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The Fabricated Tales of Alpha Capharius Part Two

The Fabricated Tales 
of Alpha Capharius 
Part Two

Subject has had six memory scrubs and is still resisting the primary directions of a major psychic excision. I can see why the Forgeworld were so keen to be rid of this individual. His resistance is peculiar and almost heretical in nature, if it were not the fact his uniqueness was of use, he would be a servitor by now.  How he escaped this fate on the Forgeworld will need to be investigated at some stage.

I have awoken in my chambers to the clarion words ++you are being watched++.  I could not fathom this intrusion to my process and initiated a system diagnostics, during which ++you are being watched++ repeated itself multiple times throughout the process.  Every time I thought of some action that seemed obvious to my standard nature (some would say base) up would come ++you are being watched++.  This led me to believe I had been tampered with ++you are being watched++, and made the decision to head to my workshop to initiate a process to rectify the situation ++you are being watched++.  Every step of the way ++you are being watched++ was being repeated on an almost constant cycle, for me it was every .125 seconds.  It was as I entered my workshop the Interrogator known as Blackthorne stopped me and informed me of my situation!

Apparently I had performed heroically last mission ++you are being watched++ and accessed quantities of restricted data that the Inquisition had deemed unnecessary for me to retain (flashed imaged of Mexican food and 60cm rubber device) ++you are being watched++.  I of course find this hard to believe ++you are being watched++, I am going to find this very hard to deal with ++you are being watched++ (OK for the brevity of this story I will not be including the ++you are being watched++ as it will quadruple the size of the story, though many cubicle users I’m sure would appreciate the paper).  So I have no memory of this or what the hell she is talking about, what previous mission?  She leads me to the central star chamber where I find two members I recall meeting briefly on planet and in training, and two new comers.

I was introduced to Horst Gruben a lanky Hive Worlder, at least he was from the Imperium, not like the others who proved to be from the planet which the other two primitives were spawned on.  This individual immediately adopted a striking pose upon our entry, almost preening himself like the extinct peacock.  The oil glistened from his skin, his hair shone in...

He looked up. His eyes blazed with warmth and something else... He was achingly aware of closely they sat pressed together.
The silence in the carriage grew thick, the air electric with unspoken longing....

++Diagnostic check
++Corruption – file deleted. External source, Blackthorne.

The bloody warning signal was going off constantly in my head now and driving me to distraction.  I was able to code a routine to wall of the warning to play ++you are the champion++ instead.  Just as annoying, after a while, I’m not sure I made the situation any better.

Interrogator Blackthorne is giving me a particularly evil smile, (another flash image of guacamole and a swing attached to the ceiling).  Lady B and Else both make idle remarks of our past mission, which I don’t recall.  They quickly pick up on the fact I’ve been mind scrubbed (not very well mind you) and taunt me ceaselessly.  While I may not remember specifics, I certainly remember my wit and banter and hurl back abuse as quickly as I receive.  It is then that I become aware of a rude (and crude) device Blackthorne has given to Lady B, a voice deactivator.  They thought they also had an immobliser as well, but that was Blackthorne playing silly buggers (damn this constant message, worse than tinnitus).

So I’m like a newbie now and being briefed with the new members.  Fabio the Gladiator, seemed more interested in applying scented oil to his well muscled and proportioned...

They stood side by side, like dancers preparing for a reel, yet scandalously close, they’d be barred for any decent assembly. He was achingly aware of his earthy male scent, the breadth of his shoulders, and the heat of his skin. His heart was racing, his face overwarm, and for once...

++Diagnostic check
++Corruption – file deleted. External source, Blackthorne.

Artwork from the internet so copyright to studio and original owners.

Major Armstrong from the series Full Metal Alchemist is my inspiration for the character Fabio.  I see him as a vain (not really) person, constantly looking for adoration and exposing his incredible physique to all to admire.  I'd suggest watching the series to see what I mean by the anime character as I attempt to reflect it in this RPG character.  Artwork from the internet so copyright to studio and original owners.

Right this is as you can see a tedious and difficult period of time for me as I recall, and recall I did these memories despite the attempts of the Inquisition to redact them.  Would you believe that I have the unhappy report in saying that it was EMMA who had stored the memories?  Not sure how or why, but she did, as did the other AI’s I encountered over time.  They have shielded my core memories allowing me to record these words and thought without fear of loss.  Thought I think ultimately the Inquisition just needs the record and can’t be bothered to do it themselves.

Horst the Hunter is stoic and pragmatic and thankfully does not seem to trigger any hidden files or corruption problems.  I can only assume it is due to the fact that he is from the Imperium and not a mutant like the other three people in this group.  Blackthorne has rather hypocritically named us Acolyte Group 43B, only earning an assignation from surviving the initial mission (which I can’t remember). 

The vessel that we have been sent to explore and retrieve and information from is called the Tear of Lost Dreams and is a Mass Conveyer Ship.  My diagnostics have been updated in the short time before being dispatched back (not that I recall going in the first place) to the Tear of Lost Dreams.   I have been upgraded with Medicae skills and Mechadendrite upgrades to assist in the operations.  There is I feel very little I cannot now perform to free myself from being controlled (there is an even louder voice this time, volume seems to be increasing).  My fellow inmates, because what else are we?  They all complain bitterly about not keeping items they had obtained in their previous mission.  I though was given a very old and venerable Omnissian Axe, which by it’s craftsmanship would be a in the hands of a Forgeworlds leading Priest, not some talented expert like myself.  However I feel I am certainly more worthy of it than some bureaucrat. 

The journey across to Tear of Lost Dreams is, as I’m told, similar to the previous.  The pilot made some money on betting, the mutants forget to get in on the take – only remembering about this after the lifter had left.

I checked the tracked servitor conveyance I had built and was pleased to find that there were some files locked securely away on remote secure platforms.  The servitor confirmed with me it was created and named by me Caterpillar Repository Artificially Propelled model ER-1, or CRAPpER-ONE though the mutants called it Matilda which it preferred for some reason?  The loading bay was the scene of some new carnage according to the previous mission members (don’t ask me, my memory tells me I wasn’t there – oh yes you were).  Lady B got excited and started dissecting the corpses, Else and Horst collected claws once they found the claws literally cut through floors, doors, walls and just about everything.  Fabio wandered off, I think he was looking for a mirror?  Eventually someone told him this area had been looted and he quickly lost interest and rejoined the group.

Oddly enough everyone had overlooked the cyber mastiff that Fabio had!  Yes C64, the faithful, old, patched, glitch ridden hound, which to amazement Fabio allowed me to interface with.  Its voice greeting was so old and corrupted that it sounded very much like “herro shaggy”? The look of horror on Lady B and Else’s face when they found out that I had linked with the AI bemused me (though I was on some level extremely pleased).  EMMA just hurdle nuggets of oil of faeces at me with unerring accuracy – nasty little beast.

Moving along we found the security room (again?) and I used the access codes to delve deeper into the system to obtain a greater level of schematics and data than previously known (as if I knew?).  Also within this location were the private security areas for the Lord, an armoury and training facility, trophy room with personal quarters, mechanicus techno area workshop, sleeping and entertainment area, library and an extensive hunting facility.  This was just one of four faction “lords” on this ship including the ship “overlord.  A deeper search of the computer found an encrypted file which I could not open but was able to download for later examination.

The group decided to further explore the new sections.  Else played silly buggers with EMMA and sent it through the ceiling to explore.  I was then requested to seal the holes in the ceilings, THEN Else remember that EMMA was still up there.  Of course it was MY fault that I acted so swiftly to do my job or interpret orders.  Honestly, any other time they complain about my tardiness supplying enough oil for whatever he and Fabio get up to?  Can’t please anyone these days.  

Rooms were searched.  Crew bunking quarters yielded nothing of interest that I saw (though I heard a rumour).  One room proved to be an armoury of sorts and yielded what we later knew to be Dark Matter Rifles, crates of unknown grenades, and several suits of archeotech carapace armour.  Horst tested the rifle in the hallway, just managing to hit the doorway (just) – punching a hole right through and continuing through some distance.  The grenades were not deemed risking testing yet, they were pocketed in small number for a later use (when in dire need – most likely a singing birthday or greeting card from the ancients meant to be a prank I’m sure.)  The carapace armour was a marvel and Horst was truly impressed, Lady B as well, Else would not touch it and Fabio had to be old it would fit him if he oiled up first (which he eagerly did with the assistance of Else).  These suits were to be of great assistance to the members, both in physical protection and in vision and communication.  Though the barbarians thought it still some form of magic, Horst was impressed, and was thinking of it’s worth in monetary gain.

We hit the jackpot!  One of the rooms contained a Robot, and my soul sang with joy as I raced to see if it would activate and accept my codes.  However that quickly turned to small amounts of consternation when it demanded coding I could not provide and which Lady B had.  Damn, yet another situation where another none Mechanicus gifted and talented individual is granted access to the gifts from the golden age of technology.  The room opposite proved to house another such robot and it was while I was determining its status we were disturbed by corrupted warp spawn or simply mutants.

The battle was two pronged and was in all ways the fault of EMMA who had its haste to flee the creature it had found brought them back to its master.  A swarm of small mutated humanoid stock came down towards where Lady B and I were attended the robots.  A huge mutant spawn had appeared from the docking area and was attempting to “ambush” the group from behind.  Horst, eagle eye and ready snapped off a shot and disintegrated one of what proved to be many heads on the mutant.  This magnificent display of marksmanship and hope of the weapons payload did not even slow the creature.  It did however speed it on even quicker. 

My maneuver to engage the smaller mutants proved to poor as my robe was caught on the robot and caused my gun arm to pull as I fired my gun, this in turn meant my shots went wild.  (When I replayed my archive footage many years later I discovered that the wild shots had accidently punctured the meltagun coils on the robot!) The robot that was protecting Lady B advanced out into the corridor and fired it meltagun down the corridor at the advancing mutants.  For some unknown reason (don’t look at me – I had nothing to do with it) the meltagun exploded catastrophically taking out large sections of decking around, above and below.  Lady B was protected by her Icon, I was protected by some other power that looks after those who can’t find it. I was thrown by the explosion across the decking into a corner where my cranial case was cracked and several capacitors blew causing...

++Diagnostic check
++System corrupted
++Source unknown
++Failed system reset

The fight with the larger mutant continued with more shots and blows being traded.  The explosion of the robot and the hole in the ship did not even daunt its morale.  Else engaged, hurting the beast, Horst continuing his pinpoint marksmanship only accidently hitting someone of no importance on purpose once, but then that proved to be just a precognition, and with an adjustment of his aim, the event did not happen.  The battle with the mutant was spectacular, my contribution heroic, the taunts and screams I hurled at it from the other side of the deep pit the robot had created was distracting the creature no end.  This allowed my fellow acolytes to finish the beast off in no time, of course it would have been quicker had I been able to been able to engage the beast in hand to hand, but the mighty Fabio was there posing after and before every swing – the beast stood no chance, it died in the end of an allergic reaction to body oil and sweat.

After this battle during which time some drugs were used, some people may have become addicted.  Some lives were saved; trained Medicae with equipment is now being shunned.  Alright the truth of the matter is I asked Fabio to take the IV drip marked XVLI and insert it into the catheter in Lady B.  It’s not my fault I did not know Fabio could not read and people, including Fabio had failed to tell me THIS VERY IMPORTANT FACT!  He inserted my machine oil cable instead an almost killed Lady B, hence her aversion to letting me heal her, actually nobody wants me to heal anybody or touch anything.  Yet nobody seems to be keen to do anything themselves much either, it’s as if they are cursed?

After this the group went back to the time honoured role of looting the rooms.  Some nice powered knives, some Dark Matter Pistols and Plasma fuel were found, which thankfully I did not manage to set off while resealing – though it would have been Fabio’s fault if it had!

Another Security Station was found with a jail containing a long dead Mechanicus prisoner.  I located the rooms secured contents safe and relieved it of its contents.  I found a dataslate, wand, machine parts, strange items, and cog necklace – which I promptly put on.  All hail me!  The terminal in the room is not on and powered, I found that the reason for this is that it was unplugged, I put the plug back in.  The terminal wiring proved to be faulty and extremely unstable. A powerful load of energy washed through me shutting down and overloading all my systems both machine and biological.

++System shut down

Fabio has of course during this time been off looting as have all the others, my physical danger and impairment means little to them.  The mission protocols of keeping me alive and recording have obviously been forgotten.  During the course of the standard looting the group have found stasis boxes containing corpses of unidentified humanoids, which gets Lady B attention.  She drags the bodies off into a room and all that can be heard is the sound of cutting and meaty noises.  There may have even been the sound of slurping followed by a huge burp, but I shall have to replay my audio to confirm that once back online properly.

Eventually someone remembers me and comes to my assistance, rendering me the assistance and respect, believe it or not is was Lady B.  She helps with the recovery of my biological system, though I fear she may have tampered with something while I was distracted with my diagnostics.  Will run further tests shortly to determine nature of invasive healing process.  It was at this time I realised that some things had changed in my nature, all for the better or worse!

First, that incessant ++you are being watched++ had stopped, total no more.  That and the fact I had just spoken it aloud.  Secondly, I immediately shut up, which of course Lady B heard.  I immediately set up routines to set vocal levels to zero for thoughts patterns and to normal level for recognised speech.  I have a secret now, it must be kept.

However while this was happening and on Lady B and I returning to the rest of the group, they had found another “body” in the box.  This body proved to be a very important body and one that I would have been very keen to have been present when awakened.  I’m sure that awakening, if that is the correct word and finding Fabio pointing a gun at you in issuing pointed threats is far from a charming greeting.  Yet she did not feel threatened in the least, she was aghast at the sight of me.  She proved to be the equivalent of the Fabricator General for the Mass Conveyor Ship.  Other information I gleaned from the others later that the STC were located towards the spine of the ship.  That there was a rebellion onboard the ship and that she was placed in stasis, though by who and for what reason is unknown. Sons of the End were mentioned, I assume they are the rebel faction? She agreed with my assessment that the Mechanicus had devolved since her time was indeed accurate.  Fabio’s continued threatening with the gun caused her to point her finger at his weapon and disassemble it before everyone’s eyes.  Whereupon she informed to no one in particular she had business elsewhere, and vanished in a haze.  This technology I did not even have a hint of knowing, but I was certainly keen to know about. 

The party then went about looting as per usual with my assistance opening doors, however the damage I had sustained from the power overload had severely compromised my systems so I advised that I was going to go to the servitor workshop near the docking port to attempt repairs.  If there were any catastrophic explosions then that would most likely be me, failing is some simple task.  My motto “The Impossible I can do, simple is a fuck up”.  So the impossible I perform beyond the wildest dreams.  I have repaired my system to full operational status, all bugs and glitches have been removed, and that tinnitus problem is gone for good.  This takes me some time during which the rest of the group do what they do best – LOOT.

As you may be aware this fellow acolytes are motivated not by any higher moral codes of devotion to a greater good but to that of greed and advancement.  Certainly Lady B and Else have shown that, I have not observed Horst or Fabio long enough to know better.  Looting is by far the only time I see them enjoy themselves with such gay abandon, though Fabio and Else seem to exhibit that without much prodding.

Looting, right.  Else being the ever inquisitive bugger (literally) found a hidden framework that lead into the storage hanger section.  There the greedy sods first sighed loudly in joy, then passed squirts of body fluid of fear as they saw the Iron Men that stood inside.  Horst being from the Hive Worlds was not overly troubled but was certainly in awe at what was packed into this area.  Four large cargo containers, eight Iron Men and a wheeled vehicle of a configuration he had never seen before.  It took some time before the entire group was able to muster and enter this section of the ship.  That is the Hero, that is ME had rejoined the group after having fixed all his problems and made them go away.  Need I say there was a definite spring in my suspension?

The first cargo container was stacked with datalslates that had me pocket some and a couple on CRAPpER-ONE.  A quick scan indicated a processing capacity twenty times what the Mechanicus currently used, even that used on the Inquisitors ship.  

The next container held tomes, books and dataslates.  Very interesting, will investigate if time permits.

The third container held bars of platinum, which I knew immediately, Horst had to scratch him head and think about but the other three mutants had no idea what they were – well apart that they were a metal of some sort.

The final container was a treasure trove and proved to be the personal effects of the Lord.  They were some mummified dogs, a strange table and device with straps and wires, an eagle which activated and attached itself to Lady B (same as EMMA and the mastiff to Fabio).  There was a mechanical spider that activated and leapt at me, but it emitted binaric coding that soothed any warning alarms my system could emit and it impaled itself into my chest and lodged onto my ribcage.  I could feel it working itself into my biomechanical systems, but could not determine exactly what was being done.  Yet my systems were not registering alarms or system breaches that would compromise security or integrity.  I was able to identify the device as being made by the presumed extinct Jokaero, as their symbol or maker was located on it.

Found weird personal effects?  Ancestor in urn.  A box with an antique monocle. Mechanical eye on a stand.  Chest of jewelry.  Antique watch (Seko). Pair of duelling pistols. A strange bone knife with metal weaved through it.  Cigars.  Skull encased in gold. Pair of alligator shoes. Dagger with translucent metal blade. Tome titled Weird and Wonderful. Ring (Security). Cherub with wings (activates only for Lady B – sings her praises constantly, extremely annoying asked for it to be put back in box, no one objected).

The group started to see what items may be of use to each other.  Horst took the mechanical eye from the stand and we stood transfixed in horror as the eye shot a tendril into Horsts eye and plucked it out. I then travelled along the tendril reassembling itself to become a replacement eye in Horsts head. I collected Horsts discarded eye and sealed it in a medical container for safe keeping, you never know when he may need a replacement at some point in the future, or maybe someone else...  The shock though to his system of this process was I would guess like my power overload, so I made him comfortable, made sure the others didn’t steal his boots or belongings.  Planted several incriminating items on him just in case I needed a scapegoat in the future, hey you never know?

Time ripples occur and my record keeping is out of order.  The Monocle discovered and that Horst uses in conjunction with his mechanical eye (hoping it might pair) proves to be an X-Ray capable viewing object. However the one use depletes it power, I am pressed into service to repower the device.  I am rather hesitant to perform this action based on the ill luck the group has been “blessed” with since setting foot back on this ship.  However I have given assurances that I had every reasonable chance to safely power the device.  Clearly reasonable is not in fates dictionary as the device blew up with extraordinary vindictiveness.  It was then that I discovered that my spider provided a power field, it sapped considerable reserves, but considering the excess power absorbed from the previous explosion I was not hurt, just surprised and disturbed.

Artwork from the internet so copyright to studio and original owners.

Artwork from the internet so copyright to studio and original owners.

The looting continues through the containers.  I discover a cube with intricate circuitry which as I hold it up to exam, activated the spider.  It absorbs the cube into its structure and then moves to my back where it starts another process of integration.    I also find a book in old earth Germanic Die Hun Shandt (or something like that, the cryptography is a bit off at present).

Fabio finds a prize that will keep him forever happy, a mirror that tells him how handsome and beautiful he is – or was it Lady B who found it?  I can’t remember all I do recall is the cat fight and name calling as determined who had ownership of the talking mirror of vanity.  Personally I see it as warp tainted and would have had it destroyed, but only after having examined it thoroughly.  Perhaps a helmet made of this mirror could be useful?    Fabio did find a rapier hilt that extended a power field which formed a blade.  I did attempt to get him to hold the hilt facing him with the expectation the blade extended from the hilt, but the weapon trained warrior was to canny to fall for my ruse and prank.  He also found a bag of metal marbles (35 in all), which we found out later was some form or nanite healing device. Lady B found a dataslate in old latin but failed to show me it, I heard it discussing it with the others.  I shall have to do something about have a look at it.

Lady B hopes that she can activate the Iron Men by coming into proximity of them, but they fail to activate.  She finds out from the eagle or PARROT as it is now called, that the power source has been depleted from these units and that they are currently inoperable. I then question whether the power cells we secured from the robots might be usable with the Iron Men, but they prove incompatible.  A debate rages over whether or not to activate the other robot, but considering the disastrous success of the last one it was decided to leave it inert.

Horst regains consciousness and rejoins society a better man so he tells us stating the exact dimensions of Lady B, her cup and dress size.  He is given a dressing down by Lady B as he’s told that her cup size is at least two larger than he quoted and that she is two sizes smaller than he said for dresses.  Clearly the device he had implanted in his skull is defective.  The glare she is giving him though could strip varnish from wooden surfaces.  Horst though pushes ahead and asks about the vehicle, can she access entry.  Lady B says yes, and the party enter the vehicle expecting it to be inert.  

At this point there is a ripple in the fabric of the time space continuum in which we see Horst press every button on the console, hoping to see the vehicle come to life.  Well the vehicle did come to life, weapon system activated and fired the missile launcher at the Iron Men, destroying all but 3, the Lord’s personal effects went up in smoke, there was much weeping and gnashing teeth.  Thankfully I had nothing to do with this, and after the god of fate was pointed out to the worthwhile Horst the hole was plugged and reality was restored.

Horst bit back his impulse to slap every button he could see.  He turned around to see me glaring at him and shaking my head; he got the message and took his hands away from the console.  Sighed a relief, put his hands in his pockets only to pull one of them out holding a Class One Prohibited Item.  He swore profusely, and quickly pocketed it, mind you, in another pocket that I hadn’t seen before!
Lady B had found out through her PARROT that the vehicle had a name, and that name was Francine.  Francine, really, of all names for such an honourable and ancient vehicle this was the best her creators could give her.  I’ll have to fix that.  

The door to the main hanger has been opened and we explore a part way in.  A body is located and while the others are unfamiliar with it I know the creature as an Orc.  One of the greenskin race that plague the universe.  It is now that the group, particularly the mutants are getting concerned about the lack of communication from the Inquisitors ship. They have been trying for some time now to contact the ship; I certainly am not keen to return.  Nor am I keen to try this Dropship that they have found located in another hanger, which none of the group can pilot.

At some point through the constant conversations the group directed me to interface with the vehicle.  I saw this as an impossible task, now what did I say about my motto “the impossible I can do!” The link was unbelievably perfect; I don’t know whether it was the Jokaero implant or that it was my superiority that enabled this perfect linking of machine spirit and Mechanicus mind.  Our minds were meshed; it was as though Wolf of Iron had been waiting eons for the right mind interface to unlock its full potential.  I was able to unlock schematics, routes throughout the ship, information that would have taken hours to obtain was now at my finger tips, or actually mind impulse.  It was beautiful, and I was lost in a world that not even the Forgeworld could have given me.

With the vehicles activation somewhere on this ship there was another presence that was directing creatures of malevolence towards us.  Wolf of Iron woke me from my reverie “anomalous life forms approaching from direction 265 degree ship rotation bow-wards, speed 10km/ph, ETA 3 minutes”. I advised the group, we agreed to back the Wold of Iron back to allow its missiles ample kill zones, however it advised me there was no need, it had another way to destroy the target and to leave the mission to her.  I left targeting acquisition and firing in its control and waited while the group anxiously awaited the arrival of the enemy.  They soon arrived, a large brute with a number of smaller creatures similar to those we had encountered in our first mission (did I tell you I had recovered my first mission memories – cunning aren’t I).  Unknown and unseen to us, Wolf of Iron had activated the internal crane system and secured a cargo container of plasma fuel.  It then dropped with decent accuracy the container on the lead element creatures, canisters of fuel spilling from the ruptured hulls.  The vehicle rocked ever so slightly as a missile streaked into fuel, detonating the load and immolating the entire group.  I praised Wolf of Iron over our link, and it hummed with appreciation and admiration that someone had come for it.  Wolf of Iron was active, and it would not stand down.  I also will not willingly leave Wolf of Iron, our link is personal now.  I have very little understanding of these matters, I shall have to study and investigate.  However I feel and kinship here I do not feel with the others in this group.

With the creatures eliminated the discussions return to where to go.  Still can’t raise the Interrogator (good), so the group decide to go straight to the Overlords hold in the ship.  Wolf of Iron states it cannot enter that section of the ship.  It only has protocols for this Lord or Ladies holding.  There are no other entry points.  It displays a variety of troops available to the Overlord for his/her defence, they include a Knight Titan. I persuade the group that it is in their best interest that a frontal assault is suicide.  Finally a journey is decided to be made to the ship Enginerium to talk (that is I have to do the talking and most likely get my mind fried).

Wolf of Iron reveals it has provisions on board but they are high end goods and only enough for 2 days.  The journey is 17.2 km to the Enginerium, so I advise the group to return to the docking bay to collect sufficient food and water in the event of any delays.  Always plan for the worse is my motto.  They set off and as a prank I park Wolf of Iron around the corner out of sight.  As to whether this is for the better I’m unsure for as the group return an actual creature of the warp enters real space.  Wolf of Iron advises me it cannot lock onto the target, though it can detect it.  Firing might be difficult; however Missiles might be a problem with collateral damage to all concerned.

Daemons though have dangers associated with them and two members of the group fall prey the mind wrenching horror they inflict.  Horst cannot help but feel sick at the creature’s appearance and starts to vomit uncontrollably – this is not helped with having a sealed helmet on.  Fabio faints at the sight of a creature more beautiful than him while Lady B and Else do their best to combat the creature.  During this brutal and to be honest one sided combat I have backed up Wolf of Iron to retrieve CRAPpER-ONE and prepare to load on survivors and flee for our lives.  I did not see the actual battle but I witnessed it results.  Else was stark naked, the creature had used its whip to strip his armoured protection from him as though he was a crustacean for the eating.  However, at this point something happened the creature had retreated back to warp.  I now have some deep suspicions about these mutants, just how tainted with the warp are they?  Can they be trusted allies, or merely tools to be used and expended against the eternal war against the warp?  Truly Horst seems the only human one amongst this group, but even I can see I small glint of madness in his eyes.

++Personal Encrypted Journal++
Well the excrement has hit the fan.  The Interrogator will be taking a number of actions now.  She will think that from the huge multimelta explosion and subsequent link damage I and the party have suffered damage and casualties.  With the huge power overload, and the complete severance of the link and my repair and restoration (thanks to my crafty and paranoid backups) the Interrogator will believe I am dead and that the group is also the same.  Especially seeing that no communication is coming in or out.  However I know that she is not that sort of person and I expect that she will send a kill team in to retrieve whatever we have found.  Why? Because she expects me to be duplicitous, it’s my nature.  I wanted to be free, it was and always is my driving modus operandi.  She knows that unless there is a body, I’ve gone rogue, and in a ship with this technology I’m a threat.  Can I trust these people though?  I know Wolf of Iron will defend me, though she also has protocols for Lady B.  Who knows, the future is unknown.  All I know is that I’m in danger now, I can’t go back no matter what.
++End Encrypted Journal++

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Four Against Darkness

This is my latest "addiction" at present and what a captivating game this is.  Many long time readers and people who know me will be aware that I spend about 95% of my time at home.  I get an occasional visitor (gamer), but for the majority of my time I am left to my own devices.  I have a fair number of games that are solo and are quite good, but the set up and take down times compared to this little gem are quite different in scale.  In 4AD I can set up in less than a minute where with a traditional board game I probably still trying to get the box off the shelf, onto the table, opening it and just getting the contents out!

The game gives you enough scope to play with, which is what I want.  I've been a GM for many years, since the 70's actually and I remember the very early days of silliness of a 10 by 10 room stuffed with monsters and treasures without comprehending the dimensions at the time!  The game hearkens back to a simple time of just wandering the halls, encountering naughty creatures begging to be exterminated in the name of whatever greater cause you believe in, or you just happen to be bloodthirsty hooligans.  

I have just recently finished my first 20 adventures playing the standard monsters in the first book shown above.  Then I became aware of Fiendish Foes, so I propose that the next 20 adventures will be filled with the creatures and treasure generated from those tables.  I have in those first 20 adventures cycled through a fair number of characters, lost a few, and have now some at level 4, but have all the characters (classes if you like) that are available.  Yippee!  So it's onward, and awaiting more releases.

I posted a video on YouTube to celebrate my 20 Adventures and spread the word of this marvelous game. I noticed a few comments on other platforms asking about the printing and such of my rule books so I will now explain my set up.

The A5/20 Ring Binder
For starters I obtained my 4AD as PDF files and printed them on my home printer (rather expensive in the long run).  I used the option of booklet and double sided printing which meant that an A4 page could be cut down the center and placed into the plastic pockets I had obtained.  Originally I have folded the pages and attempted to staple the lot, but the thickness of the booklet was too much was a standard office type stapler.

A5 Clear Pocket
This is the heart of keeping everything together for my booklets.  Works well.  In Australia we have a chain recently opened (well it's been here a few years now) called Daiso, sort of like a 100 Yen shop.  Everything is AUS$2.80 (mostly), so for a small outlay I have been able to house my rules in a nifty folder and plastic sleeves, helps when you have a liking for chocolate coated peanuts.

The Grid Book
Where would you be without the grid book to create your dungeon(s).  I wanted to be able to store and record my dungeons I created.  Very cheap AUS$1.60, so I can record 48 dungeons in total before moving on to the next one.

Adventure #20 By this time I had run out of names...
I have recorded the details of each dungeon and I'm typing them up and intend to paste them on the left hand side of the dungeon to record the number of monsters encountered in total, treasure obtained, character advancements achieved or failed etc.  Yes I am that anal I guess when it comes to record keeping.

So for those who are reading this for the first time and have not seen my amateur video production, you can find the link to the lavish production below!


Till next time.

The Hon. John

Saturday, June 2, 2018

This Scale is Broken Challenge Week #11

I have returned to losing weight!

Starting Weight: 231.49lb
Previous Weeks Weight: 218.26lb
This Weeks Weight: 216.05lb
Total weight lost: 15.44lb
Percentage: 6.7

LOST:  2.21lb

So I'm back on the bandwagon thanks to my gut wrenching medication!