Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kings of War - Undead versus Elves

Had a game with Michael C at the Blind Pig today, 2000 points.  I took my Elves, Michael his Undead,

Played Scenario 6 Kill and Pillage, which uses Scenario 4 setup details.  Consequentially we used the victory conditions from Scenario 4.

Initially the Elves had great success with their shooting, especially with the Elite attribute.

In the end Michael controlled 3 objectives to my 2 therefore winning the game.

The line, Archer Horde, Tallspears and Therennian Sea Guard.

The Chariots caught and mauled.  Mind you the Zombie Legion was on it's
death bed.  They died the next round from missile fire.  Chariots were interesting
but I don't think I'll include them next time.

Palace Guard rout the Werewolves with the help of the Drakon Rider Lord.
Wraiths high Defense was a winning plan to success.

I took Argus Rodinar and while I made use of his ability, it was of
limited use.  Only one friendly unit gains the benefit and the fact he can't
move (Speed 0) meant he was there for the game.

Last turn.  Stormwind Cavalry died to the flank attack from Wraiths
and the frontal assault from the Vampire Lord.

 There was a Buy Swap Sell event at the club and I picked up a swag of Orcs and Goblins (GW).  My Goblins are now beginning to firm up.  The Orcs will take a little while longer to build.  Hoping to have the Goblins ready for the next Pig in October.

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