Monday, April 30, 2018

Four Against Darkness

I have a weakness...

Source: BGG

I am part of a solo group on facebook and there has been a fair bit of traffic on this game.  So I decided to go and have investigate.  It is a solitaire dungeon-delving pen-and-paper game (as the title says).  I bought my copy via DriveThru and it was just over AUS$10.  For the investment it does not seem to much to gamble on, so I will over the next few days have a look and see what all the fuss is about.

Here is the LINK to Board Game Geek if you wish for more information.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Saturday, April 28, 2018

This Scale is Broken Challenge Week #6

Hello everyone well it's week 6 and still wasting away.

Starting Weight: 231.49lb
Previous Weeks Weight: 216.05lb
This Weeks Weight: 212.11lb
Total weight lost: 19.38lb
Percentage: 8.4

LOST: 3.941lb this week!

Not much to report.  Had my weekly doctors checkup, she roused at my wife for putting on weight and marvelled at my loss of 1.5kg from the week before.

As usual I post me weekly update for This Scale is Broken.

YouTube Link for my weekly reporting.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Friday, April 27, 2018

Why I Play Board Games?

On the 25 April 2018 The Brothers Murph Channel on YouTube posted a video where Mike talked about why he plays board games and at the end asked others to reply.
The Brothers Murph YouTube LINK

I'm rather enjoying this whole video blogging experience and decided yet again to make a video!

Here is the link to my YouTube channel below:
John's Why I Play Board Games Video

If you don't want to watch my madness on screen you can read my script, but I did of course go "off script" as most "actors" do!

Mike Murphy asks “Why I play board games?”

My reply!

I play board games first and foremost for the social interaction.  When I turn up at my local club to play a game I’m looking for people to socialise with.  This means communicating first and foremost, reading a person body language and hearing their voice tone.  This is so much different than text messaging and emails, which lack that capacity to impart empathy or to understand it.  Sitting around a table with people I can interact and feel part of a group and connect with humanity which for the most part I am severed from in my daily life.

While many people can see board games as a teaching tool I see board games as a mechanism for people who have disorders which hamper them from social interactions.  I know that a number of institutions that deal with social anxiety and disorders associated with interpersonal interactions have used board games as a learning tool in some programmes.  This is a positive use for games and should be encouraged.

During most games you will be discussing many things not always related to the game.  This opens up many opportunities for people to develop friendships outside of initial contact, or develop networks of contacts to other organisations that may share similar interests with individuals – not always related to gaming; for example park running.  So many things may come up during the progress of a game.

Back to my desire to play games, I play anything that the group decides upon.  I have no preference, I don’t like or hate and particular style or theme or game. I will willingly play anything if there are enough people who want to play.  Of course if there is just the odd person out I’ll play whatever two player game is available as well regardless of its merit.

Do I care if it’s the latest Kickstarter? No.  What if it’s a game from 30 years ago, will you give it a go? Of course I will.  New, old, simple, complex has little or no meaning to me as long as someone is able to guide me along in playing the game.  I’m not worried about winning or losing.  I confess I do get a little touchy if I perceive being picked upon because I’m not a competitive player amongst a school of sharks, but I honestly try really hard not to let it get to me, but sometimes it not easy.

So to end my reply of why I play board games it would be:

To get as much social interaction with people as possible doing something that I enjoy with as little prejudice when a choice is offered. 

Might I also say that nursing homes are not the only places that are filled with lonely people?

Thank you for your time.
The Hon. John

Monday, April 23, 2018

Sorting Records

Been one of those melancholic days, didn't know what to do.  Was wandering about and saw the crates of old records.  I've been "rewarding" myself with some tunes from the past in recent days, so I decided, rather than dig through the crates every time trying to find something to listen to, how about sorting them by artist.  Cracking idea I thought, cracking indeed said my back as I lifted them.  Ouch.

I'm practising my YouTubing so you poor readers now get to listen to my horrible accented Australian english.  My days of proper english are gone, I've lived among barbarians too long now!  :)

Record Collection Part One

The Catalogue
Record Collection Part Two

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Saturday, April 21, 2018

This Scale is Broken Challenge Week #5

I'm back on track, lost the weight I gained.

Starting Weight: 231.49lb
Previous Weeks Weight: 218.26lb
This Weeks Weight: 216.05lb
Total weight lost: 13.23lb
Percentage: 6.7

LOST: 2.21lb this week!

I need to either stay where I am, which my belt is telling me is my lowest setting - yes!  OR keep loosing more weight, which considering I'm not actively exercising concerns my doctors.  Not me.

For entertainment, here's a picture of me from the past.  Sput Ingra from Ace Annerly posted it last night and it generated quite a storm of to and fro as some of us attempted to remember the past.  From the Australian White Dwarf #241.

Australian White Dwarf #241

Monday, April 16, 2018

Video Blogging

Yes I have started YouTubing now.  Nothing flash, and not for cash.  I started this intitially to support my friend Dan Hughes and his Podcast This Game is Broken when he and two other cast members decided to challenge each other and lose weight.  Out of this came the facebook group This Scale is Broken.

I present a weekly update of what members have been up to, hopefully with a bit of whit, not that I've been booed off stage yet.

Example of Weekly Update for This Scale is Broken Challenge

I'm branching out and tackling a few other topics I've touched on in written articles.  The first I've done is Growing Old.

Growing Old YouTube Link

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Saturday, April 14, 2018

This Scale is Broken Challenge Week #4

I have the weirdest metabolism.  I was down to 94kg on Thursday, saw my doctor on Friday morning for my weekly checkup (she makes sure my corpse is still walking, bits haven't fallen off) and I weighed fully clothed 101kg.  Come Saturday night just before bed I weighed myself, 100kg, this morning 99kg.  So I'm rather efficiently getting my body to eat away at itself inconsistently at best.

I purchased a set of electronic scales which fail to register on a photo, so no photo this time.

Starting Weight: 231.49lb
Previous Weeks Weight: 216.05lb
This Weeks Weight: 218.26lb
Total weight lost: 13.23lb
Percentage: 5.7

GAINED: 2.21lb this week!

Better result next week.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Friday, April 13, 2018

Stuffed Fables

Source: BGG

Source: BGG

My game library increases by another title.  This is an enchanting appearing game, as to when I will get the chance to play it I have no idea.  My children are all adult and living busy lives away from the family home these days.  I'll test the water at the club when it resumes in June, but I'm not expecting much in the way of enthusiasm, but I could be wrong.  Maybe grandchildren... one day.

The components are brilliant I have to say. Presentation and the models spot on.  Certainly well worth the purchase if you intend buying one.  One of those games I think that I'd have regretted not owning some years in the future when it wasn't easily available I think.

More information on the game can be found at Board Game Geek link HERE

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Saturday, April 7, 2018

This Scale is Broken Challenge Post #3

I continue on my journey to lose weight, though I confess it is not by exercise, well some at least.

My medication has been a significant contributor to the drop in weight, it's given be a case of Saint Vitus's Dance, which means my legs are constantly on the move - who needs those expensive exercise machines that stimulate the muscles.  The other effect is a lose of appetite, I go out, the wife asks me what I want, I pass.  We go grocery shopping, she asks what do you feel like getting, I can't make my mind up, I pass.  So I'm not eating a lot, but I am still eating one meal a day - typical minimum three vegetables and some form of meat or poultry.  No sweets generally - though perhaps on the odd occasion when BSL too low.

Starting Weight: 231.49lb
Previous Weeks Weight: 218.26lb
This Weeks Weight: 216.05lb
Total weight lost: 15.44lb
Percentage: 6.7

Blind Pig Games Club Meet 7th April

Numbers were light today.  It's school holidays, there is also the Commonwealth Games to contend with and some people may have either attended events or decided to avoid the weekend traffic issues.  Nevertheless the faithful did attend and laughs and games did ensue.

I managed to play three games today, one new - Onitama and two old faithfuls - Unfair and Scythe.

Source: BGG
When the club is first set up Pat and I are usually the first ones there and as such we look for a two player game that is quick enough to play and finish before Paul turns up with the clubs tables and terrain.  Today's game was Onitama.  As we played some of the regulars arrived, we had set up the tables, a new attendee appeared, but throughout it all the simplicity of the game won Pat's interest as well as Jason's.  I'll leave people to review the BGG link for a better explanation of the game, suffice to say it was very well received.  I managed to win this game, a lucky win.
Opinion: Thumbs up.

Four player game of Unfair (minus camera operator!)
Unfair is a popular game with many of the members at the club and when a go to game is looked for, it is one that can usually be chosen with not too many quibbles.  Most have played it, know the rules and mechanics enough that a game can be played fairly quickly.  The new comer Raph was encouraged to play even though he explained he was more than likely going to have to leave at some point during play.  This was not a problem, the club is accommodating, we like to welcome everyone, especially new people.  Hopefully Raph will return to another meeting in the very near future.

158 Pat (WINNER)
130 Michael
116 John
??? Raph (though we thought that had he played to the end he would or may have even have won!)

Four player game of Scythe (again minus me!)
Scythe is another popular game with members of the board game playing members of the club.  The fact that the factions random boards each play make each game unpredictable (unless you luck out and drawn the same combination).  Paul had not played Scythe before and I believe he finished the game by placing the final star (much to the satisfaction of all concerned, it was a long day).

86 Pat (WINNER)
64 Michael
52 Paul
30 John

At the end of the day Pat was the board game champion winning two of the three games he participated in, well done!

Other games in play today were:



Warhammer Fantasy Battles
The club now has a small hiatus due to hall bookings and the next Blind Pig Meeting will not be until 9th June 2018.  I hope that to see many of you there then.

BrisCon 2018

Just a reminder that BrisCon 2018 is happening 28 April - 29 April at the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre, Windsor.  More details can be found here by following this LINK to see what events are being hosted on the days.  Be quick as events may already be filled.

BP Laser at BrisCon 2018 and Kickstarter News

BP Laser will have the shop at BrisCon 2018, if you have any specific orders and wish to pick up your order at the event then please contact them at their website to make any arrangements.  Here is the LINK to BP Lasers website.

I'd also like to share Paul's message about his Kickstarter project he's kicking off with soon.  This was posted on the BP Laser facebook page.

So... It starts.
I have some bad news, and some good news..... and a cry for help :)

First the bad news:
I am removing the corridor set from the the store and it will no longer be available.

The good news: BPLASER will be running its first Kickstarter, involving, (of course),The Corridor Set, and a huge amount of add ons. (Extra rooms , Scenery, Furniture).
I am also hoping to add a spaceship corridor set into the mix, with specialised rooms, i.e. Bridge, Cargo holds, Shuttle bays etc.

Over the last 3 months we have been putting in an enormous amount of work, designing, prototyping and cutting the new products for the corridor set.

I have been showing the new stuff at the Blind Pig Games Club, and I will have more on display there on the 7th of April.

When does it start?
The plan is, to start the the kick starter around the end of April, to coincide with Briscon2018, and run until the end of May. 
I intend to have it fully funded at $3000, and add ons will be themed rooms and accessories, as well as the individual Corridor pieces.Hopeful we will get some interest and then I will be cutting, cutting, cutting. :)

The Base set:
6 x 200mm Rooms.
2 x 300mm Corridor sections.
7 x 150mm Corridor sections.
6 x 150mm Twin door sections.
2 x 150mm T Intersection pieces.
2 x 4 way Intersection pieces.
4 x 90 deg Corner sections.
10 x Pressure door kits.
1 x Main door.
1 x Elevator section.
1 x Spacer pack containing 6 x 23mm, 4 x 50mm and 3 x 94mm spacers.
15 x corridor blank ends.
And approx 300 card additions to add detail to the sets.

This is enough to cover a 4' x 4' table.

This has turned out to be an huge project ... So now I'm asking for all of your help in letting your friends, gaming groups and local gaming stores know that a multi genera corridor set is coming on Kickstarter at the end of April. This project can only be a success if people know about it. 
If you have a favourite gaming podcast or web group, Let me know so I can let them know, or let them know yourselves... Any and all help is deeply appreciated. :)

If you have any questions, post below and I will answer then as soon as I can.
I will start posting pictures over the next couple of days to give an idea of the set.

I think that's about it?

Thanks all
Paul Lindsay.

Well that's about all the news from the club for today.  Until June.
The Hon. John.