Thursday, June 11, 2015

Star Wars Armada Games 5 & 6

On Thursday I got in two games of Armada with Leslie.  This time the mission or complication to the battlefield was minefields.

Game 5: Synopsis.  I refused to enter the area of the minefields, choosing an edge, hoping that by restricting Leslie's area of operation he would activate the minefields and cop the damage instead of me.  Leslie said that he didn't enjoy the game (this time, and only time he's ever said so in all the games we've played), which I can understand as I mauled his ships, and my Tie's actually learnt what they could do.  High praise came from Leslie when he said I was playing the game the right way!

So I've won my 5th 3rd game in a row of Armada (at game 5).

Game 6: We played the minefields scenario again, slight rearrangement of mines but that was it.  I miscalculated the phase for engineering and was left without repair facilities for 3 turns, but thankfully there was an outpost that helped.  Better game for Leslie, he picked ruthlessly on my Admirals ship and on turn 5 took him down.

The end of the Admiral and his Star Destroyer.  There he is!

Now he isn't.

Leslie is jubilation of having destroyed a Star Destroyer, can't
you see the tears of joy running into his beard!

Retaliation time.  Empire killed the Rebel flag ship, can't
remember which ship it was.

Rebels did work really hard and inflicted damage to reduce the
other Star Destroyer to half it's hull points.

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