Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Starts

October is usually a very important month for me. It marks two very important dates, and as such I'll list these two in chronological order.

On the 12th October 1985, Michelle Debra Green was married to John Anthony McDonnell.

On the 26th October it is my wifes birthday.

This October is a special celebration as it marks 25 years of marriage for us. I've dug out the wedding photo's and will post some of them on this blog and facebook to express how lucky an ugly impoverished Peer as myself managed to snagged such a beautiful wife (and certainly the title wasn't the clincher).

I have had the professionals who look after my fractured mind tell me how remarkable my relationship is in this day and age. With so many broken marriages and defacto relationships being almost the norm - I'm truely blessed with this unbroken union. Many of my friends never married, or seperated early in their marriages, even my sister went through two marriages during this time. I've outlived some really close friends who I still mourne to this day.

Of course Michelle has her birthday as well to celebrate and while she won't tell anyone her age, she was younger than me when we wed.

So October is THE month of special celebrations.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Terrain Work

I've been in terrain making mode and due to my laziness I have managed to poison myself. While my life is short term, I don't really worry too much about doing the right thing when it comes to health and safety. So my lungs are burning with paint fumes and I'm somewhat nauseous from burning foam cuttings. Yet for all of this I', happy with the terrain that I've built for the Uncharted Seas event.

I've only a few more pieces to make now and I'll have at least 4 tables worth of terrain to add to those that Bec has done. I'd have to say that Bec is the best terrain maker that I know, her attention to detail and professional end result make gaming on her tables a joy. I feel the poor apprentice compared to the master.

So tomorrow (Wednesday) will be my last scheduled day for terrain. I've now got to go and get some storage boxes to put all the terrain in. After that it's back to painting figures, namely Gremlins for Sam.

I'm all at sea at present as to what to watch while I work. I was watching the Slayers anime, but I've grown rather despondent over it's story line etc, not one of my better purchases. I've still to watch the last season of Stargate Atlantis, but I've really lost any enthusiasm for the series. I'm after Fringe Season 2, hoping for more Warehouse 13, and desperatly desperatly hoping that Season 3 of Sanctuary is better than Season 2.

My audio listening has stopped as my son has acquired my iPod dock. Must go and see what new books have hit the list.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Saturday Update

Time flys when you are having fun.

I've made inroads into making a lot of island terrain for Uncharted Seas. My only concern is that it almost looks like I could use it for other systems, which on the whole may not be too bad. I guess that I am just a fussy chap when it comes to doing things.

Sam came and went on Friday, taking away his first lot of Gremlins and leaving me with more than enough to keep me happy. I'll just need to sit down and consider what terrain ideas to use for his Gremlins. I do try to make each of them unique, but I'm feeling I'm running out of options.

Peace and quiet for the last two days has been broken by the return of my daughter from her two day girl friend stay over. My cats have gone into hiding again.

Currently storing all my music CDs on my PC now. Don't know how many I've done, but I've used up 27G to do so and I'm only 1/10 of the way there. Damn this new technology. Mind you I'll never give up my hard copy books for ebooks. Why? Because in the end if the whole world goes pear shape and power supplies dry up, my books will still function. All praise the printed word.

Well I'm off to see if my terrain has dried.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's News!

School holidays and my children have driven me mad already.

My daughter blew out my download capacity in one day and night. She's now banned for eternity (or until hell freezes over).

I've been finishing off a number of projects sitting on my table. I struggled over my Phoenix Guard, the 20 took me over a week to complete (normally that would only be a days work). Sadly I've not rapt with the result, but they're done and are now in the cabinet, where they will be forgotten about.

I was lucky to have Bec from Blind Pig come over today and carve up some MDF for me for terrain projects. I'm building a whole lot of islands and water features for an Uncharted Seas tournament I'm running in October. Should be good. I'm certainly enjoying myself with this project and it's set a different pace for me.

Been working on some Malifaux for Sam and that's been fun. I confess that I'm addicted to Gremlins. They are just so much fun.

So that's it for the moment.



Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Rest of the Crew

Yea! I got the camera working... sort of. Enjoy!

Camera Woes

I just don't know what's wrong. Sometimes my camera works like a charm, the next it's real crappy! I was going to post some shots of the rest of Ophelia's Crew but they were so blurred that I gave up. I think that I did a really good job on the Gremlins and want them to shine on this site.

If anyone can recommend a good (and affordable) camera that can do the job of photographing small figures then let me know.


Kirai Crew

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wargaming World

I've added as a link on my sidebar to Wargaming World.

I really like this website and forum, and as you will gather from my input there I post a lot of my interests etc there.

So do yourself a favour and join the forum.

Just a small prick!

Doctors today. Injections today. I'm now sick!

Not much to report. Well, actually even though I've not been that well I have been pottering around in my Lair. I've finished four warcasters for my Retribution and Lord Chompy Bits which you can see various stages of progress below. I will try and get a better photo of the troops, as the shots really don't do the model any justice.

I also finished my War Rocket Valkeeri. Wasn't very imaginative with the paint design and copied the style that the Valkeeri have from Hydra Miniatures. Look good though, but need more ships?

Kirai's Crew is almost done, just Kirai to do and that will be them out of the way.

Ophelia's Crew is next and I've decided on using the Western style bases from Fiendish Fabrications. Might even do some tumbleweeds if I can get them right (I have it in my mental picture, but it doesn't always work out when you put it into practice).

Well I'm off to pop some more painkillers and contemplate the meaning of life!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kirai Ankoko - Resurrectionist Crew

Lots of fun, nice models. The basing had to be "bamboo", so tooth picks came to the rescue. More as I progress along.

The Dreamer

Here's the last part of Lord Chompy Bits.

I decided to warp the lamp post into an attack position to reflect The Dreamers ability to warp reality. Simple concept and I think that it does the job.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lord Chompy Bits Part 3

The next stage was some flames at the base of the models feet. I used Ogre Flesh wash for the "final" stage. I applied Gryphonne Sepia to the bone and teeth sections of the model. A better shot will be provided in the next few days that will show the model in its finished stage.

Lord Chompy Bits Part 2

Here is the next stage of Chompy. He's been undercoated black for a base coat. I've then used Dwarf Flesh, highlighted with Elf Flesh and then a final highlight of skull white.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Father's Day

Well it's Fathers Day. Not a big day for me. Our fiscal policy hasn't allowed us much in the way of any presents so I', just going to potter about in my Lair.

Yesterday I received my Lord Chompy Bits model from my good friends at LDP, THANKS MARK & JULIET.

What a massive model and what a massive job it's going to be to solve the huge gaps in the model.

It's almost 9am here, so I'm letting the pieces dry before moving on with the project.

The Geoff Jose Memorial Warhammer Tournament

The Geoff Jose Memorial Warhammer Tournament

It was a fun day of three rounds. Thankfully all three of my opponents were excellent chaps and I enjoyed myself even though I got done like a dinner in each round. I think that compared to anyone else there I think that I’d have had to have had the worst luck when it came to die rolls, and here’s why!

Round one: 0-20
Opponent: Pat, Empire
Turn 1, yes turn 1 it all turned pear shape. Pat’s lowly unit of Pistoliers dropped my Lion Chariot of Chrace, causing Panic tests on my Generals Unit of Dragon Princes and a Great Eagle. I failed these tests in spectacular fashion. I thought I was planning a safe strategy by moving up with a terrain feature to secure my flank. Sadly from there my Dragon Princes had nowhere to retreat from (it being a piece of impenetrable terrain) and I lost 677 points in the blink of an eye. The Great Eagle sailed off the table.
Turn 2, it doesn’t get any better. My Silver Helms, not wanting to be run over by the Steam Tank failed to flee far enough away before it to was destroyed.
I then had a small trick of fate where Pat suffered similar adverse combats. In Turn 3 his Knights were rolled into impenetrable terrain and perished, and his General mounted on a Griffon sailed off the table, having failed his rally.
I would have to say that Pat’s unit of Pistoliers (which finally routed in the last turn) raked up a goodly body count. I lost every unit.

Round two: 3-17
Opponent: Jamie, Wood Elves
A game of horrible die rolls. Nothing stood out as badly as the first game, but it was another white wash. I only had my unit of Silver Helms and Lion Chariot of Chrace left on the table at turn 6.

Round three: 3-17
Opponent: Conor, Dwarfs
A horrible, horrible game.
Turn 1 my Mage casts his spell Flames of the Phoenix and miscasts, I then roll snake eyes for the miscast and watch my wizard go up in smoke, taking two of his mates with him. This was not a good augury of things to come.
Turn 2 my Silver Helms attacked Conor’s unit of Hammers, came off second best, routed and was run down by the stunty buggers.
My Lothern Sea Guard proved to be nothing more than target practice for his gunners.
The Dwarf Miners that loitered around till turn 5 managed to mince the Archer Unit in a crush between it and the Hammers that continued to surge forward.
In the end I only had my three characters and the Bolt Thrower left.

So having put this event away I can now concentrate on my Uncharted Seas Event in October.

Now I’m going to have a rest, I got rather exhausted by the day. I’m going to pop my feet up on the couch, settle down to reading Malifaux Rising Powers and War Rocket, while I multitask with my family, TV and my cats.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friday Update

On Wednesday I got my parcel from Phoenix Forge, in it were a lot of goodies I ordered. Malifaux. Having had a read of the Rising Powers supplement I was chuffed and enthused. With the book came my new Malifaux crew boxes, Ophelia, Colette and Leveticus.

First thing I wanted to do was jump right in and start painting the new figures. However I have about 30 Retribution figures sitting on the table that really need to be finished. I decided that I'd have a better look at the figures and then decide how I'd base them, while I finish the Retribution. I decided to finish the Elves rather than jump ship and paint what I really really wanted to paint. It's hard, because I take a break every couple of hours to rest the old eyeballs and during that time I read the Rising Powers book.

Also in the delivery was my War Rocket rules and some figures (THANK YOU LUKE), which will get me started on my way to building fleets. The Valkeeri (warrior women) have nicely shaped ships that I think will be a joy to paint. So stay tuned for some pictures and updates in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow is the Geoff Jose Memorial Tournament and I shall be trotting out my High Elves for the first time in probably five years. Haven't played a game of WFB since 2005 (I think) so I expect to be hammered. But for me it's what the tournament is about, remembering Geoff, and while I didn't know him apart from passing, it's important that memorials are remembered, that they not be passing fads. So I'm going to have fun, can't give a toss about the rules, I'll muddle through one way or the other.

Till later.