Friday, October 14, 2011

English Civil War Update

I have started on the rebasing of my English Civil War figures to the DBA~RRR convention. 
The list II/21 English Civil War Royalist 1641-1643


1x4Kn(g) or 4Pi(g) or 3Cv(g) or 4Pk(g), 1x4Kn (Cavaliers), 1x4Sh (Musketeers)

Choose 9 from the following:

0-6 4Kn (Cavaliers), 0-1 Dr (Dragoons), 0-4 (1x4Sh + 1x4Pk) (Musketeers and pikemen), 0-1 4Sh (Firelocks), 0-1 4Bd (Billmen), 0-1 Hd (Countrymen armed with farm tools or cudgels), 0-1 Gun or Can (Gallaoper guns or Demi-culverins and sakers)

That is the list I’m starting with.  I’ve done the 1x4Kn(g) element.  Lobster suits and cuirass where possible. 10x4Kn.  These are my Cavaliers. 2xGun/Cannon. 6x4Sh + 6x4Pk.  The pike are ringers at the moment.  They are actually Scots, but I’m in the process of resurrecting some pike to take their place.

So from this I can build a list as follows:

1xKn(g), 6xKn, 2xSh + 2xPk, 1xGun/Can

Now I have to decide how to do the opposition, those nasty Parliamentarians (boo, hiss).

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