Friday, October 8, 2010

What a lazy fellow...

What a lazy fellow!

Last Thursday saw my appointment with my specialist. Not the best appointment I've had. Friday saw me extremely distressed over my health. I forced myself to go to the Blind Pig on Saturday and did have a good time. While I dithered about whether or not to go, going won out in the end. What can I say. The people who go to the Blind Pig are the best people I've met in all the gaming experience I have had. It's a wonder how being part of a friendly environment can boost your mood when all seems dark and dire.

So for the week past I've been in lazy mode. I've pottered around with finishing off some of the Uncharted Seas terrain pieces. Moved "Things" from one part of the Lair to another part of the Lair, moved more "Things" when "Things" got in the way. Things just seem to be everywhere, damn "Things".

This lovely rainy weather has me in slow mode. I've been watching and listening to the patter of rain drops on my roof. Even with the sudden downpore and a small flooding of my library didn't freak me out as it has in the past. Everything is up off the floor, so any water doesn't have a major impact on my collections. (Touch wood).

Tomorrow I'm off to play boats with the lads.

For the coming week I have to start and complete Sam's Gremlins, which have suffered due to my downtime. Sorry Sam, I promise to do some really nice bases for your lads.

I got my latest issues of Wargames Illustrated and Miniature Wargames on Friday. This is always a dangerous time for me as I keep getting tempted with other wargaming periods, especially the historical periods. I've really tempted with periods bracketing 1700, the Seven Years Wars, Indian Mutiny as well as the Vietnam and Korean conflict. My problem is that while I get them, I'm like a magpie, easily tempted by something shiney. Damn shiney "Things".

This weather has been great, it's been ever greater for reading. It's been the first time I've picked up a book for months and actually read. Normally I'm a speed reader, with a novel of 400-500 pages being polished off in a day. This time I'm taking a more leisurely stroll. I'm a big fan of the Gotrek and Felix novels. Currently I'm reading Shamanslayer, and the attendent danger is I'm thinking of finishing off my Empire Army. Sad but true. I got the same urge to do a Night Lords "Space Marine" army after reading "damn I can't find or remember the title now". I have the audio CD Throne of Lies which I'm saving for when I start painting in earnest again.

Well I'm off for now. Got to find the scanned wedding photo's to place up by Tuesday.

Remember, have fun but not at the expense of honour.

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