Friday, August 19, 2011

The end of another week.....

Well another week has come and gone. Nothing has been achieved of any great significence. I pottered about with painting some figures, but nothing I'm really happy with. I just can't find my focus - and it's really becoming an issue with me.

I did find that QBD has an online store and I can pick up most of the books I'm after for under $10 a piece. So I intend to stock up on Simon R Green, Kat Richardson, and Thomas E Sniegoski. I must check to see what books I'm also missing from the Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher.

Tomorrow is Blind Pig club day. Hoping to enjoy a few games, but more importantly catching up with people. Just wish I didn't have to wait a fortnight to see everyone, or even have a game.

So I'm sitting here with a half dozen bottles of Bulmer's Original Cider, enjoying it immensely.

Watched a show on cable today called Hercules Returns, a wonderful 1993 parody. Think of voice-overs of the oriental movies, but with an Australia twist. I must acquire this movie. Well worth it. Laughed like I haven't in ages.

My good feeling for the week: shopping with my daughter, sharing her life and enjoying her company. I love you Lady Dana Caitlin McDonnell.

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