Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just a small prick!

Doctors today. Injections today. I'm now sick!

Not much to report. Well, actually even though I've not been that well I have been pottering around in my Lair. I've finished four warcasters for my Retribution and Lord Chompy Bits which you can see various stages of progress below. I will try and get a better photo of the troops, as the shots really don't do the model any justice.

I also finished my War Rocket Valkeeri. Wasn't very imaginative with the paint design and copied the style that the Valkeeri have from Hydra Miniatures. Look good though, but need more ships?

Kirai's Crew is almost done, just Kirai to do and that will be them out of the way.

Ophelia's Crew is next and I've decided on using the Western style bases from Fiendish Fabrications. Might even do some tumbleweeds if I can get them right (I have it in my mental picture, but it doesn't always work out when you put it into practice).

Well I'm off to pop some more painkillers and contemplate the meaning of life!

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