Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last day of the month, first day of the week.

After much procrastination I finally did my tax.  What a jolly exercise it was.  Having a migraine as a carry over from yesterday afternoon didn't help much.  So my wife is very happy with me now.  All I have to wait for now is for the ATO to process it.  I used the eTax programme and did it "online".  Still confusing, but not as much as reading the Tax Pack.

So as I stated before, my health isn't good.  The migraines are getting worse, and there is very little that can be done to reduce them.  I need a nice dark cool place.  Pity summer is coming.

I've yet to get back into painting.  With this happening I've just been looking at my old figures and deciding what to do with them.  Wargods of Aegyptus seems to be the one to run with at the moment.  I've plenty of figures, and I have the time.  All I need are opponents.  Perhaps at the Blind Pig next year.

Looks like 5 pension days till Christmas.  Don't know what to do this Christmas.  My family is now just my wife and the two kids.  No one to visit, and no one who will visit.  It's generally not a good time of the year for me, as it then feeds on to New Years Day.  I get very melancholy about the prospects of another year. 

Have made a half-hearted attempt at cleaning the studio, but it's looks too much like hard work.  I tire easily these days, and it would help if I could unclog my vacuum cleaner.  I really should make an attempt while the weather is still cool(ish).

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