposing forces may be made up of equal total morale equivalents, representing large forces of poor troops or smaller forces of high quality troops. Army lists must still contain at least one element of the range of alternative troop types.

Element Type
Morale Equivalent
Elephants, Knights, Heavy Chariots, Light Chariots, Cavalry, Pikes, Spears, Spear/Bow, Blades, or Warband
Light Horse, Psiloi, poor quality Auxilia or Bowmen, or Hordes
½ - 1

Scythed chariots, camp followers and denizens are always worth zero morale equivalents. As a scythed chariot element still counts as an element for calculating the total number of morale equivalents, armies with a scythed chariot must always have at least one element also worth two morale equivalents. Camps and BUA occupied by the enemy during the battle count as two morale equivalents as long as they remain under enemy control.

The first side at the end of any bound that has lost its general or whose lost element’s morale equivalents total a third of its original morale equivalents and has also lost more morale equivalents than the enemy loses the battle.

The same calculation methods are applied to determine the demoralised and winning and losing thresholds for BBDBA.

Artillery Categories

Artillery during the ancient period was more rarely used in field operations than during sieges. Some types lacked manoeuvrability and had to be assembled in place. Other types attempted to compensate by making the equipment light enough to be man-portable or mounting equipment on carts or elephants.

Artillery is divided into two types: static or mobile.

Static artillery is lager or heavier pieces without the means to be moved during a battle without extreme difficulty. Its movement is restricted to pivoting in place to alter its arc of fire. Such a pivot counts as a move for distant combat purposes. Static artillery with a distant combat total score of less than its opponent but more than half has a ‘no effect’ outcome.

Mobile artillery can be moved during the battle but has its maximum range reduced to 350 paces. It can shoot only in its own side’s bound or if it is shot at by the target and if it did not move.

Blade Categories

The majority blade type relied on edged weapons, shields and armour. Some had heavy edged, pole arm or concussive weapons but lacked defensive shields or adequate armour. They were more vulnerable to missiles before closing to contact but equally formidable in close combat. Their lack of armour was offset by heavier weapons in comparison with other blade types.

Blades are divided into two types: ordinary and light.

There are no rule modifications for ordinary blades.

Light blades include Aurelian’s (doubtful) Palestinian clubmen (List II/64), Indian clubmen (List II/3), Dacian falxmen (List II/52), Byzantine menevlatoi (List III/64), and early Swiss halberdiers (List IV/41).

They deduct -1 from distant combat scores against Bowmen (including Longbow or Crossbow if that option used).

They add +1 to close combat scores against Knights (or Cataphracts if the Cataphract option is used), Pikes or Spears.

Spear Categories

The majority spear type relied on the cohesion provided by their close formation and defensive ‘shield wall’. Some instead operated with light equipment in a more flexible formation in broken terrain or in deep formations in open terrain using their spears to keep enemy at bay. They were more vulnerable to missiles but less susceptible to the effects of broken terrain.

Spears are divided into two types: ordinary and light.

There are no rule modifications for ordinary Spears.

Light Spears include those categories listed at ‘3Sp’.

For movement and for distant combat against Bowmen (including Longbow or Crossbow if that option used) Light Spears are treated as Auxilia. In close combat they count as Spears except that they deduct -1 from close combat scores against ordinary Spears.

Longbow and Crossbow

Longbow and crossbow technology coupled with improved missiles provided greater penetrating power than the self bows used my most nations or longbows used without improved arrowheads by others. This improvement came at reduced mobility associated with larger and heavier weapons and a significant additional training debt in the case of longbows or slower rates of fire in the case of crossbows. The mobility disadvantage was offset to a degree by mounting archers for transport to combat. Static defence was often be enhanced by the use of armour, shields, pavaises or fixed stakes.

Longbow or Crossbow armed bow elements (listed as Lb or Cb in the army lists) can shoot only if it did not move in its own bound immediately preceding.

Bowmen (not Longbow or Crossbow) deduct -1 from distant combat scores against Elephants, Knights (or Cataphracts if the Cataphract option is used), Scythed Chariots, Spears(or ordinary Spears if the option is used), Pikes, or Blades (or ordinary Blades if the option is used). There would be no appreciable disadvantage against other troop types as penetrating power was already adequate.

A close combat advantage for longbow or crossbows using substantial armour or defensive stakes should be achieved through classification as superior.

Longbows or crossbows used in the second rank of Spear and Bow Combinations count as normal bows to allow for reduced numbers compared with full longbow or crossbow elements and loss of accuracy due to the elevation required to fire over the front rank.

Dismounting Troops

Some troops rode to battle dismounting to fight, sending their mounts away to the rear. Others dismounted on the battlefield to fight but kept their mounts nearby to remount if required.

Element combinations separated by // in the army lists are permitted to dismount or mount during the game as part of a tactical move. An additional transport element of horse holders or wagon models, as appropriate, must be positioned immediately behind the dismounted element. The transport element is lost should the dismounted element make a tactical move without remounting or be destroyed, flee, break-off, or recoil as a combat outcome.

In a BBDBA game, an element eligible to flee as the result of demoralisation automatically remounts to do so, the 1 PIP and delay to remount being waived. The transport element of a demoralised element that is not being held is immediately removed.

If the player desires, the transport element can be permanently removed to save space, it being assumed that the transport has been sent off the battlefield.

Like dismounting, remounting costs 1 PIP. It takes an entire bound with no other activity to remount and form up, ending the bound facing in any direction desired.

Heavy Troop Combat Outcomes

It was the combat between heavy troops that usually decided the outcome of battles.  Some mounted troop types such as knights could shatter a formed opponent with an impetuous charge. Some infantry troop types such as blades or warband sought to resolve the engagement thorough a series of pulses, others like spears and pikes through constant pressure until one side gave way. The initiative would pass from one side to the other. The side with the initiative would seek to maximise the tactical advantage afforded by their style of combat.

The following outcomes are substituted in the event that the total is less than that of its opponent but more than half:

Cavalry                     If in an enemy bound:

·               destroyed by Knights not in wedge if in good going,

·               flee from Scythed Chariots or Camelry.

If not, recoil.

Pikes or Spears         If in an enemy bound, destroyed by:

·               Elephants, Knights, Light Horse or Scythed Chariots if in good going;

·               Warband.

If not, recoil.

Blades                      If in an enemy bound, destroyed by:

·               Knights or Scythed Chariots if in good going,

·               Warband.

If not, recoil.

Warband                  If in an enemy bound, destroyed by:

·               Elephants, Knights or Scythed Chariots if in good going;

·               Blades.

If not, recoil.

Medical Update!

Yea I survived my trip to the PA.

I had two little pieces of me to removed.  Celts were never meant to be exposed to the level of sunlight here downunder.  Both my children agree with me, as they say "there nothing wrong being white."

So I managed the traffic, despite the traffic and the wet weather.  Got there half an hour before hand, and found that they only "man" the desk at 8:30am.  Yes I am very retentive when it comes to being places, I seem to have the irrational fear of being late.

Practiced my Jedi meditation techniques, slowed down the breathing and found that little place where all true practitioners go.  Right on 9am I trotted in.  Registrar introduced himself, went through the routine.  Told me that some nerves may be damaged around the eye.  I said to him that I don't sue doctors who do their job.  Doctors are not god, and people should not expect the miraculous where medicine is concerned.  I should have some nice scar work, which I will find some spectacular reason for.

I got a shock when he started dotting and drawing lines on my arm.  I initially thought it would be a small incission.  It was almost 3" across.  The eye, about a third (or was it a half, I can't remember now).  I confess I was alarmed at this stage and was anticipating the level of anxiety it engendered. 

For the record I have a great fear of needles and slicing blades.  It has been a while since I had to have a local, in the past most of my ops have been with general.  Being awake for the process was... well disconcerting.  The needle prick was fine (all right I winced), the the local hit the nerves.  It stung like hell, I'd forgotten just how unpleasant it is.  So I spent the time clenching my right fist to take my mind of things.  It worked.

The cutting and stitches were fine.  I could feel the pushing and prodding, but no pain.

In the end I was out by 10am and home by 10:35.

All up I am happy with the public health system.  I think that if people treated the system with respect, rather than asking the impossible, everyone would be happy.  The staff were all marvelous.

I now have to wait for the results.  If things are bad, I will be notified soon, otherwise I find out in March of next year.  Fine by me either way. 

So at the moment I have a dull ache on the temple, but not even a twinge on the arm.  You don't know just how your muscles and skins stretches until you've had surgery.  I'm also realising just how much I rely on my left arm to do things, I am right handed.

So stiches for the eye out in 7 days, arm in 10 days.

Here's hoping that I manage to dodge another bullet.  Considering that Fate is firing a machine gun I'm not sure how much longer it will happen.  Aren't I such a cheerful bugger.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bloody Weather & Update

Actually it's just the changing of seasons and my usual "hay fever" attacks.  I am hoping it goes away real soon so that I can finish a few figures off.

I bought Dreadfleet off Luke at the weekend.  Talk about no value for money.  I am pleased that I gave GW the smallest profit margin by purchasing it from an independent stockist.  Compared to the Space Hulk release, this game is a lemon.  Certainly if you go by weight ratio.  Still reading the rules - well attemptin to read them is more correct.  I bought the game only for the figures and terrain.  Time will tell if this game has any play life or if it will be consigned to being a shelf warmer.

Doctors and PA Hospital appointments this week. Sigh.

Have to wait until November for any games at the Blind Pig.  Only two more meets for this year before the club's holiday break.  It really does make me think about the dedication and reliablity that Bec and Paul provide us every meet.  Paul has to hook up the trailer and deliver it to the venue.  Bec has the extra tables and terrain plus the victuals to feed and water the plebs.  They are the only ones who do this.  No sleep in, no "I think I'll stay home today" options.  Thanks Bec and Paul.

I should also mention the chaps who set up and pack up each meet.  Simon, Pat, Leslie, and Jason are the regular regulars, there are others who help on and off dependent on their availability, but these are the lads who can be relied on.  Oh and I'm one who helps as well.  If I've forgotten anyone, then please forgive me as I do tend to not see the forest for the trees.

Eyesight is back to normal now. 

Other health issues are still issues and unlikely to change.

Till next time...

Numidian or Early Moorish 215BC - AD25 II.40

Gallic 400BC - 50BC

I.22. New Kingdom Egyptian 1543BC - 1069BC (a) & (b)

Dward HoTT Army Elements

Sunday, October 2, 2011

HoTT Dwarf Army List

I have brushed the dust off my dwarves for HoTT.  I think that I had started them as DBF, but at present am too lazy to reinvent the wheel.  So here's my dwarf kingdom and its list options.
The Kingdom of Highsnow Peak
The following is a listing of forces available to the Dwarf nation of Highsnow Peak. 

King Snowbrow
0-1 Hero (General) @4pts
The current King is Da’ryn Snowbrow.  As is the custom of his people, once he ascends the throne he is bound by the rules and customs of his people.  Should King Snowbrow take to the field of battle or leaves the mountain hold of his people he is carried on a throne by his three councillors.  His councillors grumble much whenever the King leaves home, and they do their best to discourage him from doing so.  Carrying the King was never seen as one of the perks of the job.  The King himself directs battle from his newly acquired height advantage and encourages his son Ger’bl to do the actual fighting for him.  Accompanying him is his standard and old drinking mate.  They try to do as little as possible, hoping that Ger’bl brings home the bacon.

Captain of the Guard
0-1   Blade (General) @ 2pts
The current Captain is Lem’ng Steeltoe, a crafty and well placed dwarf in the Kings high esteem.  Lem’ng likes his position and the power he has at his disposal.  He adores his King, who is his nephew, twice removed – and does all the dirty work of maintaining law and order within the kingdom.  His troops are on constant manoeuvres, and he has to deal with a lot of discontent with regime of discipline.  Needless to say there is not a better dwarf in the kingdom to manage the army, and his victories to date ensure his popularity, despite his detractors.

Warrior Ranks
0-12 Blade @ 2pts
These troops are the pick of the kingdom.  Drilled relentlessly by Steeltoe, they may grumble a lot, but they are proud of who they are. 
0-4 Spear@2pts
Troops trained to fight in the tunnels and passageways of the dwarfs. 

Clan Ranks
0-8 Warband @2pts
The rank and file of the army is the clans.  In desperate times the King has had to draw upon his fellow dwarfs for troops.  This hasn’t occurred in some time, due to success of Steeltoe in keeping any battlefield losses to a minimum.  However, during hard campaigns they are called upon to relieve other troops, thus allowing time for rest and recuperation of these dwarfs.

Missile Troops
0-6 Shooters @2pts
At present the army is using crossbows as it primary missile delivery system.  The new hand cannons are still a novelty and have not yet reached production stage.  Dwarfs prefer to mix it with their opponents in melee, so there are not a lot of them that take to the long range dispatch of opponents.  Fine for hunting game, but not opponents.

The Cursed
0-4 Horde@1pt
The Cursed are a forlorn groups of dwarfs.  At some point in pre-recorded history they offended the gods in a big way.  The end result was they never advanced beyond sharp knives and eating raw meat.  The other trick is that they can’t die, that’s right – immortality.  They have given up hope of redemption or forgiveness, and have to be goaded into action to be of any tactical use.  Vaporised, pulverised, hacked and gutted, they always come back, and they are always morose.  The King has a special hall where he locks them up in between their uses.  It’s sad, but true.

Secret Service
0-2   Sneakers@3pts
The Sneakers are the eyes and ears of the kingdom.  Often seen hiding behind bushes, drapes and out back toilets.  Nothing escapes their notice.  Handy with garrotte, stiletto and a dash of poison. 

Artillery Regiment
0-3   Artillery@3pts
Big guns means big business, and Highsnow Peak has made an industry of it.  A highly profitable arm of the kingdom, which the crown supervisees and counts the profits from.  No self respecting warlord in the world would want anything but a Highsnow Cannon.  “Excellent bang for your buck, or it’s f&*Ked” is the motto of this arms industry.

Steelblade Raptors
0-3  Airboat@ 3pts
Living on a mountain peak makes travelling about tedious if not downright tiring.  Yes the dwarfs invented the elevator and escalator but they also invented flying.  This technology is never for sale and is a closely guarded secret.  All Raptors have a self destruct mechanism wired to the life of the pilot.  Once he’s dead, or he fails to enter the correct shut down sequence, the vehicle explodes. 

Civilised Giant
0-1   Behemoth@4pts
The local giant population learnt long ago that keeping away the local tourists kept them fed and appreciated by the dwarfs who really don’t take kindly to begging strangers and the odd tourist.  Diplomats that make the journey to Highsnow Peak have to run the gauntlet of hungry giants to even get a chance to ring the doorbell.  This suits the king well, and he rewards the Giants with an education (of sorts) and generous amounts of grog.


Early Period Dwarf Army

Middle Period Dwarf Army

Later Period Dwarf Army

Mad King Og’s Army of Missiles

King Da’ryn Snowbrow’s Army
1xAirboats@3pts or 1xSneakers@3pts

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Uncharted Seas: The "Trophies"

For the Uncharted Seas event I have gone for useful trophies.  Things that can be used by people.  Rather than a trophy that sites on a shelf the majority of my trophies can be used.  Here they are!

Uncharted Seas: Prizes

Here are the prizes that Luke from Phoenix Forge provided for the event.  Thanks Luke!

Uncharted Seas: The unoffical photographer

I of course could not take photo's so I relied on the unofficial photographer to the royal house of McDonnell - Leslie.  Thanks Leslie you took some great shots, but I think mine of you's a winner!

Uncharted Seas: The business that supported it.

This event was supported by The Phoenix Forge.  What can I say.  He didn't have to do what he did, but he did.  Luke gave to me for prize support the old cast stock which is now being resculpted by Spartan Games.  I had 3 Fleet starter boxes and 17 blisters of various nations.  This was an immensely generous sponsorship and I am extremely pleased with the support that Luke has proved me and the Blind Pig over the years.  Check my link to the side and visit his shop, spend your cash and be certainly satisfied with his prices and service.  Thanks Luke.

Uncharted Seas: The man who ran it.

Don't let this picture fool you.  I may look like I'm doing something important, but all I was doing was looking at naughty photo's... or something like that.  The lower picture is the perpetual trophy, all I can say is Spartan Games, if you make the elf weapons look like toilet seats, expect Australians to find the humour in it.

Uncharted Seas: Admiral of the Fleet

At the start of the day a person turned up, who I knew from past association.  I asked this individual what they had come down for, he said to watch the Uncharted Seas.  I said, "I've got a spare fleet, how about playing for the fun of it".  He said, "Sure why not."  And the rest they say is history in the making.  I suggested to Allen that he take the Iron Dwarves as they were the easiest fleet to play with for beginners.  Who would have guessed that that fatefull descion would culminate in winning the event.  Congratulations to Allen Love who has taken out the Admiral of the Fleet award and huge drinking tankard.  Well done.

Uncharted Seas: Best Pirate Hat

Congratulation to Owen O for getting this highly desirable trophy.  A very nice skull cup from which to drink he well deserved accolades from.  (My daughter spotted it this morning and decided she wanted it more than anyone else, she didn't take the refusal at all very well.  I now have to go and find another one, just for her!)

Uncharted Seas: Best Painted Fleet

This was won by Michael Smith with over half of the attendees giving him the thumbs up.  I apologised to Michael as I seemed to have posted the wrong points somewhere and he only had 600 points painted, not the 700 it was.  Despite my "fuck up" Michael deserved this award.  Congratulations on a job well done.

Uncharted Seas: Sportsmanship Award

This award was won by Michael C.  Well done.  He truely was awesome for the day.  His colourful pirate on a south sea holiday brightened the place up.  He truely was the dash of penash on the day.

Uncharted Seas: Read Admiral Award

When loosing can only be a pain in the arse.  Literally!  Congratulations Jack Fifoot.  Bec and I are working upwards with novel last place trophies and next years will have studs.

Uncharted Seas Tournament: Session Photo's

I had some fun taking photo's on the day.