Sunday, October 16, 2011

Monday, the start of a new week

It's the start of a new week.

Children have a pupil free day.  So one's home sleeping, the other is out socialising.

Had the last stitches removed, and am pleased that they are out.  I can scratch without being overly cautious now.

Spent the weekend looking at my English Civil War figures.  I bought (or traded I can't remember now) some ECW from a friend years ago.  I had thought they were bare metal or partial painted.  To my surprise I found that a fair few have been painted.  They aren't works of art, but with a black wash and a nice base they will pass muster.  My dilemma now is which set of lists to work from for a DBA~RRR army.  I like the lists that the DBA~RRR writers produced.  They give you a little leeway compared to the DBA~Extension for 1500AD - 1900AD.  I now have I think sufficient based elements to field both sides.  I will have a couple of dry runs against myself to see how the lists play out and make a final decision in the weeks to come.  I was thinking of introducing a variable list so that it could reflect to my understanding of the period, the lack lustre recruitment of troops.  I think it would help stop an opponent from taking a tooled list each and every time.  Mind you I only see myself playing this period, so my games will most likely be few and far between.  Once the bases have dried I will post some pictures of the troops.

I've finally managed to track down some old TV shows I enjoyed watching.  Gargoyles (a Disney animation series) and Reboot (CGI animation).  Reboot I enjoyed immensely, as it was whitty and may have gone over the heads of some viewers unless they had a broad based education in literature and arts.  I have seen the new Thundercats animation and I enjoyed it.  Lastly the Nero Wolf Mysteries.  I can understand why the series was cancelled after two seasons.  Using certain cast members to play different roles in different episodes showed a series with a budget restriction.  However I did enjoy it for the entertainment it provided.  Certainly not as classy as the Hercule Poirot series by/with David Suchet.

My daughter started her first job at McDonald's this weekend past.  On Saturday, her first day she was really nervous.  It didn't help much when Dana and her mother argued and fought on that day.  It took Dad to sit with her and provide her the encouragement and support that she wanted.  She needed that from me, and I was gratified with her love in return.  I love my children.  She finished the weekend saying that she would not be able to eat McDonald's again.  Certainly she smelt of cooking oil, with it permeating everything she wore and her hair.  Thankfully a hot shower, and she was back to spending hours straightening her hair (she has naturally wavy hair).

I've yet to pick up a paint brush and actually start produceing figures.  I'm looking at my huge Lord of the Rings collection and debating the merit of making them into Hordes of the Things armies.  I just don't know if I want to do that.  Yet they aren't doing anything otherwise, except take up 8 underbed storage tubs.  What to do, what to do?

So that's me for the start of the week.  Totally committed to nothing.

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