Monday, June 8, 2015

Queens Birthday Napoleonic Bash

I took photo's which means I have given the game the "kiss of death" to me winning.  Due to my many problems with family and health evening games are hard to come by these days which means Andrew has to roll the dice and hope we can get a game in.  This Queens Birthday public holiday was one where the "Signs were Right" and we were able to battle away.

Picking the wrong list again (the one with the large battalions) was the wrong one, but did better performing actions against the french than the rest of my army did.  Not out-scouting the french meant that I had to resort to drawn maps and troops placement - something I fail at when anticipating my opponents intention.

Below will be photo's of action of the day with comments.  I lost, no big surprise there.  Hopefully better next time round.

Sorry for the poor photo's, I only have a tablet with which to work that has better than odds with taking shots.  So the quality will vary - sorry.

The french main deployment.  Andrew has been painting more
french - as if he needs anymore.  All his cavalry were fresh painted
troops that were getting their first blooding.

From memory Guard of some variety or another.  Bearskins for one.

french captivation with buildings is disturbing.
This lot spend most of the game holed up.

Prussians bravely advancing towards the enemy.

Never have any success with cavalry.  They either fail (90% of the
time) or extraordinarily do something that totally bemuses Andrew.

Right flank getting stuck into the "entrenched" french.
The Hussars were badly mauled by artillery overshot.

Cavalry engage.  Troops side-step or go to square, expecting the worse.

There is the much reduced Hussars from artillery fire.  One casualty
on the column, but 3 causalities on the horse.  Honestly all I can do is cry at times like this.

Well at least the other french artillery had their line of fire blocked
more times by their own troops.  Mind you the heavy artillery was nice to
see on the table.  The Elite Miniatures pieces are large!

Yes, we charged and made inroads.  I learnt a long time ago that
assaulting buildings was difficult going.  Here is where the large
battalions allowed me to soak up the damage, while reducing the
french capacity to remain viable.
Second unit of Hussars caught between two anvils.

french Lancers engage, they have the advantage.
Andrew failed to break me, I did two causalities, I needed sixes! 
Having driven off the Lancers, I was engaged and survived a round
with the other french cavalry.  Survived for a brief period before
being broken and fleeing the battlefield. 

Last throw of the die.  Taking on the artillery, sadly the shooting
phase did enough to repulse my troops and it was all downhill after that.

Fleeing and reorganisation of what I was left with.
The french gave up being brave and hid in the building again.

Left flank fighting withdrawal and forlorn hope remaining.

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