Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My best friend - Pippin

Here is the chap who currently keeps me sane and on this plane of existence.  He's not feeling very well at present and is spending a lot of time on my lap asleep or next to me.  This worries me a lot, as a penniless pensioner I really can't afford to send him to the vet, I hope that as he's only just over 1 years old he'll improve.   I hope it's a cold or something similar.

His name is Pippen, he was a gift to my daughter from a past boyfriend.  Initially I did not like dogs, I am and still am a cat person, however this little fellow has wormed his way into my heart. He is now one of the family, I love him very much.  I hope you enjoy the photographs of my little chap.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

Hello I've just had a bath and I look SHINY!

WOOF!  Who put my toy all the way over there?
I look like a bloody Ewok and Dad hates bloody Ewoks!

Am I gorgeous or what?

Play time.

Sleep time.

I'll just wake up the sleeping cat, honestly just what can go wrong...

Smile Dad I love you!

ADDENDUM: 19/07/17 Little man is well again, all is well in the world of dogs and men.  He has a nice bone to chew on and is chasing the cat around the house as if the period of melancholy was just an aberration.  Currently out in the yard doing a poo!  No I won't share photo...

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