Monday, October 3, 2011

Bloody Weather & Update

Actually it's just the changing of seasons and my usual "hay fever" attacks.  I am hoping it goes away real soon so that I can finish a few figures off.

I bought Dreadfleet off Luke at the weekend.  Talk about no value for money.  I am pleased that I gave GW the smallest profit margin by purchasing it from an independent stockist.  Compared to the Space Hulk release, this game is a lemon.  Certainly if you go by weight ratio.  Still reading the rules - well attemptin to read them is more correct.  I bought the game only for the figures and terrain.  Time will tell if this game has any play life or if it will be consigned to being a shelf warmer.

Doctors and PA Hospital appointments this week. Sigh.

Have to wait until November for any games at the Blind Pig.  Only two more meets for this year before the club's holiday break.  It really does make me think about the dedication and reliablity that Bec and Paul provide us every meet.  Paul has to hook up the trailer and deliver it to the venue.  Bec has the extra tables and terrain plus the victuals to feed and water the plebs.  They are the only ones who do this.  No sleep in, no "I think I'll stay home today" options.  Thanks Bec and Paul.

I should also mention the chaps who set up and pack up each meet.  Simon, Pat, Leslie, and Jason are the regular regulars, there are others who help on and off dependent on their availability, but these are the lads who can be relied on.  Oh and I'm one who helps as well.  If I've forgotten anyone, then please forgive me as I do tend to not see the forest for the trees.

Eyesight is back to normal now. 

Other health issues are still issues and unlikely to change.

Till next time...

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