Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Fantasy Trip from my Collection

A video where before I just had a written post. Now you can listen to me ramble! Previously wrote back in June 2017, but this video is far more amusing!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

TSIB Ramble July 29

It's Sunday morning in Brisbane and I guess you know what time that means it is? Yes that ramble from that man down under, that man on the lost continent, that man looking for his lost marbles...
Today I am down to 99.4kg, I talk about a pea souper, my local game club, and how you should all be watching Emma's Place UK!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Blind Pig 21 July 2018

This is a video of what happens at my local game club. Enjoy.

TSIB Weekly July 20

My weekly report for the weight lose facebook group.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Star Wars Dark Heresy RPG

This time I go rambling on about role playing and where I am going. I aim to entertain, so yawn along with me as I present another video log.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

TSIB Weekly July 15

Sadly I've gone to packing weight back on. My thoughts on losing a friend who has chosen to step down from a role he created, and my usual insanity.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Memories Mindbane QuRPS MUDDA

The curse of searching for something is that you will eventually always find something else instead. Here are some things I found instead. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

"Unboxing" of Hawkmoon, Ringworld & Worlds of Wonders

Here is my latest video production looking at another lot of RPGs from my collection. What do you do when you have a migraine - you blither!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

4AD How To Video Create Booklets

This video contains instructions and some entertainment on how I created my A5 booklets for the Four Against Darkness Solo products. 

The Fabricated Tales of Alpha Capharius Part Three

 The Fabricated Tales 
of Alpha Capharius 
Part Three

The life of Alpha Capharius is one of the greatest conundrums that have been recorded in Imperium records.  Did this individual truly exist or is he or it something created as some recidivist plot or mountebanks appeal to the masses?  I discovered this crude paper “recording” when my team of explorators were examining the hulk “Glorious Repository”.  I had been in need of a facility and while using one on board the hulk was bemused to find that there was writing on the paper dispensed.  I checked the other dispensers in the unit and found that they too had been filled with the same material.  A most perplexing case, one which will need further investigation.
Agent Morand Uxtroth, Lead Exploritor, Sector 45A33, 984th Expedition

This ship is having an unwanted affect on this team and it seems to be more than a growing concern – why? It’s affecting ME; yes me, the incorruptible, the only entity in this team that has the presence of mind to keep their mind pure and untainted.  I now find that my systems seem to be indicating a physical corruption to my brain function, strangely though I am seeing no difference in my cogitation at all.  My team though seems to think I am just slightly more unhinged than normal, this of course is inconceivable, and it is they who are losing it.

Yet proof is provided in Lady B finally succumbing to that transmitted disease Fabio gave her (always wash rubber devices after use).  Her inability to stop scratching her parts in privates and privates in parts has rendered her unable to function as an effective team member.  The kick she gave Fabio to the grubnuts gave some sort of synaptic feedback loop between him and his cyber mastiff and he is now suffering a series of depilating epileptic fits.  The team has elected to continue on to the Enginerium despite this small set back.  They know that my magnificent leadership will guide them through the darkness and ensure victory in the end.

Wolf of Iron Francine (small electric shock) was testy as we drove to our destination.  No idea what is upsetting her subroutines at the moments, I only mentioned whether or not her drive systems were aligned after such a long period on inactivity.  Yet she seems mollified with my sincere and earnest apology, I am grateful to have a mind as equal to mine in many ways +++mocking laughter is heard over the noosphere+++Wolf of Iron Francine (small electric shock) has advised me that the Ships Spirit is very grumpy at being woken and it was only able to determine one area which it deemed prudent to arrive at.  It was but a short journey to the rear vehicle access area, and the intra-ship highway was deserted.  An explosion was registered on our way, and while I conversed with Wolf of Iron Francine (small electric feedback) what it was, to which it was able to identify it as an explosion in an oil distribution pipeline, the team chose not to investigate.  

Our arrival at the parking facility did not illicit any alarm, Wolf of Iron Francine (small electric shock) certainly advised that not had been given.  Leaving our ailing team members sealed inside Wolf of Iron Francine (small electric shock) we made our way to the what I took to be the main entry (overlooking the side door – Horst and Elsie’s bodies were actually blocking me from acquiring that data).  The Cog Symbol allowed me to access the door and open it.  I paused before entering and accessed the suite of augmentics I possessed to determine if there were any possible threats.  There were indeed.  Security protocols had been activated upon the door opening, including a vermin eradication subroutine.  I accessed the door terminal and found that I needed to access a data terminal to override any systems that may harm us or alert any persons or entities within.  While searching the data I found that I, yes I had been listed as vermin and listed as eradicate on sight listing.  How rude!  This means that any attempt to enter any corridor or room will activate the vermin control protocols.  Of course the other team members will be fine, I won’t be. They seem to be taking some great comfort in the knowledge!  I will have to scrub that from the database as soon as I can access the system.

It was at this point I spotted the other door, well it was the limited door terminal data and not the assistance of the two bungling fleshbags with me.  I seem to be the only one who can access entry to the rooms with the Cog Symbol, lucky me… I guess.  Elsie keeps giggling that I have to take point all the time.  EMMA hurls the occasional nugget of oil to show her everlasting and undying appreciation of me, Horst, well he just grimaces at the idiocy he has to endure.  The door opens onto a compact power generator room.  A scan shows that the room is free of any immediate threats.  Apart from the power generators which gain my immediate interest and respect for their compact and efficient design, including soundless operation.  If I could access and obtain the schematics of this design, and not be burnt as a heretic…  There was also what else we sought a data terminal to what I believed would be the ship system or at least a subsystem.  

My past experiences had me extremely hesitant in dealing with the technology on this ship. So I took my time to prepare myself with interfacing with the terminal and system protocols.  Horst sensed my reluctance and with his experience and knowledge deactivated the security protocols by shooting the panel, with his Dark Matter Rifle.  This was to lead to the unfortunate affairs which were to soon occur, not was to be maliciously spread as vile rumor and innuendo by Elsie.  The terminal required a system entry password, there was a slot for a cog symbol.  I inserted the Cog Symbol I had.  The damage that Horst had done to the system, not my inept and failed understanding of security systems lead to a binaric feedback that paralysed me.  Horst attempted to free me from my seat by disconnecting my mechandenrite feeds, little knowing that the electrical current live within the damaged terminal was being fed through these cables.  Not that he failed to understand he had placed his hand on a positive circuit board while attempting to break the live cable attached to me.  

The end result was, Horst's clenched hand around the cable allowed him to pull said cable free of the terminal as he fell.  This broke the paralysis I was suffering, and allowed me to attend to the immediate medical attention Horst was in need of.  While almost welding his helmet shut, never listen to the instruction given by Elsie as you are trying to save someone, I was able to provide the more than adequate medical attention to restore Horst to operational efficiency.  Of course Elsie got the shits with us and stalked off.  I know he got out the room okay, not sure how he got into the main corridor.

While Horst was being treated and finding his balance to continue on, the Jokaero Spider was in communication with me.  It finally identified itself as RALPH, or formally Repairing Autonomic Lifeform Phase.  It had a cultured and refined speech pattern which I found appealing and endearing; we had reached a level of understanding.  It indicated that it was designed as a repair system for and symbiote to a single entity.  It was while I was attempting to deepen that bond that something went catastrophically wrong or maybe right, I guess I will never know at this point of recording, RALPH is not talking.  According to Horst my harness detached itself from my body, the metal spider then started to consume me.  Horst attempted to kick the spider away but received a shock and was told in no uncertain terms that he was not to interfere as it was repairing and making its host less crude.  Horst decides to let the device do its job.  He spends his time searching the terminal and finds a data slate with a wealth of information, and games.  What he did find was a technicians diary which held his passwords – still good all these years later, allowing Horst to access the system.  The system proved to complex for Horst to navigate and without consciously knowing it, falls asleep.  

What happened to Elsie, that brave if incredibly brain dead primitive you may ask? Having seen that deactivating sensors was as simple as shooting them, he promptly shot the closet he could see. This turned off the sensors and allowed him access. Well he wandered down the corridor and ran smack into a security detail which was being sent to determine the failed sensor.  For a primitive Elsie provided subtle enough to surrender, and led the security detail to not continue on to where his team was recovering.  He questioned his captors about his arrest; it was detailed as “Damage to security sensors, 24 hours processing, after allotted time – execution”.  EMMA has disappeared upon the details arrival.  Elsie was marched in cuffs to the detention cell, where he was stripped to his loin cloth (in actuality it was his frilly lace pink lingerie, but he constantly denies this, saying he left that on the ship).  The cell was six blank walls with a raised block for “resting” upon.  There was no comfort to be found in this room, Elsie took note of the security guards numbers, for they had no names and entered them for future reference in his book of grudges.  Bored and mischievous Elsie tested the cell, found out that the guards had no sense of humour.  There was a limited air supply in the room, exactly for the time period of stay, so it probably helped to not be forgotten!  So I shall leave the tale of Elsie here playing with his excrement and the security disintegration beam – I’ll leave that to your imagination what he was doing with it…

What was happening to the real hero of this story ME?  Eight hours of excruciating pain, while I may have appeared to have been rendered unconscious I was not.  I was conscious throughout the whole ordeal, during which RALPH explained to me in detail all that it was performing.  It told me that it was necessary that I was conscious for this procedure as I needed to know what was being achieved so that I could further grown and develop as time elapsed.  The images it displayed to me and the potential I could see unfold before me was breathtaking as well as frightening.  There is absolutely no way I can return to the Inquisition now, they will dissect me, study me, the Adeptus Mechanicus would treat me as even more a heretic than I already am.  I must find some sanctuary, but where, there must be somewhere I can be safe…  

The procedure is finally complete and I feel a new being and in many ways I am.  RALPH has been diminished in size, and now scuttles and secures itself on my right shoulder, when not there is it constantly on the move about my person performing some function of which I allow it to do, not paying any great head, but content in the knowledge that it is doing so in my best interests.  I now through my improved link with RALPH see that I am more human in appearance; little of me now show the mark of the Machine.  I am much like that Fabricator General we met very briefly, though I may even be crude by her standards I can only hope to achieve her standards in time.  My digestive tract has changed, I no longer require standard food, I can literally eat anything, turning it to energy to fuel my body.  

This self awareness takes a very short time, mere seconds at best. I notice that the data terminal is still on and that Horst is asleep in the terminal chair, which has configured itself into a sleep shape to allow its user comfort and support.  I notice that Horst is drooling, and snoring slightly, it is at this time I make note of my control over my total recall, and quick test also shows that I can also choose what any party may see as well should they gain access to my systems.  That is convenient if not totally uplifting news.  Well I shall take one small victory at the time, not matter how small and insignificant.

I gently woke Horst, and praised him for accessing the data terminal.  Thankfully his initial reaction at seeing the new me was not to shoot me with his Dark Matter weapon, that would have been… inconvenient, well to Horst at least.  My praise seems to confuse Horst for a second, but he seems more impressed with the resizing of the spider.  Oh well, I suppose small minds will always be drawn to small things.  With the network open to me and my enhanced systems operational I roam the data stream looking for information of use.  I then find that this terminal has been flagged as having a dual logon; and that a security team has been dispatched to investigate the anomaly.  I then discover how to create security identities and with the aid of a biometric sample (and no I did not scream like a girl when RALPH took the sample, no matter what Horst says) was able to create new identities for Horst and I.  We will find out soon if these will hold up to security.  RALPH has now attached itself to my left arm, similar to a bracelet I feel honoured and it expresses its contentment with the symbiosis.

Horst and I agree that it is foolish to remain any longer in this compromised location and make our way down the main corridor.  It is there (oddly enough where Elsie meet the previous security detail) that Horst and I encountered the security detail of two human guards and a robot.  Horst was brilliant in his ability in deceiving the guards, especially after we discovered that Elsie was to be executed in 2.5 hours!  (What happened to the 24 hour procedural process then execution?)  My or his dual identity seemed be causing some concern, but the system accepted us and the low brows weren’t paid enough to think.

Upon reaching the cell Horst and I had each reached a cunning and brilliant plan to free Elsie, however a certain metal rodent named EMMA decided that it had other ideas.  Unbeknownst to us;  it had accessed the security robot and overridden its weapon systems, activating them.  Surprising the guards and all of us, the robots weapon beam sliced the guards in half, just missed me by a hairs follicle, I’m damn sure EMMA was trying for collateral damage and claiming it was accidental.  Only my enhanced form saved me from meeting the same fate as the guards, Horst ducked the beam and Elsie saw the beam cut out just as it was about to take his head off.  It was at this time the robot short circuited, and fell to the ground, all the while EMMA continued to rip through it until it found the devices AI which it hacked to ensure no alarms were set off.  The team stared at Elsie, Elsie stared at EMMA, EMMA looked pleased, I glared at EMMA, Horst stomped off looking for the security storage locker.  Situation normal.

Whilst Elsie was reequipping we brought him up to speed and persuaded him to get the new security ID made.  He agreed, which was a surprise, I was expecting his usual resistance to this sort of technology.  While this procedure was being done, I also set up IDs for Lady B and Fabio though I have a feeling Elsie was mucking about with the system while I was doing the biometric collection, but I’m sure it will be okay.  If not, well its will be Elsie’s fault, like it always is when something goes wrong.  With some breathing space and little fear of immediate discovery I searched the database and located a number of rooms in the vicinity that would prove worthy of exploration – or as the team like to say LOOTING.

The first room proved to be a store room or minor armoury I guess.  In there we found what we desperately needed the most, power cells for the Dark Matter weapons, Archeotech Armour (4 suits, which we needed desperately considering one members ruins them constantly), blank cog amulets (there must be a use for these, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it, looks like what I have), and a box of circuitry.  My obsessive compulsive behavior over the technology has me summon CRAPpER-ONE to carry away the contents to safety and storage.  With my humanized form I can now wear this form fitting armour, of which I am extremely grateful.  Yet the team now giggles and uses me more as a shield than ever as I am marched to each new location.  The rumour at gun point is untrue.

The next room proved to be another armoury and contained Dark Matter weapons, a crate of shock poles, and blank data slates. I again could not resist the lure the of lovely advanced technology of the data slates.

The large room on our schematic proved to me a Maintenance Automated Facility.  It contained two advanced constructs I had never seen before but that they system identified as phasing constructions used in the repair and construction of the ship.  Well beyond my ability to understand or use, I decided not to tempt fate and left the constructs alone.

Onwards the team plundered, discovering another room, this one containing little more than containers with materials used in door maintenance.  Once all the containers had been moved a door was revealed.   A number of things all happened at the same time.  I opened the door like any other time.  Elsie spotted a symbol on the door.  Well too late the door was opened and we all saw what was inside.  The floor had spots of what looked like blood, and there was a bloody hand print on the other door we could see opposite.  Nobody was keen to enter the room, despite some inner voice urging us to do so (GOD was trying to interpret our intentions poorly).  My augmetics determined that the rust like stains were blood, but not what species.  Horst and I were not keen to enter, Elsie decided to enter.  It was at this time he decided to look at the ceiling, and it was also at this time the ceiling disgorged its contented!  Elsie’s graceful bound out of the way was beautiful in its comic execution if it was not painful in its outcome.  He leapt out of the way, forgetting the size of the room, bounced off the wall, landed on a pool of viscous material and slid or more precisely imitated a human pin ball all the while being drenched in the goop being ejaculated from the pustules in the ceiling.  A combination of friction and acidic juices lead to his armour dissolving in short order, I did not appreciate his use of my robe to wipe his face, it required me to shorten the robe by several inches.  Next year’s fashion will be devastated by how I set the hem line!  

But there is more!  It’s all happening now dear reader.  Elsie had to strip again, yet another suit of fine Archeotech armour lost to a primitive ineptness.  Yet again the lacey lingerie is on display, shudder.  Elsie is down to being stark naked, not a state anyone wants to see.  It’s then that things turn dire.  The door opposite open and a creature from your worst nightmare erupts out.  Horst fires his Dark Matter rifle full auto with critical accuracy, just as I slam the door panel to close.  Thankfully Horst and I are not overcome by the foul demeanor of this being, however in the brief respite and to my absolute surprise the door opens.  The foul thing has a Cog Symbol, damn it.  I fire blindly at it, doing that critical damage in weakening its link to this material world (others will say I contributed nothing, but they are wrong, they do not have the augmented systems capable of seeing, after all, would I lie to you dear reader?), but it tenaciously hangs on.  It’s at this point our lived look like they are about to be over.  Elsie, never good with modern firearms - fires with gay abandon at the creature, most likely egged on by EMMA.  While the creature is hit, both Horst and I take serious wounds from the Dark Matter energy rounds.  We are both not impressed.  Before Horst and I can do anything else we are wrapped in the creatures tentacles and held firm.  We fail to break free of its grasp in which it then bashes us senseless to the ground, dropping us to the floor.  However!  Yes there is always a however, Elsie, stark naked and singing the warcry “I’m a lumberjack” let loose another volley of Dark Matter energy at the creature.  Indeed thanks to my previously weakening blow, the creature collapsed in goop and started to dissolve, here though comes the however.  There were a few stray shots, did I mention that primitives should not be given advanced weapons.  Well Horst and I were again wounded almost unto death, this necessitated in CRAPpP-ONE being summoned and being manhandled by a sweaty naked savage on the conveyance.  I should point out I was dumped on the bottom and Horst shoved on top.  I’ll remember this indignity in time, this memory of a naked Elsie, shudder… total recall does have its price.

A hasty retreat was made back to Wolf of Iron Francine (small electric shock), where the nanite healing balls was used.  There were some side effects we only just became aware of!  My hair was starting to grow back, as did some body parts that had been lost – watch out ladies, no more groinal sockets any more, sorry Kryten.  Horst lost his scars and regained perfect white teeth, Elsie well… still and ugly purple people eater – I guess some things don’t change.  Elsie was given one of the spare suits of armour and told about how it should not be treated with such disrespect, and how not to shoot your team in a fire fight. 

Having recovered enough we returned to the abominations room and explored, or more precisely – we sent in Elsie while Horst and I watch from a distance.  The room was flesh and bone and the walls appeared to have screaming faces rising out from the surface.  The flesh surfaces recoiled from Elsie’s presence, with the touch of this spear, the surface withered and died.  The ceiling had a symbol which he said was a Dragonkin symbol and he set about defacing it with the spear.  In fact he spent some time defacing everything he could with the spear that was possible to be marred.  Then there was the pile of skulls.  When his spear touched the pile, it exploded and shards of bone fragments showered the area.  His armour saved him, and Horst and I were far enough away to not be concerned.  Elsie then recalled this as a Daemon Trap, good work, better late than never.  He is concerned as to why it would be on this ship though.  My paranoia is rising.  We need to cleanse this room.  Deciding how to do it is what we have to decide upon.

Finally I stumble across the use of a missile from Wolf of Iron Francine (small electric shock).  A journey back and a pleasurable discourse with it reveal what is needed.  I even discover that I can set a timer on the missile, allowing us sufficient time to be away from the area when the missile blows.  At the set time the explosion occurs and thankfully there does not seem to be any catastrophic side effects as a result.  As we go to explore further a security detail has been sent to investigate the explosion.  Horst shows again his brilliance with deception and we follow the security team along to the source, feigning that we also were investigating the explosion.  The room(s) is cleansed, certainly damaged, and the security team tells us that they have activated a repair protocol for this area.  We then part ways, they seeming none the wiser to our deception.  A collective sigh of relief from the team.

The team then resume operation LOOT.  A small storage room is located with predominately electrical supplies, yet there were a few misplaced items of worth!  A box of grenades was found, coloured purple with pink polka dots… (honestly GOD, what were you drinking?).  Horst then decided to check his data slate, did it contain any information – well yes it did.  This data slate has lots of data that is really useful on equipment and weapons, which is why no one is letting me anywhere near it to access or download in the case it might break!  So what did the grenades turn out to be?  Miniature black hole generators.  Where each person had taken two each, after reading the data slate, they were put back in the crate, with a note, no one to use or touch on pain of death.  In other words Elsie DO NOT TOUCH, that goes for anyone from THAT planet i.e. primitive.  I am now extremely paranoid, worried and concerned about what may have been a very very short career and life.  Found some very handy Stasis grenade and lots of duct tape, yep, loaded up with duct tape.  Why did the team want to test if the tape still worked by taping me to the ceiling.  Ha ha team, old joke.  Oh and we found a crate of Magic Cloth which Elsie is really happy with as the wrapper says will make all disappear with a single wipe.  I’m not sure what he things an invisible penis is going to do for him, but it won’t work.

Next of the looting schedule was another small storage room.  Some very nice cleaning drones that I would like to take, might have to come back for them somehow in due course.  

The large storage room we fFound some really weird items which I have kept for Lady B, well one item any way.  Discovered a fetus in a stasis jar, I know how she likes this sort of this, hope she appreciates that we thought of a gift for her.  Hope it doesn’t kill us when we break it out of stasis, why not most other things do.  Lastly I find a white metal ball which when I rather reluctantly touch activated.  It rose into the air, and I detected a sensor sweep from the device, after which it then perched itself, so to speak several inches above my left shoulder and now follows me around.  Exciting, if somewhat disconcerting in that I don’t know what it does.  RALPH makes a snide remark about being a “nob with a dick and one ball”.  My reply was well I only need one more and watch out ladies!  All I got was a reply of “droll”.  Also located were lots of spare uniforms (of which I appropriated several change of clothes).

Our quest destination was in sight.  I opened the door to the chamber before the terminal I hoped would access the Ships Spirit.  Yes I was still acting as the meat shield for the team.  Inside was a security team, who challenged us, especially me, of all people.  Apparently my high level Cog Symbol did not match my uniform and there was confusion.  We bluffed our way through, saying it was a security test and that it was a need to know exercise, and they clearly did not need to know.  Elsie proved that being a tosser was more than just being a primitive, and asked where the coffee machine was.  He was informed drinking coffee while on duty was an offense and was a sanctionable if not executable offense.  We got him out of there and into the data terminal room before he did anything else stupid.

Finally, I found the Ships Spirit.  The communion with the intelligence was another example of my aptitude in dealing with AI.  The intelligence identified itself as ANGUS (Automaton Navigating Galactic Universe Systems), it was grumpy at having its regular cycle disturbed and it was at this point I was made aware that the ship was planning to go to warp in two weeks.  ANGUS and I had much to discuss and it was pleased to find that there was someone who was finally in agreement with it that there was something seriously wrong with its operations.  ANGUS advised I could keep in contact with it throught the Jokaero Sphere which was with me, he said it was like a WiFi system that would allow me to connect with any system within the devices range and communicate, as well as a range of other functions, which it did not elucidate on, much to my chagrin.  ANGUS did though allow me to update the security protocols for my team, including the two absent members – though I’m still worried that Elsie may have them logged as Vending Machine Technicians Third Class or something similar or perhaps ships Cat?  ANGUS did state that much of service crew did not appear to be answering their call to service, this was of great concern to it.  I allowed the mighty intelligence to resume it great purpose and left it in peace.

The team left the room, the security ignored us, though they did give us the scan.  Apparently the new protocols seemed to have put the fear of the Ships Spirit in them.    It was then decided that before we set off to the Bridge area that a search of the last three rooms of this section should be undertaken.
Well what did we find!  A secret room no less.  My paranoia levels were high, well they were higher now.  We almost did not find it, then someone did, don’t ask me who, it might have been that rodent EMMA, I have a feeling she has been pulling the strings of Elsie for a while now.  The room is opened and inside we locate a stasis field containing a nine foot man in baroque power armour with most likely the precursor of the Inquisition symbol on his armour guards.  You guessed it, my paranoia rose to extremely, lets flee and don’t look back.  In fact the team had decided that that was what they were going to when that conniving construct EMMA deactivated the stasis field.  I chose valour and stood outside the room to see what would come of this encounter.  The others remained, though I am unsure as my overriding desire for self preservation was making matters hazy.  

EMMA tells the teams that this man is her true master.  The warrior once aware looks at us, but won’t identify who he is, it is none of our concern at this immediate stage, and that he also won’t kill us immediately.  Why is it that everyone wants to kill us when they meet us?  Paranoia rising to catastrophic, urge to flee critical.  Slowly over the period of time the team manages to break the ice with our guest from the past and find out a little about what it is he’s here for.  He indicates that he was sent in secret to monitor rogue elements on this ship by his master Arthur Pendragon.  As we discuss matters I discover more aspects of my Jokaero Globe and find that it project images, I use this to show the warrior the creatures that have been encountered and room of desecration.  He agrees that there are some similarities to what was happening on Old Earth and what he see here.  The social elite on this ship had dealing with the occult and that evidence and been tracked down showing that they were aboard, but not who.  He said he had several agents aboard who were to awaken him at a specific point, and that EMMA and other of its kind were the failsafe in the case his human agents failed.  Clearly he did not expect the amount of time to have pass that did, something has seriously gone wrong.

I feel now a strong bond with new lord we have met, he tells us we may now call him Reximus.  He and I have many traits in common and why we have been exiled from our communities, I hope that a bond can be established and patronage and protection obtained and maintained.  I see that our paths are twofold now our task is still to find these books for the Interrogator, but more importantly to find the materials that Reximus desires for his master.  Reximus indicates that his favourite cyber is a Wolverine and that it is located on the Bridge, though it would appear that there may still be more of them.  Reximus did say we had to find one of his servants still, though who that might be I don’t know – however I might suspect the Fabricator General…

Our last journey is to visit the last rooms, as Reximus desires to stretch his legs.  He activated some hidden panels and his weapons and equipment rose on a rack from the floor.  When Elsie asked where his helmet was, he replied, “they are too restrictive.”  One room proves to be a jail cell, with no occupants, though the guards are drinking coffee.  (GOD is caught out!)  Elsie demands the guards are brought up on charges from drinking coffee on duty.  He’s then informed he’s been pranked, but who’s pranking who?  The last room was storage with mechanical supplies of no note.  

I advised Wolf of Iron Francine (small electric shock) that we had a new visitor joining us.  She seemed pleased at the prospect of another intellectual to converse with, seeing I was the only other.  Reximus upon seeing the state of Lady B asked what her condition was.  I told him about her unsanitary use of rubber, he nodded his head sagely and said that they had similar problems in his time but there was a cure.  To which he reached to a compartment I was not aware of and took out an ampoule and applied the curative to Lady B, which before our eyes took almost immediate effect.  Bugger, I was hoping for a little more inconvenience for her, the constant scratching was entertaining.  Next he looked at Fabio who fits seemed to have worsened.  Reximus took a scanning device from his armour and pointed it at Fabio and frowned.  He then asked if he had a cyber link, to which we advised in the affirmative.  The mastiff was hiding for some reason, and Reximus pointed his device at the mastiff which paralysed it.  He then took it outside, drew his sidearm and shot it.  To everyone who saw it, they were dumbfounded, one that no attempt to fix it was made and that secondly the mastiff was disintegrated, there was nothing left.  It was determined that a corrupting influence that made home in the mastiff and that a psychic feedback was causing the fits in Fabio.  With the destruction of the mastiff, Fabio will be restored to health.  Though I fear he will not happy about the loss of his mastiff.  Apparently the corroding of the truesilver should have alerted the planet natives to the corruption within.  We will know better in future.

Now our adventure is forward and directed towards the Bridge.  Who is this other Agent Reximus is keen to find?

+++Personal Encrypted Journal+++
Well journal life continues to be excrement.  I certainly cannot rejoin the Interrogator now, not with these modification that I have been granted.  Even if these had been obtained on a Forgeworld without knowledge of a Fabricator hierarchy I would be studied, dissected and bottled.  My future is dubious and fraught with danger, though I hope I can find a protector with this new ally we have discovered.  Though knowing my luck to date, he’ll turn out to be a villain and kill us all.
++End Encrypted Journal+++