Monday, June 19, 2017

Once in a Blue Moon!

Once in a Blue Moon!  People who know me well know that I have little if no luck.  Yet every now and then in what I refer to as a Blue Moon I will be favoured by a Blue Moon.  The lovely people at Games World Carindale (Westfield) [Australia] had a pre-order competition for the new 8th Edition 40K release Dark Imperium.  I saved my pennies and entered and today was advised I was the lucky winner of the boxed edition of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  

I am thankful on many levels for this prize.  I'd like to thank Mark of Games World and Games Workshop for the box, it will be cherished and appreciated.  

Me (on left) and Mark (on right) of Games World.
My prize - I will have to start painting, but wait I have the new 8th Edition 40K Dark Imperium...
In ending please consider supporting Games World Carindale (Westfield), it is a family run business located in the busy Westfield shopping centre of Carindale.  The shop has a wonderful range of games and items for all ages from puzzles to statues.  The latest craze of fidget spinners are in stock (in and out of constantly, but good supply and better quality than some).

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