Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So distracted....

Yep, it's pension day. I have a staggering $60 to spend, and I'm torn between what I can spend it on. QBD will give me free postage if I spend $60, so that another 6 books I could add to the library. I need some more bases for my figures, namely Hell Dorado. Although why considering my lack of painting. I even thought about expanding my Westerners for Hell Dorado. Then there is MERCS, and I'm thinking of Kemvar or FCC, although that doesn't allow me postage if I go the lot. Hmm, hang on I need the cards as well. So maybe what I need to do is save my cash until next fortnight and get more bang for my buck. Yet, what have I got to do for this fortnight then....

Dana my daughter is home sick, and it's nice to have her around. It seems to be only when her mother is in the same house that the world goes to hell in a bread basket. Well, I love my children, for all their faults and problems. It's what being a parent is all about. My parents didn't pay much attention to me as a child (I was treated as one up till the day they died), and I have the scars to prove it. I made the choice to give my children the emotional support they need, not the pragmatic crap that was the 60's/70's mantra. Ultimately my children have to make the decisions for themselves, all I can do is be there to support them - whether the good or the bad.

I received a blue care package today from Luke. This cheered me up, and then I realised that I would have to clear my game table to assemble the Terraclips. I've had a look at the buildings box, punched out the tiles and will eventually have to clear some space to start experimenting. I'm thinking I may very well set up the table and leave it set that way. Most of the games I play are skirmsih level now, not that I actually have any games at my residence any more.

Some Hordes figures were also included as well as the first two lemure packs for Hell Dorado. I rather like the lemures. Yet I need some hoopy bases for them to go on. Will have to have a think about that.

I've started (as it's a mundane job and doesn't require a lot of effort) typing up the character sheets for the Saracen's of Hell Dorado. I admitt that it is teaching me what the characters can do. I think that I shall enjoy this game in the weeks to come - when I can get a game.

Anima Tactics has caught my attention - well the rulebook has. I have about a dozen figures on the table, but I'm finding that the level of detail on the figures is going to be a stumbling block for me while I continue to search for inspiration.

I'm reading three novels at the moment, that's how fragmented I am. A Simon R Green, Rex Stout and Andrew Garve books. This is as well as my evening rulebook read, which consists of day dreaming over the painted figures (in the books) and picking random pages and reading the contents of that page.

So children, beware the mad man, it may just be me.

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