Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Give it a read.

The British Soldier in the Age of the Horse and Musket
Richard Holmes
466 pages

I picked this book up at my local second hand book seller. I paid a miserly $11 for the book which sold for $22.95 in 2002.

I found the book to be easy to read and the style that Richard Holmes uses makes the book a good read. I could prattle on for ages, but I'm still working my way through the book. It has made me look at my Prussians (in 25/28mm scale) again, which will of course make my sparing partner Andrew Ross very happy.

While I'm on the period of Napoleonic's Phil Barker has made available the rules which I use (along with many others). Check the freewargamesrules.co.uk and look for the ones by WRG.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

September Madness Prices

For the month of September I'm offering a special on my services.

For each model I paint I will only charge $4 plus a figurine. The equivalent exchange will apply for the model. ie a 28mm figure for a 28mm figure, vehicle for a vehicle.

For example a squad of 10 marines would cost you $40 plus 10 models.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday Update

Slogging through a number of tasks at present.

1. Clean my game table down.

At present the table is used as a generic storage facility. On this I dump finished items of interest. This usually means, DVDs, folders, mail and so forth. There are even some models on the table. I've therefore managed to consolodate papers to keep in one huge precarious pile (seriously in danger of toppling if the table is bumped). It's there until I can determine where I can store said papers.

2. Tax Time

Part of the above was the need to find a number of important papers to solve my Tax puzzle. Starting to find all the pieces, but have serious doubts about how it all goes together. Well, there is always tomorrow.

3. Fringe

While the above is going on I am watching Fringe. Perhaps I should really say listen, as I've watched the series a few times already. A great series that I'm hoping Season 2 comes out soon for me to purchase. Heck it might even be out already but sadly my funds are extinct at present so it will be a wait I think.

4. Retribution of Scrye

On top of all of the above, I'm still painting my Retribution.
I've polished off:
Dawnguard Invictors (10 model unit) and the Officer and Standard for them.
Dawnguard Sentinels (10 model unit) and the Officer and Standard for them.

I settled for Mithril Silver (GW range) as the base for all models. I've then applied a Thraka Green Wash (GW range) over the model. After they dried I've then drybrushed Mithril Silver again over the model. This has achieved a greenish tinge to the armour which I've then applied Skull White (GW range) to parts to highlight and contrast the effects. With their basing they aren't looking too bad.

I"m sure that there is more to be done.

Still in hospital two days a weeks.

Waiting for the new Malifaux, War Rocket, Lord Chompy Bits and a few other items. I'm a patient man, they are on their way and will get to me sooner or later. I trust my suppliers.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Retribution of Scyrah - Update

I've started to assemble the models.

I really do like the stances and moulds of this range. However! Yes there is always a "however". I've had two bugbears with the assembly process.

1. Mage Hunter Strike Force
These would most likely be my favourite models from the range. The only fiddly bit that drove me mad, layered my fingers with superglue was the crossbows. Fiddly, fiddly and damn it all to heck fiddly. Trying to match the arrows/quarrels and balance the cross section with such a small surface was time consuming and annoying. In the end patience won out and they are now all assembled. They are my favourite at present.

2. Dawnguard Sentinels
The packer of my figures decided that the swords should be packed into the smallest compartment in the plastic blister box. Every sword was bent at the hand join, and the arms were twisted horribly. It has taken me about and hour to sort out the mess and at present only one model has had his sword irretrievably broken. I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle this one yet. I may break the sword and attach the smaller section to the hands (in the hope of it sticking) and placing the shards at his feet. One other has a dodgy join which I saturated with glue in the hope of it gelling, but I'm not hopeful. The whole arm sword section was not in my opinion a great cast, I had to guess which arm poses best matched the model. In the end patience won out and they are now all done.

Only the warcasters to assemble now and two more heavy warjacks. Then it's decision time as to whether or not I go for the white look that PP have given the faction. I really do dislike white, and it's the hardest colour for me with the lest numbers of successful applications. I'm thinking a high shine light silver will be the go. Time will tell.



Monday, August 23, 2010

Joys and woes of laminating

My friend James got in for me some laminate pouches to protect some of the cards I use for my games. I am a novice when it comes to this laminating lark and had to ask some advice to get the best results.

The best results I got were from the advice I received from James.

1. Let the laminator run for 30 minutes. Don't start when the little light comes on saying you can start laminating.
2. Run the item through the laminator a few times. I found four times the best.

So thanks James, the results have come out trumps.

Retribution of Scyrah - New Project

Call me mad, but when you feel absolutely crap what do you do? You start a new project. That new project is Retribution of Scyrah.

I've had these figures sitting in a box since the beginning of the year (or thereabouts) and have decided that seeing I can't get any Circle of Orboros I'll just have to settle on what I actually have.

So I'm in a frenzy of assembling now. Lots of infantry types to assemble, only 6 warjacks at present. Need to have a few games with this faction before I start lashing out on additional models. (Not that that is really a deterrent)

I must say that the models are very nice. I feel that this is an army I may decide to paint differently than any other. I shall paint one figure at a time rather than using the batch system. I think that the quality of figures needs a truely awesome paint job to go with them. Time will tell if I get any further.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What do you do when you have to many interests?

It's a question I ask myself every time I enter the Lair.

I currently game at the Blind Pig these days. It's close, it's friendly and the venue is top notch. The BP meet twice a month, and at present I'm there from 9ish to 4ish. So that's 7 hours or 14 hours a month to play games.

So I ask myself what do I play?

My interests are as broad as my girth and height. I'm really interested in "off the beaten track" game genres. For instance I have a large collection of Wild West figures (a left over passion from QGMC), and Piratical figures. Add to this my Vietnam and 20's Gangsters and you're starting to get the picture.

To make matters worse a particular hobby business keeps showing me lots of shiney new toys and I'm off on a tanget again.

So I come back to that all important question.

What do you plan to play in that 14 hour time slot for the month?

Will what you take with you get any takers to participate in a game?

Do you go with mediocrity and play what everyone else is (which isn't a bad thing, don't get me wrong) playing?

There really isn't any answer to those questions.

Eden all finished.

All the figures from my Eden collection are now finished. If it were not for the fact that it is now raining, I'd have had them varnished and done, popped away into a box or cabinet and that would be it. I'll post pictures of the Jokers shortly.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hordes of the Things 2nd Ed

Just did a gander at the free wargames website and spotted that HOTT2 is available for download.


For those who may be interested.

What I found!

The clean up revealed more than anticipated!

I have been attempting to find an army I had built some time back for a WFB tournament. I had built a (and I can't remember the exact army title) zombie army from the Lustrian Coast. Had a vampire leader that was mad from memory. Lots of zombies. Of course the poor old army doesn't really have a life now so its time to convert to HOTT. Lots of horde bases at 1AP each and the always comes back rule makes them good. Not sure what I will use the hand cannons for, might make them shooters at 2AP each. The undead ogres I may use as behemoths. Anyway the undead HOTT army will now have more options available for it than you can poke a stick at.

Young Luke brought his copy of War Rocket to the club and I had a quick read of it. Looking good in my opinion. I've decided that Valkeeri (warrior women) and Zenithian (saucer people) are my choice of races. Fleets are modestly priced and rather decent casts (of those I've seen). I'm hoping that it will take off with some of the people I know. However there is just so much out there now that it's very hard deciding what to bring and play at the club. Due to my health I only get to go to the club twice a month and it's hard deciding just what to play. For instance Firestorm Armada vs War Rocket. Which these will gain a toe hold amongst players? Uncharted Seas doesn't have a problem, as there is no one else out there that has anything in competition. Warheads and Eden, have an interest, but with the new Malifaux out soon, I think that Malifaux will reign supreme.

Another item of interest that I'll have to invest in will be Pulp City. I'm even looking at my massive Heroclix collection (of spares) and deciding what can "die" for the glory of proxy. Certainly save a bit of money. Must print the rule book and actually give it a read to understand what might be needed.

Of for another round now. Had a short break (doing this), but it's back to work.

Working Sunday

After an uplifting day of games at the Blind Pig on Saturday I have entered the Lair to sort through everything that is there. So what does this mean? Well it means moving a lot of boxes from one side of the Lair to the other. Simple!

Problem though is that once I started I found myself "finding" those little gems that I had hidden. Thankfully I found no corpses, which was good. I always make sure that I hide them skeletons real good.

I can now, sort of, reach most of my armies now that I am in resurrection mode. I found boxes full of Warzone, Flintlock, 15mm Ancients to name but a few. I even found some pirate ships from the Pirates of the Carribean range that I was planning on using. Still an idea, still gathering dust, but it will happen one day.

So it's back to the Lair, and who knows what....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What have I been up to!

It's been a time of reflective pragmatism. I've looked at a lot of the figures and games I have and I've made a few "hard" decisions about their future.

No it's not as bad as you might think. I'm just recycling my figures into other rule sets and getting more value for investment.

So as I've said previously, a lot of my WFB figures are being converted to HOTT armies. I've now started to look at all sorts of other games as well. I have for instance a fare few Warzone figures that are painted (and just as many unpainted) that will soon be finding themselves utlised in a rather surprising enterprise.

From a painting perspective I've been working on my Eden figures and they are now all finished. Just some basing and a few highlights and they are done.

Next project might be Vietnam or Pulp City. I recently received the last of some figures I have been waiting on, and I'm rather keen to do something different. I've some 1:48 scale 'copters and vehicles to add to this. Time will tell.

Pulp City might be another vice that may snag me.

Catch you all later, I'm off to paint.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

PAINTED FIGURES - Uncharted Seas - Iron Dwarves

My Uncharted Seas Dwarves. Decided that the Thanaris Elves and the Iron Dwarves will be the two fleets I shall collect in earnest.

Want to Trade Legion of Everblight for Circle of Orboros

I have these Legion models for trade. A starter box and an additional model.

Want To Trade Skorne for Circle of Orboros

I have these painted figures, basically the Skorne starter and an additional model. Looking for Circle in trade.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Death of Warhammer and the Birth of Fantasy

For a long time now I guess I have been going through the reflex motion of having to have complete armies and ranges. Sadly with the economy going the way that it is and the fact that certain companies refuse to give value for money I have come to the regretable decision to economise!

So this means that I will now only concentrate on those armies and ranges that truely appeal to me, and not just collect for the sake of collecting. After all there would be very few people in Brisbane I think who can match me for the diversity of games I have. In the end I have rooms full of games and figures that are not doing a hell of a lot. Fads come and go, and sadly so do those who claim my friendship. I find that the older I get in this mortal shell the fewer people I have surround me who share my passion for games. Certainly there are none that match me in kindred spirit.

So Warhammer Fantasy Battles is the first of many games that are now in the throws of conversion. I intend to only keep a few of my more complete armies and convert the rest into HOTT armies. A far better system, less die rolls, no complicated army list, and its easy on the pocket book.

First one to die for the glory of resurrection was my Tomb King army. It has now become a Undead army for HOTT.