Monday, October 25, 2010

Updating my Music Library

I have been slowly transfering my music collection to mass storage device. I'm using iTunes at present. I think I'm only about 1/3 of my way through cataloging the collection. So far 594 albums with 13.3 days of continuous listening. Compared to my audio collection of 417 items and 39 days of continuous listening. I have no idea when my cataloging will end, it just seems to go on and on.

My music interest really only bloomed when I met my wife and she broadened my taste. Originally I was a classical "snob" with a lot of my music taste being similar to my parents. Really old stuff like Bing Crosby, Perry Como and classics like Oklahoma and South Pacific. Sad but true. I do like my classic oldies although I do prefer the early 80's and late 70's. Countdown was a regular staple on my TV schedule. I wonder if I can get The Kenny Everett Videoshow. It was one of my favourites, along with Kremin of the Starcorp. Damn I'm feeling old.

Some of my favourite musians/bands are:

The Sisters of Mercy - I really enjoyed "Floodland".
Duran Duran
Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery
Kate Bush
Bryan Ferry
David Bowie

and my daughter has exposed me to:

Lady Gaga

Now all I have to do is find out who the group was who were singing the pirate songs at Brendans?

No rest for the wicked, its bad to work.



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