Monday, September 27, 2010

Terrain Work

I've been in terrain making mode and due to my laziness I have managed to poison myself. While my life is short term, I don't really worry too much about doing the right thing when it comes to health and safety. So my lungs are burning with paint fumes and I'm somewhat nauseous from burning foam cuttings. Yet for all of this I', happy with the terrain that I've built for the Uncharted Seas event.

I've only a few more pieces to make now and I'll have at least 4 tables worth of terrain to add to those that Bec has done. I'd have to say that Bec is the best terrain maker that I know, her attention to detail and professional end result make gaming on her tables a joy. I feel the poor apprentice compared to the master.

So tomorrow (Wednesday) will be my last scheduled day for terrain. I've now got to go and get some storage boxes to put all the terrain in. After that it's back to painting figures, namely Gremlins for Sam.

I'm all at sea at present as to what to watch while I work. I was watching the Slayers anime, but I've grown rather despondent over it's story line etc, not one of my better purchases. I've still to watch the last season of Stargate Atlantis, but I've really lost any enthusiasm for the series. I'm after Fringe Season 2, hoping for more Warehouse 13, and desperatly desperatly hoping that Season 3 of Sanctuary is better than Season 2.

My audio listening has stopped as my son has acquired my iPod dock. Must go and see what new books have hit the list.

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