Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Some new titles to the board game collection.

Why do I continue to do it?  That's what I continually ask myself after I buy a game and the euphoria of the new rush has washed away.  I only get to play games at the club once if I'm lucky and it's not always the game I bring along so why or why do I continually buy more games...

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Retail Changes - Penneys Limited

Recently we had some flooding in Queensland thanks to Cyclone Debbie and as is my usual run of bad luck I suffered water damage in the house.  This time in an area that I had thought was water proofed, it just goes to show you that no plan is ever perfect.

As part of the clean up I had to open many soggy boxes of papers and books and rescue what I could.  Amongst them was an interesting nugget I thought I would share.  For people my age and older Penneys was a land mark building in the Brisbane CBD, it was absorbed into Coles (according to it's website in 1956?).

The Staff Guid and a Staff Magazine

I found this passage in the booklet really interesting to read about some things you do not do!
Interesting as to whether staff tell Managers these days if competitors sell identical goods cheaper?

No smoking! But it's not for your health reasons, but for the safety of stock.

Use imagination as to the wants and needs of the customer...
...every customer leaving... goes away feeling friendly and satisfied.
Co-operates and works with fellow employees...
Do not press them to buy... not handle the line... direct... to where the line may be obtained.

From the Magazine of Penneys Personnel
Examples of Good and Bad Work!

Yes they celebrated staff milestones!
It's an interesting time shot from over 60 years ago.  Pity our practices in many ways have changed, not always for the better.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Warmachine Awards from 2005

When Warmachine came out it was a breath of fresh air into a (at the time) stale gaming industry.  The community was small(ish) in Brisbane but was friendly and competitive, good people to game with.  The current community doesn't seem to me to be the same, but it's just the way the game has evolved over time and who's been attracted to the game.  Then I'm always that old stick in the mud...