Monday, June 8, 2015

Star Wars Armada Game 4 with Leslie

Today was my fourth game of Star Wars Armada.  I'm not getting any feeling of dislike for this game or my opponent.  So a huge thanks to Leslie for allowing me to visit and enjoy a fun day of gaming.  It beats sitting at home with nothing but my illness to keep me company.

Leslie got to pick the missions available to choose from.
I had to pick one of the above as the mission we would play.
I chose Opening Salvo.

My first turn.  Learnt to keep my Tie Fighters close as a screen
which seemed to work in this game.  The one silly choice of tactics
was to sail my Assault Ship off on his own.

The Star Destroyers keeping formation and trying to keep their
main guns aimed at the enemy ships.  Assault Ship still alive.

Opening Salvo gave me an additional two red die.  I severely mauled
Princess Leia's ship, and she spent the rest of the game keeping out of
range of being shot at.

Now you see the Assault Ship!

Now you don't.  Only the Tie Fighter screen remained.

Rebel Fleet Admirals ship locked onto.  Destroyed.

Rebel ships just have that speed and maneuverability as can be
seen throughout these photos.  My slow speed and maneuverability
left me scratching the air a lot of the time.

Leia's ship hiding off out of range.

Final turn.
Leslie and I are coming to grips with the rules, learning where we have made mistakes from having others point them out to us.  It's all good.  The missions is what makes the game more than a set up and kill as many of the enemy ships as possible.

For instance with Opening Salvo the End of Game victory determination was "Each player increased his final score by half the fleet point cost of each enemy ship in the play area that has at least 1 damage card, rounded up."  Most if not all Leslie's ships had damage cards on them, where the only ship I had which did was removed from play as a casualty.

Looking at actual losses I lost an Assault Ship of 56 points (I think, I don't actually own the game so don't have the references available)  I think the one ship that Leslie lost for somewhere in the 40's.  Throw in the loss of Tie Squadrons lost and it would certainly have been a win to Leslie if the Mission Victory points had not been the determining factor.

So I'm looking forward to some more games soon, though there are more ships coming out, which should change play style as time progresses.

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