Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blind Pig 20th August Meet

I attended the Blind Pig yesterday. I had three games, all of them different.

1. Hell Dorado
I took my Saracens against James' Daemons. I lost, nothing new for me.
I think a few more games of this will be needed to iron out some of the rules, but I like the system. It's simple, but with enough complexity to make it interesting. I personally like the Saracen models, although I have ideological problems with who they are. So I may in the end trade them, or even give them away when I build up my Immortals and Westerners.

My first game of MERCS. I played against Simon and his CCC. I lost, I seem to be making this a standing habit. Again, a simple rule set. I like the models. A cheap game for those who are interested in value for money. I shall enjoy more games of this in the coming months. I had a good teacher in Simon, who is I think one of the better (if not best) teachers of game systems I have yet to meet.

3. Anima Tactics
Another first game system. I played against Alan. I won. Though in my defense I must state that I was using someone else's figures. It was my first time at playing Anima and I now have a taste for it. Damn. I really need to pick up my game and start painting in earnest. Thanks to Simon who taught Alan and I how to play the game. It's great when you find someone who is prepared to introduce you to what I think is a good game.

I spent the time there chatting with a lot of the other attendees.

I will bring my Magic in the future to entertain Ella.

So I'm sitting here, trying to find my mojo. I'm watching Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow to while away the hours.

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