Friday, April 30, 2010

No rest for the wicked!


I decided that a change is always better than a holiday.

So what did I do?

I moved furniture around. Reorganised my studio. I managed to move a whole heap of stuff to another pile of stuff. Admittedly I can now maneuver around my game table without knocking over a whole lot of other stuff! Being portly has its disadvantages.

Joy of Joy! Adam from WarPuppy just delivered my order. I bought 30 packets of sleeves for my FFG's. Just as well, I got my Warrior Knights boardgame, and there are a hell of a lot of cards to sleeve. Now all I need is some hard plastic boxes to store them all in.

Tomorrow, its Blind Pig. Uncharted Seas! for starters. Then I think I'll have a few lazy games of Malifaux.

I'll be bringing a number of pieces with me tomorrow, people seem to want to see what I'm up to.


Mad Jack McMac

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mondays work

Monday has been a relatively moderate productive one.

I've surged ahead and painted up some more of my Septics. So far I have three sections painted, of 12 men a piece.

Pottered about with the resin vehicles for my Septics. I have three half-tracks, two recon jeeps and a Sherman. The resin is not the highest quality, but I think from memory I only paid about $13.50 a vehicle. Compare that to 1/48th scale cost of about $50 a model, I guess that I can't complain.

I'll post some pictures of the Septics when I can. I plan that they will be good for WWII and for my Pulp Fiction Science Fiction range. That reminds me I must paint up my flying saucers soon.

So I'm winding down for the day. Hospital tomorrow. I have a beer in my hand, my grey cat Tarra has curled up beside the computer, and life, for a short period of time, is good. Or is that the beer speaking...

New format for posting on this blog

I have decided to make a few changes on my blog.


Well people have let me know that they like my photo's but don't really care about my ramblings or drivel as one person kindly pointed out to me.

So for photo's of figures I will have as the start of the title PAINTED FIGURES.

For any short stories I write the start of the title will be SHORT STORY.

Everything else will be my usual ramblings and can be ignored at your own peril!

PAINTED FIGURES - Dad's Army - Godfry

PAINTED FIGURES - Dad's Army - Walker

PAINTED FIGURES - Dad's Army - Pike

PAINTED FIGURES - Dad's Army - Corporal Jones

PAINTED FIGURES - Dad's Army - Captain Mainwairing

PAINTED FIGURES - Dad's Army - Sgt Wilson


PAINTED FIGURES - Captain Yates & Sgt Benson

PAINTED FIGURES - 3rd Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith







PAINTED FIGURES - White Aspect Warrior

PAINTED FIGURES - White Aspect Warrior

PAINTED FIGURES - White Guardian

PAINTED FIGURES - White Eldar Warlock

PAINTED FIGURES - White eldar Warlocks

Yet more!

PAINTED FIGURES - White Eldar Warlocks

Yet more of my warlocks. These are of course dark eldar witches that I've made into eldar. The shuriken pistols are just the guns cut down to size.

PAINTED FIGURES - White Eldar Warlocks & Farseer

I painted these some time ago, and I'm afraid that I really don't rate them that highly.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not a profitable day project wise.

Nice lie in today, I got to rest until 8:30am before my little grey cat decided that singing in the shower has wonderful accoustics.

Had John Ross come visit for most of the morning. He was wondering about Doctor Who, seeing I gave him the RPG material. I had a quick dig and found my totally inadequate collection of figures. John Pertwee has and will always be my favourite Doctor. I did enjoy Tom Baker, but all the other actors just didn't cut the mustard with me. I did a check and found I had:

Doctor Who (3rd Incarnation)
Sarah Jane Smith (my personal favourite)
Brigidier Lethbridge-Stewart
Captain Yates
Sergeant Benton
About 6 UNIT troops
UNIT Bazooka Team
5 Daleks

and that's it! Pathetic isn't it! So guess who's off to have look at getting some more Doctor Who figures. I need Cybermen, Ice Warriors, Ogryns (not sure of the spelling there), Silurians, Dalek slaves, damn it, I need too many to name.

If you have any Doctor Who figures let me know, I'll do a deal.

Listened to some more Piorot.

Really enjoyed Clash of the Titans soundtrack.

Finished basing my 1st section of WWII Septics. Second one almost done, just flesh, wash and basing to go.

Still eyeing my Frogs and Turtles, so I may deviate and paint some up tomorrow.

Still have to take photo's of figures for people.

I'll also post some of my "white" eldar that I painted a long time ago. Luke wants to know how I handle white.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Work progresses

I've been whittling away at a number of projects on the table.

I've finished my first section of 12 Septics, another 12 are in stage 2 of preparation.

My frogs and turtles from Eureka arrived today and I am thrilled with the figures. I was surprised at the size of the turtles, they are quite small. The frogs though are worth their weight in gold. Excellent casts. The toad riders I'm tickled pink with. The main toad body is resin with the feet (and in the case of one toad, its tongue) made of metal.

I was pleased that a sample was provided for the forthcoming Shen figures for Empire of the Petal Throne. I love this genre, and the figures that Eureka produce have made me a very happy (if somewhat financially poor) man. Now I have to decide what rule system to base them to.

Soundtracks I like!

I've been on iTunes again, far to often of late. Apart from continuing to download my Hercule Piorot I've been tempted with some soundtracks.

I recommend the following:

Kick Ass (I loved this one, there was not one track that I did not like. The only explicit content was the voice cuts from the movie so I recond that it kick's arse!)
Clash of the Titans Actually listening to this as I type. All good so far.
Fringe (The TV series which I can not recommend any more highly than I can, top notch show)

I was dissappointed with Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and doubt that it'll be listened to much, if at all.

Looking forward to hearing if Iron Man 2 gets an album, enjoyed the first one immensely.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Madness

Still in the dark grips of dispair. Been resting, and contemplating tomorrow first day of treatment.

In between being out of it I did do little painting and work.

I've built my first lot of islands for Uncharted Seas. They are currently drying and I will paint, flock and tree/bush addition. Will have to wait until Friday before I can do anything else.

Pulp Fiction cyborg ape has been painted and based. Just a few more details to add before it is finished.

Working on Canine Remains, as well as Peacekeeper. Also started my WWII Septics.

There's nothing like having half a dozen projects on the go.

I got my TDSC figures from Battlescape this morning. I bought some time ago some Matchbox vehicles and the 20mm figures match the vehicles nicely. So you can expect some Zombie games in the coming months.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looking for someone to teach me D&D 4th Ed

I confess that I can't come to grips with the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

I'm looking for someone to guide me through the game mechanics of this edition. Roleplaying isn't an issue, I've been roleplaying since the 1970's.

If you've got the time, let me know.



Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack! That's me...., that's how I feel. I saw this movie literally decades ago. I think that it was the first movie Arnie stared in. I got it real cheap from BigW for a massive $6.95 (or there abouts).

Visiting my Second Hand Bookshop was good. I picked up a "Naval Wargaming from Ancient Galleys to Modern u-Boats' by Paul Hague. It's hardcover, 123 pages retailed in 1992 for 14.99 pound sterling, which would have meant it would have been about AUS$45 back then. I paid the princely sum of $9.50, which I thought was a damn good buy.

Other titles I picked up were:
British Orders Decorations & Medals
From the end of the Peloponnesian War to the battle of Ipsus
Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army
The Use of Documentary Evidence in the Study of Roman Imperial History
Ancient Mesopotomia: Protrait of a Dead Civilisation
'I counted them all out and I counted them all back' The battle for the Falklands

With the cost of the Naval Wargaming book I paid the price of $40 for the lot. Real happy with that.

Went and had a good search of DrivethruRPG and bought a whole lot of rulebooks. Real cheap, and it gives me a good idea if I ever want to buy tham as hard copy.

Did find 'Song of Fur and Buttons', as I mentioned previously. I went and bought the Warrior Frogs and Turtles from Eureka tonight. Looking forward to these, as I've been humming and haaing for some time about them.

For Malifaux:
Based my Peacekeeper on the tiled base from 'Heble'. I'm hoping that the raised tile sections will allow the Peacekeeper to 'stick' properly to the base. A little off centre as a model, but I think that it will survive.
Leveticus and Rusty Alyce are based, as is Hamelin. They all now await varnishing.

My latest order from Old Glory arrived on Monday, which cheered me up to some degree. The last of my Septic Tanks (Yanks for those not in the know) arrived along with vehicles. The vehicles are resin and metal, and are 1/60th scale, which look rather small against the 25/28mm figures. I will bulk out the range with 1/48 vehicles as soon as I can find a supplier that can stock a decent range.

As a spur I went and had another look at Old Glory and ordered more Gothic Horror/Vampire War figures. Look forward to seeing more alternate Malifaux based figures, God Save the Queen! Gads to think that I'll have to wrap my tongue around God Save the King eventually, hopefully not for a while though.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cranky old man remains cranky

Well my mood continues to be "cranky".

My clinical nurse has advised me that my treatment will be on Tuesday and Thursday each week for a full day! Yah, but I am allowed home assuming I don't blow a gasket.

So it's been a bit of a muddling day today. Not concentrating on a lot, just picking away at some of the models still sitting on the table.

So I finally finished Hamelin, Leveticus and Rusty Alyce, with Misaki partially completed. The Peacekeeper is in the process of being assembled and the Canine Remains are waiting for me to decide what type of base they should have.

As a side diversion I have mounted all the counter sheets for Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Aramada on thick card (I think it's 2 or 3mm). I'm rather pleased with the test batch. I can now pick up the pieces without an issue.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back to my monastery cell

Well I've done the best I can for now.

I'm off to hospital next week, and will not be sure when I'll be posting again. I have a feeling that I'll be allowed home in the evenings assuming that my treatment hasn't distressed me. Considering how things have been over the last couple of days, it might be better if I stay with the other lunatics rather than the ones outside.

Life sucks right now. You go out of your way for people, do what is right and get walked over for everything you do. Two faced people are really annoying me at present. I don't ask for much, and I just want to be respected. Not viewed with ridicule and contempt.

So I've been trolling the net looking for something that might enthuse me to keep on living. I do a lot of searching of DriveThruRPG and found a whole series of skirmish level games by a company called Ganesha Games. I liked the look of these, and the price made them more than acceptable. Admittedly I have to print them out, but now that I've worked out how to refill my ink cartridges, it's not too bad,

Ganesha have a whole series of games:
Song of Blades and Heroes
Song of Drums and Shakos (Napoleonic)
Song of Fur and Buttons (a sourcebook for Teddy Bears)

Lots of new and exciting projects to entertain me.

I have my Imperial Fleet for Uncharted Seas, as well as an assortment of Iron Dwarf pieces.

So I'm off to bed now. Sometimes its the safest place to be...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Brisbane Hootenanny

A Short Story by John McDOnnell

A whistled tune echoed through the empty streets. The shadows twisted and flickered as the wane light of a torch marked the procession of its wielder. A top hat wearing figure skipped every second step, in his shadows followed an assortment of nightmares.

“Nursey, come over here and hold my hand!
Nursey, my heart doth beat like a hammers hand.
Round my heart, it goes boom boom boom boom,
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh just like a hammers hand...”

Seamus stopped at the entrance to a desolate hospital, the words he was singing, fading from his lips. Just what the Doctor ordered, mused Seamus. The doors were hanging limp from the hinges, forming a crumpled barrier to the interior.

“Sybelle, dearest, please make an entrance for me. I just had my coat dusted, and I must look good for Nursey. “

Sybelle shifted her bulk past her Master and crashed like an Iceberg through the mouldering detritus. An opening quickly appeared, allowing Seamus to nimbly skip inside, his torch illuminating the open spaces. Unidentifiable shapes detached themselves in alarm from the unwanted light, skittering into the further recesses of darkness.

Seamus cocked his head towards the soft sound that caught his attention.
“Down here, my silent companions. “ Seamus said while pointing towards the slightly illuminated corridor. The breeze seemed to pick up as though responding to his gesture, the smell of chemicals getting stronger. “Yes. Definitely down here.”
Seamus strode with purpose to his perceived destination. The smell of chemicals increasing with each step the light, while still wane, did increase to a more sickly consistency. His view of the room he entered was a slaughter house. Blood and body parts were plastered in liberal portions throughout the room. Seamus’ attention was now focussed on the slim figure in a hospital robe that was working with determined effort on something that was strapped to a restraining chair. Whimpers came in spurts from the unseen thing. “Please, no more. Let me go.” came a slurred female voice.

“Oh honey, it’s almost over. Now just say aaarrrrrggghhhhh!” The slim figures feminine voice shrieked in aping agony in harmony with the figure she tended. Slender fingers unclasped the restraining straps, and then there was a sickening sound of skin being stripped with speed from the body, now unclothed of its flesh the bloody corpse tumbled to the floor slapping the hard surface like fresh meat on a hard surface.

Turning to face Seamus was the rotting flesh of what was once a beauty. “Oh you naughty man, you’ve come before I’ve had a chance to change.” The Nurse tittered gaily. “No turn around while I change, and don’t look you naughty boy.” Her voice then became hard and nasty, “or I’ll just have to poke your eyes out.”

Seamus was taken aback. Without really understanding why he did so, he turned and gazed out the door at his crew. He could hear the soft sound of cloth dropping to the floor, and then he heard the sucking, tearing noise of old flesh being pealed off.

As he listened to the sounds of unearthly endurance, he gazed at his crew. With the addition of Nurse he now had eight companions. Faithful Sybelle stood with her head lolling loosely on her massive breasts. Behind her were his latest female companions, Missy Griselda and Madeline once time street walkers from Downward Road. His auditory senses now picked up the sound of sloshing liquid, he then heard sizzling and smelt an acidic tang in the air. Groans of pleasure came from behind him.

Tottering to and fro were his latest experiments, their gears and mutable flesh merged in perfect undead harmony. He was eager to see of these twin abominations would perform as directed. The Grimoire de Malice he found and decoded gave tantalising hints of what could be achieved, yet there seemed to be something elusive that he hadn’t yet grapsed. He must talk to Nicodem about it the next time he had a chance.

“Almost done sweetie!”

The final component of his crew was somewhat insubstantial. The ghostly outlines of a Grave Spirit and The Hanged rounded out his force. The Grave Spirit was the very one that had been grafted to the Grimoire. It had been a right royal battle to tame and bend the spirit to his will. He was a little hesitant about its reliability, but nothing ventured nothing gained was a good enough saying. Bobbing of its own volition was the Hanged. The whispers pouring forth in random spurts seared his soul, but it was all that it could do. It had no power over him.

“Ta. Dah! You can turn around now.”

The Nurse had finished whatever secret process was involved in maintaining her undying beauty. A beauty she was, and Seamus wished that she would be suitable and pliable to becoming his Belle, but alas another power was involved here. There was no doubting the benefits she would provide.

“Right oh! It’s off to work we go!” Sang Seamus as he and his companions made their way out onto the street. In the vacated room the lump of flesh on the floor made spasmodic jerks as it bleed to death. The lasts sounds in that room of horror were of the shadows that slipped in to take advantage of an opportunistic meal.

Master: Seamus, The Mad Hatter free
Soulstone Cache: 2 Final Soulstone Cache: 3
Grave Spirit – Totem, 1ss
Madame Sybelle – Minion, 6ss
The Hanged – Minion, 8ss
Nurse – Minion, 5ss
Rotten Belle – Minion:Griselda, 4ss
Rotten Belle – Minion: Madeline, 4ss
Necropunk – Minion: Deadgear, 3ss
Necropunk – Minion: Cogcorpse, 3ss
Bought Soulstones, 1ss
TOTAL: 35ss

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Malifaux Britannia

As you can see for the pictures below I've been busy.

At present the figures have been acquired and are still in the process of being painted. The figures below still have some work to be done on them, namely the faces.

So I'm musing with a Britannian feel with a good dose of LXG.

Master - Dr Bell
Totem - British Bulldog
Jack the Ripper
Van Helsing
Lord Goldaming
Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde
Mrs Harker/Vampyre Harker
Colonial Police
Invisible Man
Dr Watson

The other twist will be Vlad Dracul
Master - Count Alucard (sorry Helsing is coming to the fore)
Totem - Undecided yet
Vampyre Brides
Kosack Guards

The whole left and right field are up for grabs.

Rules will be forthcoming, I'll then be looking for playtesters to pull my genious apart. Good luck there though.

Malifaux Britannian Dr Bell

This is my "Sherlock Holmes" character based around the Dr Bell stories that the ABC aired quite some time ago.

Malifaux Britannian Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde

The split personality, the game mechanics for this chap were a lot of fun.

Malifaux Britannian Jack the Ripper

Seamus will need to be on his guard when Jack's back.

Malifaux Britannian British Bulldog

Yes the spirit of Britannia...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Uncharted Seas Update

Well I guess that I have been busy, although I don't feel as though I have.

I've been plugging away at my fleets and as of today have finished:
Shroud Mages
Thaniras Elves
Bone Griffons (although these will get a repaint)

Will look at islands and the like soon.

Unchartered Seas Captain & Parrots err Cats!

My beautiful kittens (well almost cats now)!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Uncharted Seas

My latest in a long line of passions.

I took the plunge and bought Shroud Mages, Bone Griffons and Thaniras Elves (with all the others on order).

As of today the Bone Griffons are done. Just waiting for the bases to dry and to put a little more detail and touchups. I shall have photo's up on site in the next day or two.