Friday, June 12, 2015

Blind Pig Club Day 13th June 2015

Good turn out with many of the regulars showing up.  My bag an Owen and Thomas request was met as they both turned up!  Of course thanks to all the regulars who help set up an pack up each time.

Over 20 people attended today (I think middle 20's not sure).

Games in play:

Star Wars Armada
Star Wars X-Wing
King of Tokyo
EPIC Armageddon
Star Flux

and there was the BSS as well.

Next meet is 18th July 2015.

See you all there.

Great start to the day, large group playing King of Tokyo.
John McD won!

X-Wing in play between Wade and Michael C.

Pat playing Armada versus Leslie, no he is not asleep.

Dreadball action between Michael S and Simon.




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