Friday, July 21, 2017

Blind Pig Games Club 22nd July Meet

Today was the meet for the club, after a month and a bit of no serious social gaming I was looking forward to catching up with my peers.  It was a rather chilly day today, not sure the temperature, but I really wasn't warm all day.  It's winter here in Queensland for those outside Australia, and while we don't have the severe winters other nations have it can get cold enough when the wind blows.  

I brought along a selection of games, Conquest of Planet Earth, Clank!, Star Realms Love Letter, Coup, Valley of the Kings: Afterlife, Bang the Dice Game, Welcome Back to the Dungeon, Card of the Dead, Naval War and Saboteur.  Two heavy games and lots of fillers.

While waiting for the trailer to turn up with the tabletops Pat and I had a game of Star Realms, Pat won making up for the loss he suffered at my hands from the last meet when we were also using this game as a filler.

I started the setup and was going to play Clank! but one of the regulars turned up and rather than have him hand on waiting I gave up my seat to act as rules guru (yes a joke I know) and the drawer of the dragons rage!  Poor Simon who played green, I swear the cubes must be lighter than all the others of my hand could sense colours!  Michael who I gave my seat up for actually won the game in the end.  The laughter and enjoyment people had over playing this game made the purchase all the more justified.  So I highly recommend game.

Michael who won Clank! had been asked by me to bring his copy of Viticulture, which plays up to six and we got the six people to play.  This is another game that went down well with those who played and everyone is looking forward to another chance to play now that they know the rules.

Valley of the Kings: Afterlife was the closing game for the day.  I managed a win, which is in itself highly unusual.

Paul the owner of Blind Pig and BPLaser brought along his latest project the Sailing Ship, and it is awesome!  I must have two when I can afford it, when I have no idea it all mounts up the bills, but I shall have to have two, just to have boarding actions and the like.

The clubs next meet is the 29th July which is a week away.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

40K 8th Edition in action.

Arab-Israeli War boardgame - AH game I believe.

Clank! in action.

BPLasers new release - the sailing ship.

Viticulture in play from my play board!

Viticulture in play!

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