Sunday, September 27, 2015

Counting Markers

Making counters for Kings of Wars at present.

I know people use dice but I find it's so easy for the die to be picked up, knocked etc and therefore the memory or even honesty of players can come into question.  Far better a counter.

Friday, September 25, 2015

A to Z of Me - thanks Kaptain Kobold!

I watch and read a number of blogs.  This morning one popped up on Stronghold Rebuilt.  As always I like to pinch ideas from people (who pinched his idea from...).....

The A-Z of Me

From Stronghold Rebuilt: Picked this meme up from HeroPress 

So here I go...

A - Age: 50's somewhere

B - Biggest Fear: Living in a muslim dominated society.

C - Current Time: 8:30 AEST

D - Drink You Last Had: Red Eye Apple Cider

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: Myself

F - Favorite Song: Nope, none comes to mind.

G - Ghosts, Are They Real?: Yes

H - Hometown: Classified, but state records show Brisbane.

I - In Love With: ......... 30 years married, fill in the dots.

J - Jealous Of: People my "age" who still have full time employment.

K - Killed Someone? Only indirectly by government decisions.

L - Last Time You Cried? This morning.

M - Middle Name... :  Starts with A

N - Number Of Siblings: One

O - One Wish... :  To die in peace.

P - Person Who You Last Called: My son.

Q - Question You're Always Asked: Honestly how old are you, really?

R - Reason To Smile: Hope of seeing grandchildren sometime in the future.

S - Song Last Sang: I don't sing.

T - Time You Woke Up: 5:30 am

U - Underwear Colour: Today? White.

V - Vacation Destination: There's no place like home.

W - Worst Habit: Ego

X - X-Rays: Lost count, too many.

Y - Your Favorite Food: English food my grandmother and mother made.

Z - Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Napoleonic Tuesday - Prussian versus French

Another story in pictures.

So another convincing loss this time.  It's funny (well actually it isn't) that my capacity to consistently roll badly at a the most critical of situations is depressing.  My game hinged on the downfall of one failed charge, and from there it was all downhill.  The only units that seemed to actually perform were the Landwere which held, then fled, then won against one battalion of french.

Next time gadget, next time.

Andrew has been persuaded to provide his thoughts on each of the engagement photo's.  They may make more sense to the reader than my poorly worded recordings.

1: The troops deployed for battle.  I out scouted the french 45 to 27, so Andrew
had to deploy his troops first.  Which while it seems to be to my advantage
..... didn't!
french interpretation1 : Damn Prussian cavalry! Had to opt for vanilla deployment with infantry forward and artillery interspersed across the front to make sure they had targets. Cavalry were all back - light left and heavies right - looking for opportunities and avoiding artillery. My cavalry seem to be artillery magnets. Must be the cuirasses.

2: My perfidious french opponent!  
french interpretation 2: Better perfidious than a jack booted nazis in waiting.

3: Each game these lads have managed to be deployed.  Nicely painted
skirmishers.  Can't recall what troop type they were.
french interpretation 3: Plans for my Chassuers to erupt from the hamlet and charge to glory went bad when a brigade of Prussian cavalry deployed opposite. Better deploy skirmishes. That will fool him and buy time to think of something.

4: french left flank advancing.

5: french centre/right advancing.
french interpretation 4&5: No use staying back here. Better advance and make room for my cavalry. Someone once said 'you attacks, then you see what happens'. Sounds like a good call.

6: My Prussians deciding to commit to battle.  The brave or perhaps
foolish Landwere advance.  The dodgy raw lancers struggle across
the stream before being shellacked by shells from the artillery,
french interpretation 6: Landwehr up front blocking the good infantry. Very interesting - but stupid!

7: french being cunning and staggering their approach.
french interpretation 7: Landwehr deploying into line across the whole front? Must be an ambush. Wonder what he's doing.

8: My Prussian right flank advances, being very aggresive.
french interpretation 8: Bit decisive over here. Copping lots of artillery fire covering the infantry brigade flank and good and numerous supporting cavalry on the other side. Need to see whether he just wants to cramp my left or are they serious. Need to buy time. More skirmishes are more better!

9: Landwere adopt line with the view to shoot their opponent off the
battlefield.  Which wasn't that successful.
french interpretation 9: Landwehr to the right of them, Landwehr to the left if them, Landwehr in front of them. Shivered and shaken. Happy days!

10: Up in the top right photo, the critical engagement that determined
the mood for the rest of the battle.  Succeeded to charge (5+).
Took one casualty from shooting needed to roll (2+), failed.
french interpretation 10: Coming on in the same old style aiming his columns at my exquisitely deployed order mixte. Not too worried if my line runs. I have a regiment of Hussars looking for a gap to appear so they can get into his infantry.

11: The Landwere actually survived two rounds of close combat.
Eventually fleeing after receiving the worse in hand to hand.
french interpretation 11: These Landwehr should be a speed hump. They obviously haven't read the rules. Very un-German to ignore the instructions.

12: Lots of fleeing/routing Prussians.  Another successful charge,
another failed close combat, automatically disadvantaged due to
fighting veteran french.
french interpretation 12: More charges, more waves of Huns repulsed by my veteran Legere. Probably rather have my Hussars carving a path through his infantry. No pleasing some people.
13: Cavalry positioning for advantage.
french interpretation 13: Retiring infantry making a big gap for his cavalry. Better stay back here with the guns and pray for 6's.

14: Landwhere routing.
french interpretation 14: Quietly moving heavy cavalry up while he's distracted by panicking Landwehr. I'll give you 'perfidious'!

15: Lancers about to take another shellacking.  
french interpretation 15: Finally have enough room to get my Carabiniers into line opposite some remnant Landwehr cavalry. They are about 10% of my points so I'm rather keen to use them.

16: french cavalry breakthrough, routing the artillery.  Hussars engage
french cavalry.
french interpretation 16: Managed to get my cavalry through the gap in the centre made by his guns obliterating a French battalion or two. I think they saw what was coming and abandoned their guns to run off the table at an Olympic sprint champion pace.

17: The Landwhere (last turn) chasing off a french battalion.
Typical where a raw battalion performed better than trained troops.
The constant of my bad die rolling (or good for the Landwere).
french interpretation 17: As the Landwehr cavalry melt away in the face of my Carabiniere advance, my Legere execute a complex break contact drill to fall back on my right flank. An uncultured way of looking at it would be to call it a rout.

18: french breakthrough in the centre.  Artillery crew have run off.
My left side battalions are now horribly exposed.
french interpretation 18: The single battalion swapping close range musketry with a Prussian regiment selflessly screened the breakthrough of the Cuirassiers to their left. Time to return the favour now the Prussian artillerymen have left nothing but guns and dust to indicate where they were. Time to turn the screws before they have time to reorganise. 

19: Fleeing Prussians everywhere.
french interpretation 19: Here come their cavalry. Reluctantly send in my lights against his heavies. Hopefully they'll take long enough to die to give me chance to give his infantry a work out.

20: The death knell.  The french cavalry now in the position to roll
up the Prussian infantry, with very little I can do to stop them.
french interpretation 20: All happening on the other flank. Landwehr finally push back onto his depth Regiment. Cuirassiers behind one flank. Carabiniers coming around the other. The Prince of Orange would have been proud.

In the course of writing these comments I've concluded your tactics (and organisation) have become increasingly French and mine have become increasingly more Prussian. Since the Prussian tactics imitated the French during the 1812 to 1815 period it's not a big deal. Just ironic imitating people who are imitating you. Now I'm confused.

Another game planned for Monday next week and perhaps even another later in the week.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kings of War - Undead versus Elves

Had a game with Michael C at the Blind Pig today, 2000 points.  I took my Elves, Michael his Undead,

Played Scenario 6 Kill and Pillage, which uses Scenario 4 setup details.  Consequentially we used the victory conditions from Scenario 4.

Initially the Elves had great success with their shooting, especially with the Elite attribute.

In the end Michael controlled 3 objectives to my 2 therefore winning the game.

The line, Archer Horde, Tallspears and Therennian Sea Guard.

The Chariots caught and mauled.  Mind you the Zombie Legion was on it's
death bed.  They died the next round from missile fire.  Chariots were interesting
but I don't think I'll include them next time.

Palace Guard rout the Werewolves with the help of the Drakon Rider Lord.
Wraiths high Defense was a winning plan to success.

I took Argus Rodinar and while I made use of his ability, it was of
limited use.  Only one friendly unit gains the benefit and the fact he can't
move (Speed 0) meant he was there for the game.

Last turn.  Stormwind Cavalry died to the flank attack from Wraiths
and the frontal assault from the Vampire Lord.

 There was a Buy Swap Sell event at the club and I picked up a swag of Orcs and Goblins (GW).  My Goblins are now beginning to firm up.  The Orcs will take a little while longer to build.  Hoping to have the Goblins ready for the next Pig in October.

Blind Pig 19th September 2015 Club Meet

Thanks everyone for coming today.

Had about 25 people attend plus the sellers at the BSS.

Good diversity of games in play.
Kings of War
and two other board games I can't recall.

Photos were taken early in the day and don't reflect the attendance. Cameraman was engrossed in his game of Kings of War.

Also Bec popped in and mingled with the lucky few!

10th October 2015 is the next club meet. See you all there.

Michael S and Simon G enjoying a game of Descent.

Buy Swap Sell on stage.  The "Think Tank" procrastinating before some serious gaming.

Alex being tutored by Conor in EPIC Armageddon.

40K decision making.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kings of War - Undead versus Elves 2000points

Today saw a battle between the forces of the living and the dead, Elves versus Undead.

The Elves
Elves (Good)
Kindred Archers Infantry

Troop(10) 115pts; Bows (Range 24"), Elite
Troop(10) 115pts; Bows (Range 24"), Elite

Palace Guard Infantry

Regiment(20) 150pts; Crushing Strength (1), Elite

Therennian Sea Guard Infantry

Horde(40) 280pts; Bows (Range 24"), Elite, Phalanx

Forest Shamblers Large Infantry

 Horde(6) 190pts; Crushing Strength (1), Pathfinder, Shambling, Vanguard

Stormwind Cavalry Cavalry

Regiment(10) 215pts; Elite, Thunderous Charge (2)
Regiment(10) 215pts; Elite, Thunderous Charge (2)

Bolt Thrower War Engine

(1) 90pts; Blast (D3), Elite, Piercing (2), Reload!

Army Standard Bearer Hero

(1) 50pts; Elite, Individual, Inspiring

Elven Mage Hero

(1) 75pts; Elite, Heal (3), Individual
- Bane Chant (2) 15pts
- Fireball (10) 10pts

(1) 75pts; Elite, Heal (3), Individual
- Bane Chant (2) 15pts
- Lightning Bolt (5) 45pts

Dragon Kindred Lord Hero

(1) 310pts; Breath Attack (15), Crushing Strength (3), Elite, Fly, Inspiring
- Medallion of Life 35pts

Total: 2000pts

The Undead
Undead (Evil)

Skeleton Spearmen Infantry

Horde(40) 175pts; Lifeleech (1), Phalanx, Shambling

Skeleton Archers Infantry

Troop(10) 75pts; Bows (Range 24"), Lifeleech (1), Shambling
Troop(10) 75pts; Bows (Range 24"), Lifeleech (1), Shambling

Mummies Infantry

Regiment(20) 170pts; Crushing Strength (2), Lifeleech (1), Regeneration (5+), Shambling
Regiment(20) 170pts; Crushing Strength (2), Lifeleech (1), Regeneration (5+), Shambling

Zombies Infantry

Legion(60) 190pts; Lifeleech (1), Shambling

Werewolves Large Infantry

Horde(6) 245pts; Crushing Strength (1), Lifeleech (1), Nimble

Soul Reaver Cavalry Cavalry

Troop(5) 195pts; Crushing Strength (1), Lifeleech (2), Thunderous Charge (2)

Revenant King on Undead Wyrm Hero

(1) 190pts; Crushing Strength (3), Inspiring, Lifeleech (1), Surge (6)
- Mount on a Winged Wyrm, increasing Speed to 10 and gaining Fly 45pts

Undead Army Standard Bearer Hero

(1) 50pts; Individual, Inspiring, Lifeleech (1), Shambling

Vampire Lord Hero

(1) 220pts; Crushing Strength (2), Individual, Inspiring, Lifeleech (2), Surge (3)

Necromancer Hero

(1) 85pts; Individual, Lifeleech (1), Surge (8)
- Bane-chant (2) 15pts

(1) 85pts; Individual, Lifeleech (1), Surge (8)
- Bane-chant (2) 15pts

Total: 2000pts

All the undead moved ahead except the Werewolves and Soul Reavers.  Necromancer surged his Skeleton Horde ahead 5".  The Vampire Lord surged the Zombie Horde ahead 2".  The 2 units of archer fired upon the Stormwind Cavalry and Palace Guard inflicting 1 hit on each.
Palace Guard [1]
Stormwind Cavalry [1]
Nerve tests passed by both units.

1st turn advance from the Undead.
The elves adopted a shoot them with every arrow and missile we have.  The Therennian Sea Guard inflicted 8 hits, the Kindred Archers inflicted 1 hit, and the Bolt Thrower managed 2 hits.  A total of 11.  The Skeleton Horde were fired upon by the other unit of archers and inflicted no hits.
Zombie Legion [11]
Skeleton Spearmen Horde [0]

TURN ONE SUMMARY: Undead 0/Elves 0

Zombie Legion starts to accumulate hits.
Undead continue their relentless advance, slow and steady wins the race, or so I have heard.
Skeleton Archers pluck away at the Palace Guard and inflict a hit.
 Palace Guard [2] Pass Nerve test.
Stormwind Cavalry [1]

Skeleton Horde advance ahead with a surge from the Necromancer.

Werewolves and Soul Reavers not prepared to commit until the right moment.
Both Stormwind Cavalry Regiments charge across the field.  The Therennian Sea Guard continue to unleash a volley of arrows at the Zombie Legion inflicting not one hit.  A unit of Archers however did inflict 3 hits.  The Bolt Thrower succeeded into dealing 2 hits as well. The other Kindred Archers dealt 3 hits on a Mummy Regiment. The Elven Mage ranged the Revenant King on Undead Wyrm with his Fireball and managed to inflict and impressive 4 hits on the unit.
Stormwind Cavalry Regiment charged the Soul Reaver Cavalry Troop hoping to break them, they did manage an impressive 6 hits of the unit.  The other Stormwind Cavalry Regiment engaged the Skeleton Spearmen Horde and only managed 5 hits.
Revenant King on Undead Wyrm [4]
Zombie Legion [14] 
Skeleton Spearmen Horde [5]
Mummy Regiment [3]
Soul Reaver Cavalry Troop [6]

Stormwind Cavalry engage the Skeleton Horde.

Stormwind Cavalry engage the Soul Reaver Troop

A view above.  Forest Shamblers off to support the Stormwind Cavalry
TURN TWO SUMMARY: Undead 0/Elves 0

Undead continue to advance.The Werewolved flank the Stormwind Cavalry, while the Soul Reavers continue back into melee.  The Revenant King on Undead Wyrm flanked the other Stormwind Cavalry while the Skeleton Spear Horde pressed its attack with the Stormwind Cavalry.  The Zombie Legion surged ahead with the help of the Vampire, but not enough to engage the Therennian Sea Guard.
The Soul Reavers inflicted 5 hits and used Lifeleach (2) to remove 2 points from their Nerve total.  The Werewolves double their attackes to an impressive 36 dice, yet only managed to convert that into 7 hits.  The other side of the battlefield the other Stormwind Cavalry were not coping any better.  The Skeleton Spear Horde inflicted 5 hits, used Lifeleach (1) to recover 1 Nerve.  The Revenant King on Undead Wyrm as an individual does not benefit from the double attack rule, and managed 5 hits.(OK this is actually wrong.  The Revenant King on Undead Wyrm does not have the Individual trait, so this restriction does not apply to him.  We viewed him as a "hero" and associated the Individual with him which is not the case.) The Elves rolled low and managed a Wavering result instead of an outright rout.
Palace Guard [2]
Stormwind Cavalry Regiment [12], failed the Nerve test, no reroll available. Unit destroyed.
Stormwind Cavalry [11]


The demise of the Stormwind Cavalry at the claws of the Werewolves and Soul Reavers.

The Stormwind Cavalry become Wavering under the assualt.

At the end of Turn 3 the Undead realign themselves after the melee.
The Palace Guard charge the Mummy Regiment.  The Therennian Sea Guard charge the Zombie Legion. The Forest Shamblers charge the Werewolves.
The Bolt Thrower unleashes it's missiles against the Mummy regiment. inflicting 2 hits. The Forest Archers fire upon the Skeleton Spearmen Horde and inflict 1 hit.  The Elven Mage Fireballs the Skeleton Spearmen Horde inflicting 3 hits. The other Elven Mage targeted the Revenant King on Undead Wrym inflicting 2 hits.  The Revenant King rolled 12 which is an automatic rout, however being Inspiring a reroll allowed the unit to remain stead.  The Therennian Sea Guard engaged the Zombie Legion, inflicting 8 hits.  The Nerve test resulted in a rout, the Undead Standard Bearer was in range but the resulting dice still resulted in a rout.  The Zombie Legion withers away to rotting flesh baking away in the heat of battle. The Shamblers versus the Werewolves inflicted 4 hits.  The Palace Guard inflicted 6 hits, the Mummy Regiment failed their Nerve test and crumbled to bones and rags.
Revenant King on Undead Wyrm [5] (Recovered 1 from Lifeleach (1) previous turn)
Zombie Legion [14+8] Failed Nerve test, Destroyed. 
Skeleton Spearmen Horde [4] (Recovered 1 from Lifeleach (1) previous turn)
Mummy Regiment [3+6] Failed Nerve test, Destroyed.
Mummy Regiment [2]
Soul Reaver Cavalry Troop [4]  (Recovered 2 from Lifeleach (2) previous turn)
Werewolf Horde [4]


Palace Guard charge and destroy the Mummy Reiment in a fury of flashing greatswords.

Forest Shamblers engage Werewolves.
TURN THREE SUMMARY: Undead 215pts/Elves 360pts

The Skeleton Spearmen Horde engage the Stormwind Cavalry Regiment, inflicting 4 hits and ensuring its rout. The Revenant King engaged the Elven Mage, inflicting 2 hits, the resuling Nerve test resulted in a Wavering result. The remaining Mummy Regiment engaged the Therennian Sea Guard and inflicted 3 hits.  At the start of their move they used their Regeneration ability, but failed to recover any Nerve. Both Skeleton Archer units failed to damage the Palace Guard.  The Werewolves Horde inflicted 5 hits on the Forest Shamblers.
Palace Guard [2]

Stormwind Cavalry [15] Failed Nerve test, Destroyed.
Elven Mage [2]
Therennian Sea Guard [3]
Forest Shamblers [5]


End of Turn 4, Spearmen Horde reposition them.
Therennian Sea Guard engage the Mummy Regiment, inflicting 10 hits, the resulting Nerve test routed the Mummies.  The Palace Guard sensing the imminent attack from the Spearmen Horde charged ahead toward the Skeleton Archers getting them safely out of danger.  The resulting melee inflicted 2 hits on the Archers.  The two troops of Kindred Archer fired upon the Spearmen Horde adding 5 hits. The Bolt Thrower ranged the Soul Reaver Troop and inflicted 2 hits, the resulting Nerve test left them Wavering.  The Forest Shamblers engaged the Werewolves inflicting 4 hits.

Revenant King on Undead Wyrm [5]

Skeleton Spearmen Horde [9]

Mummy Regiment [12] Failed Nerve test, Destroyed.
Soul Reaver Cavalry Troop [6] Wavering
Werewolf Horde [8]
Skeleton Archer Troop [2]


TURN FOUR SUMMARY: Undead 430pts/Elves 530pts

The Werewolves engage the Forest Shamblers inflicting 6 hits, the Shamblers fail their Nerve Test and are routed.  Werewolves lifeleach 1. The Vampire Lord engaged the Dragon Kindred Lord inflicting 2 hits.  Both Skeleton Archers fired upon the Palace Guard totaling another 3 hits, the Guard pass their Nerve test.  The Skeleton Horde engage the Kindred Archers, inflicting 6 hits.  The Archers failed the initial Nerve test plus the one granted by the Standard Bearer.  Unit routs.  The Revenant King engages the Elven Mage, inflicting 3 hits, the Mage failed his Nerve test and routs.

Palace Guard [2]

Elven Mage [5] Failed Nerve test, Destroyed.
Therennian Sea Guard [3]
Forest Shamblers [11] Failed Nerve test, Destroyed


Kindred Archers fire upon the Spearmen Horde inflicting 2 hits.  The Palace Guard engage the Skeleton Archers inflicting 4 hits, the Archers fail their Nerve test and are routed.  The Dragon Kindred Lord engages the Vampire Lord, inflicting 3 hits.  The Bolt Thrower continues to fire upon the Soul Reavers inflicting 1 hit and ensuring the continue Wavering.  The Elven Mage casts his Lightning Bolt at the Werewolves and inflicts 2 hits, causing them to Waver.

Revenant King on Undead Wyrm [4] (Lifeleach (1) from previous turn)
Skeleton Spearmen Horde [11]

Soul Reaver Cavalry Troop [7] Wavering
Werewolf Horde [10] Wavering
Skeleton Archer Troop [6] Failed Nerve test, Destroyed.
Vampire Lord [3]


TURN FIVE SUMMARY: Undead 720pts/Elves 605pts

Vampire Lord fights the Dragon Kindred Lord, inflicting 2 hits (lifeleach (2)).  Skeleton Spearment Horde engage the last troop of Kindred Archers inflicting 4 hits.  Archers initially suffer a Wavering result, but a reroll is made via the Standard Bearer, which resulted in a rout.  Bad luck there.  Skeleton Archer fired upon Palace Guard and failed to hit.

Palace Guard [2]
Dragon Kindred Lord [2]
Therennian Sea Guard [3]
Kindred Archers Troop [4] Failed Nerve test, Destroyed


The Elven Mage Lightning Bolts the Werewolves, inflicts 1 hit resulting in a Wavering reult.  The Bolt Thrower hits the Soul Reavers inflicintg 1 hit, also resulting in a Wavering result.  Dragon Kindred Lord engages the Vampire Lord, inflicts 1 hit.

Revenant King on Undead Wyrm [4]
Skeleton Spearmen Horde [11]
Soul Reaver Cavalry Troop [7] Wavering
Werewolf Horde [10] Wavering
Vampire Lord [1] (Lifeleach (2) from previous turn)


TURN SIX SUMMARY: Undead 835pts/Elves 605pts

A seesaw battle similar to the first game I played.  Things that needed to be remembered, lifeleach and regeneration for the undead.  I'm not sure on the points invested in the Dragon Kindred Lord as he was pretty impotent throughout the entire battle.  Probably just not in the best strategical place at times. The Revenant King on Undead Wyrm certainly worked well.  The Undead had a Necromancer that failed to appear on the battlefield, even though his points were paid for.  This would have made a big difference as Surge (8) is better than the Vampire Lords Surge (3).  The Elves would have been in a very unhappy state had the Zombies really surged across the battlefield.  Bane Chant is extremely useful, though choosing when to use it or an alternate spell (you can only cast one spell in a turn) depends on circumstance.

The other important factor that was pointed out to me is that some units/models are not Individuals and are not subjected to the restriction on flank and rear attack bonuses.  Always check the stat line of the unit/model.

All up I am enjoying this system.  I can reuse virtually all my WFB figures.  There is no need to remove figures as casualites.  Certainly the large counters I have created make it easy to mark the Nerve rating on unts, though I need another colour for my opponent, as during the game we lost/forgot which unit had what value.

Saturday 19th September I shall be having another game at the Blind Pig.  Looking forward to it and my opponent Michael C.