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HoTT Dwarf Army List

I have brushed the dust off my dwarves for HoTT.  I think that I had started them as DBF, but at present am too lazy to reinvent the wheel.  So here's my dwarf kingdom and its list options.
The Kingdom of Highsnow Peak
The following is a listing of forces available to the Dwarf nation of Highsnow Peak. 

King Snowbrow
0-1 Hero (General) @4pts
The current King is Da’ryn Snowbrow.  As is the custom of his people, once he ascends the throne he is bound by the rules and customs of his people.  Should King Snowbrow take to the field of battle or leaves the mountain hold of his people he is carried on a throne by his three councillors.  His councillors grumble much whenever the King leaves home, and they do their best to discourage him from doing so.  Carrying the King was never seen as one of the perks of the job.  The King himself directs battle from his newly acquired height advantage and encourages his son Ger’bl to do the actual fighting for him.  Accompanying him is his standard and old drinking mate.  They try to do as little as possible, hoping that Ger’bl brings home the bacon.

Captain of the Guard
0-1   Blade (General) @ 2pts
The current Captain is Lem’ng Steeltoe, a crafty and well placed dwarf in the Kings high esteem.  Lem’ng likes his position and the power he has at his disposal.  He adores his King, who is his nephew, twice removed – and does all the dirty work of maintaining law and order within the kingdom.  His troops are on constant manoeuvres, and he has to deal with a lot of discontent with regime of discipline.  Needless to say there is not a better dwarf in the kingdom to manage the army, and his victories to date ensure his popularity, despite his detractors.

Warrior Ranks
0-12 Blade @ 2pts
These troops are the pick of the kingdom.  Drilled relentlessly by Steeltoe, they may grumble a lot, but they are proud of who they are. 
0-4 Spear@2pts
Troops trained to fight in the tunnels and passageways of the dwarfs. 

Clan Ranks
0-8 Warband @2pts
The rank and file of the army is the clans.  In desperate times the King has had to draw upon his fellow dwarfs for troops.  This hasn’t occurred in some time, due to success of Steeltoe in keeping any battlefield losses to a minimum.  However, during hard campaigns they are called upon to relieve other troops, thus allowing time for rest and recuperation of these dwarfs.

Missile Troops
0-6 Shooters @2pts
At present the army is using crossbows as it primary missile delivery system.  The new hand cannons are still a novelty and have not yet reached production stage.  Dwarfs prefer to mix it with their opponents in melee, so there are not a lot of them that take to the long range dispatch of opponents.  Fine for hunting game, but not opponents.

The Cursed
0-4 Horde@1pt
The Cursed are a forlorn groups of dwarfs.  At some point in pre-recorded history they offended the gods in a big way.  The end result was they never advanced beyond sharp knives and eating raw meat.  The other trick is that they can’t die, that’s right – immortality.  They have given up hope of redemption or forgiveness, and have to be goaded into action to be of any tactical use.  Vaporised, pulverised, hacked and gutted, they always come back, and they are always morose.  The King has a special hall where he locks them up in between their uses.  It’s sad, but true.

Secret Service
0-2   Sneakers@3pts
The Sneakers are the eyes and ears of the kingdom.  Often seen hiding behind bushes, drapes and out back toilets.  Nothing escapes their notice.  Handy with garrotte, stiletto and a dash of poison. 

Artillery Regiment
0-3   Artillery@3pts
Big guns means big business, and Highsnow Peak has made an industry of it.  A highly profitable arm of the kingdom, which the crown supervisees and counts the profits from.  No self respecting warlord in the world would want anything but a Highsnow Cannon.  “Excellent bang for your buck, or it’s f&*Ked” is the motto of this arms industry.

Steelblade Raptors
0-3  Airboat@ 3pts
Living on a mountain peak makes travelling about tedious if not downright tiring.  Yes the dwarfs invented the elevator and escalator but they also invented flying.  This technology is never for sale and is a closely guarded secret.  All Raptors have a self destruct mechanism wired to the life of the pilot.  Once he’s dead, or he fails to enter the correct shut down sequence, the vehicle explodes. 

Civilised Giant
0-1   Behemoth@4pts
The local giant population learnt long ago that keeping away the local tourists kept them fed and appreciated by the dwarfs who really don’t take kindly to begging strangers and the odd tourist.  Diplomats that make the journey to Highsnow Peak have to run the gauntlet of hungry giants to even get a chance to ring the doorbell.  This suits the king well, and he rewards the Giants with an education (of sorts) and generous amounts of grog.


Early Period Dwarf Army

Middle Period Dwarf Army

Later Period Dwarf Army

Mad King Og’s Army of Missiles

King Da’ryn Snowbrow’s Army
1xAirboats@3pts or 1xSneakers@3pts

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