Sunday, July 18, 2010

PAINTED FIGURES - Warheads - Gui Le Batard

PAINTED FIGURES - Warheads - Sir Beauregard

PAINTED FIGURES - Warheads - Mold

PAINTED FIGURES - Warheads - Norman Scum

PAINTED FIGURES - Warheads - Shady Jack

PAINTED FIGURES - Warheads - Toland

PAINTED FIGURES - Warheads - Brother Oswald

PAINTED FIGURES - Warheads - Oi!

PAINTED FIGURES - Warmachine - Caine

PAINTED FIGURES - Warmachine - Journeyman Warcaster

PAINTED FIGURES - Warmachine - Strangeways

PAINTED FIGURES - Warmachine - Cannon Crew

PAINTED FIGURES - Warmachine - Rifle Grenadier

PAINTED FIGURES - Warmachine - Officer & Sniper

PAINTED FIGURES - Warmachine - Rangers

PAINTED FIGURES - Warmachine - Rangers

PAINTED FIGURES - Warmachine - Rangers

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Something's Brewing - Malifaux Tournament

I attended the one day Malifaux Tournament today (Saturday July 17th 2010).

I played three games over the day. Once again The Guild: Lady Justice (20 points), against The Guild but this time the Ortega Family lead by Perdita (30 points), and finally against the Arcanists: Ramos (40 points).

This has to be the most successful tournament that I have attended in a long time. I lost my first game against Lady Justice (2:4), won the second against Perdita (4:2) and won the final game against Ramos (4:2).

I came 4th overall.

Prize Winners.

Simon (Erryll Flynn) 1st Place (Perorder of Malifaux Expansion: Rising Powers)
James (Jimmy35) Best Sports and Second Place (Perorder of Malifaux Expansion: Rising Powers)
John (AncientOne) Best Painting ($30 worth of Bases and other goodies from Love, Dice and Paintbrushes)
Owen (Ramierez) Steampunk Mushroom Award.

So I'm a happy chappy at present. I am honoured that the players on the day choose my figures for Best Painted, so I thank them for this accolade.