Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What clubs had I been part of?

Someone asked me the other day to write down what clubs I've been associated with, either as a member or executive officer.  Had to have a think about that and have placed them down in roughly chronical order.

M = Member
E = Executive Officer of various positions.
F = Founding Member

Griffith University Tacticians and Strategists (M) (Unknown)
Queensland Role Players (M, E) (Extinct)
Brisbane Independent Gamers (M)
Club Tanelorn (F, E) (Extinct)
QMGC (Warhounds) (M, E) (Extinct)
The Praetorians (F, E) (Extinct)
Brisbane Strategy Gamers (F,E) (Extinct)
The Blind Pig Games Club (M)

Extinct means that as far as I am aware the club no longer functions or evolved into another club under another name.  Club Tanelorn I believe became League of Extraordinary Gamers.

Currently I devote my time and effort to the Blind Pig.



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