Thursday, October 6, 2011

Medical Update!

Yea I survived my trip to the PA.

I had two little pieces of me to removed.  Celts were never meant to be exposed to the level of sunlight here downunder.  Both my children agree with me, as they say "there nothing wrong being white."

So I managed the traffic, despite the traffic and the wet weather.  Got there half an hour before hand, and found that they only "man" the desk at 8:30am.  Yes I am very retentive when it comes to being places, I seem to have the irrational fear of being late.

Practiced my Jedi meditation techniques, slowed down the breathing and found that little place where all true practitioners go.  Right on 9am I trotted in.  Registrar introduced himself, went through the routine.  Told me that some nerves may be damaged around the eye.  I said to him that I don't sue doctors who do their job.  Doctors are not god, and people should not expect the miraculous where medicine is concerned.  I should have some nice scar work, which I will find some spectacular reason for.

I got a shock when he started dotting and drawing lines on my arm.  I initially thought it would be a small incission.  It was almost 3" across.  The eye, about a third (or was it a half, I can't remember now).  I confess I was alarmed at this stage and was anticipating the level of anxiety it engendered. 

For the record I have a great fear of needles and slicing blades.  It has been a while since I had to have a local, in the past most of my ops have been with general.  Being awake for the process was... well disconcerting.  The needle prick was fine (all right I winced), the the local hit the nerves.  It stung like hell, I'd forgotten just how unpleasant it is.  So I spent the time clenching my right fist to take my mind of things.  It worked.

The cutting and stitches were fine.  I could feel the pushing and prodding, but no pain.

In the end I was out by 10am and home by 10:35.

All up I am happy with the public health system.  I think that if people treated the system with respect, rather than asking the impossible, everyone would be happy.  The staff were all marvelous.

I now have to wait for the results.  If things are bad, I will be notified soon, otherwise I find out in March of next year.  Fine by me either way. 

So at the moment I have a dull ache on the temple, but not even a twinge on the arm.  You don't know just how your muscles and skins stretches until you've had surgery.  I'm also realising just how much I rely on my left arm to do things, I am right handed.

So stiches for the eye out in 7 days, arm in 10 days.

Here's hoping that I manage to dodge another bullet.  Considering that Fate is firing a machine gun I'm not sure how much longer it will happen.  Aren't I such a cheerful bugger.

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