Saturday, August 16, 2014

Heroquest, Advanced Heroquest, Warhammer Quest - call it what you want.

Thanks to my friend Michael S and Mantic with the Dungeon Saga dungeon crawler style game I have been searching through my collection, trying to find everything I have and working out what I want.

It was not an easy task.  More frustration than success and I realise there are gaps in my collections.

I was generally surprised that I had most of these figures.

The four heroes, off for a bath in Dettol and a new paint scheme.

Damn, 2 short of the 20.  Off to be stripped and a new paint scheme.
I need 2 more of these models to complete the set.
Willing to pay AUS$3 if painted, maybe AUS$5 is fresh on/off sprue
While searching for shields I found the original shields
for the slot version of the Skaven shown above.

Henchmen.  Now I see from the photo above they have a shield.
No slot like the skaven for a shield to be placed.
I do have spare shields that should rectify this problem.

I require 2 more of these figures.
Willing to pay AUS$3 if painted, maybe AUS$5 is fresh on/off sprue.

I require 6 of these figures.
Willing to pay AUS$3 if painted, maybe AUS$5 is fresh on/off sprue
Honestly I had hordes of these models, but need to have survived the years.

I require 6 of these figures.
Willing to pay AUS$3 if painted, maybe AUS$5 is fresh on/off sprue

I require 12 of these.  Yes I have enough from the AHQ set,
but I'm trying to complete each game as a seperate project.
People may wonder why I have requested a price I'm willing to pay.  Yes these figures are out of production but they are far from rare.  I really can only consider Australia sellers as the postage costs from overseas breaks the price expectation, I'm sure my UK friends won't part with them for 50p just to offset the postage drama.

Blind Pig Games Club - 16th August 2014

Rain, rain go away, come again another day.
Yes it rained but in the end we had 36 people (maybe a few more we missed) who turned up for the day.
Pat, our Master of the Keys was sick today so setting up was a little later than usual, but in the end all good.

Games in play today were:

Dystopian Wars (thanks to Peter F for coming along and keeping the flame of a very much fun game alive)
Battle Fleet Gothic
Warhammer 40K
Warhammer Fantasy Battles (must ask Tim what the result was)
A Game of Thrones LCG
Dungeon Saga (test play of Alpha rules from Mantic - yes it is fun!)
Marvel Dice Game (not sure the exact name)
Lords of Waterdeep (yes, a rare occassion by I, John McD, actually won the game, yes everyone is still wondering how)
Sentinels of the Multiverse

Next meet is 13th September 2014, remember that it will be the Geoff Jose Memorial Warmachine Tournament. As far as I am aware the day will be devoted to the event, so other tables won't be available for other game play. (Paul may speak further on this)

Below are pictures from the day.

A Game of Thrones LCG

Dystopian Wars

Dystopian Wars

40K or was it 30K in action

40K in action

40K in action

40K in action

Lords of Waterdeep (I think being packed up) - hey I won this game!

Hall on it's way to being packed.

Dystopian Wars

Sentinels of the Multiverse (a much loved game of Allen!)

Who brought along all these boardgames?

Game of WFB.

Aaron's magnificently painted Death Guard.

More of Aaron's models.

40K - love the Knight

More 40K


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wild Wild West Building Project Part 2

Have finished the bunk house for my mate Glen.  Have now started on the farm house.

Should have taken a "selfie" of myself today.  I've got a severs case of lung rot and I had a face mask on to stop any fine particles adding to my hacking fits.

Here's the step by step photos.


The roof section for the Bunk House.  Tiles have been added (no photo though)

The frame of the farm house.

The door was originally where the fireplace is now placed.
I had a problem of the door being out of alignment,
that and the fact I had forgotten about the fireplace.

Fireplace section.

Windows added.

All windows up and in place.

Walls and floor done.

Just the roof to go (actually almost finished at time of this post)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wild Wild West Building Project

I have been asked to build some buildings for an upcoming Wild West game that will be coming up soon.

I have to produce a Farm House, Bunk House and Stable/Barn.

Here is what I have done today.  I confess that it has been a larger drain on resources than I had planned.  I think the other buildings will be shell frames with the details on the outside.  Still happy with the results.  Yes it still looks rough, but the Western buildings were not built by master builders in the days.  They were drafty, vermin infested and would not pass building codes today.

So enjoy, and look forward to more.

The starting frame.

Door frames up.

Windows.  I've used plastic craft sheets that are used for
sewing projects (minds gone blank as to the correct name).

Windows where they will be placed.

Windows up.

All windows are up.

Floor laid.

More internal walls.

The internals all done.

Window shutters inserted,

Logs for the external walls.

Front porch.

All but the roof and then a tidy up.