Friday, April 27, 2018

Why I Play Board Games?

On the 25 April 2018 The Brothers Murph Channel on YouTube posted a video where Mike talked about why he plays board games and at the end asked others to reply.
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I'm rather enjoying this whole video blogging experience and decided yet again to make a video!

Here is the link to my YouTube channel below:
John's Why I Play Board Games Video

If you don't want to watch my madness on screen you can read my script, but I did of course go "off script" as most "actors" do!

Mike Murphy asks “Why I play board games?”

My reply!

I play board games first and foremost for the social interaction.  When I turn up at my local club to play a game I’m looking for people to socialise with.  This means communicating first and foremost, reading a person body language and hearing their voice tone.  This is so much different than text messaging and emails, which lack that capacity to impart empathy or to understand it.  Sitting around a table with people I can interact and feel part of a group and connect with humanity which for the most part I am severed from in my daily life.

While many people can see board games as a teaching tool I see board games as a mechanism for people who have disorders which hamper them from social interactions.  I know that a number of institutions that deal with social anxiety and disorders associated with interpersonal interactions have used board games as a learning tool in some programmes.  This is a positive use for games and should be encouraged.

During most games you will be discussing many things not always related to the game.  This opens up many opportunities for people to develop friendships outside of initial contact, or develop networks of contacts to other organisations that may share similar interests with individuals – not always related to gaming; for example park running.  So many things may come up during the progress of a game.

Back to my desire to play games, I play anything that the group decides upon.  I have no preference, I don’t like or hate and particular style or theme or game. I will willingly play anything if there are enough people who want to play.  Of course if there is just the odd person out I’ll play whatever two player game is available as well regardless of its merit.

Do I care if it’s the latest Kickstarter? No.  What if it’s a game from 30 years ago, will you give it a go? Of course I will.  New, old, simple, complex has little or no meaning to me as long as someone is able to guide me along in playing the game.  I’m not worried about winning or losing.  I confess I do get a little touchy if I perceive being picked upon because I’m not a competitive player amongst a school of sharks, but I honestly try really hard not to let it get to me, but sometimes it not easy.

So to end my reply of why I play board games it would be:

To get as much social interaction with people as possible doing something that I enjoy with as little prejudice when a choice is offered. 

Might I also say that nursing homes are not the only places that are filled with lonely people?

Thank you for your time.
The Hon. John

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