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Saltmarsh Sentinel Issue 2

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Editor ~ Abelard Larthe                                Needfest, Earthday 13th, 576

Silver Lady Ghost Ship
The remains of the merchant ship Silver Lady was towed into harbour today by the Wave Runner, captained by Radella Oakenheart.  The Silver Lady had been all but burnt to the waterline and how it had not sunk beneath the waves before being found by Captain Oakenheart is unfathomable. 
The council has sent investigators to examine the ships remains.  Anders Solmor has pledged additional resources to battle the Sea Princes.
There is an oversupply of goats in Saltmarsh. Check your goat carefully before accepting one.

City Guard Patrol Doubled
The number of guards detailed for nightly patrols has doubled in the last month.  When the council was questioned about this need for extra details it was coy and said the citizens had nothing to worry about it.  The rumour of the shadow beast had – no substance.

Poisoning Scam Uncovered
Tobias Moonridge son of the owners of the Squiggling Squid was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder by poison. His scam occurred where he led strangers to his family eatery where he prepared meals laced with a poison.  For a price young Moonridge would provide the antidote. 
Young Moonridge will be sentenced next week.  His parents have already replaced the child with another of their litter of progeny this time with Alianore.  The Sentinel hope she knows the difference between all the secret herbs and spices the family uses.  The editor is partial to deep fried squid jelly and eyes. 
When the Sentinel asked the family for a comment they were greeted with a pragmatic response. “I must feed those who are still with us,” said Edwin Moondrige.  “Yes I grieve for the deeds my wayward son has done. I hope that councilman Primewater takes pity on him and sends him to one of his work houses to pay off his debt to society.”

High Sea Courtship
Romance was at its highest point during the finale in settling the account with the smugglers operating from the haunted house once known as the residence of Demedor Amnon the Alchemist. 
While aboard the smuggler ship The Ghost, excise officers Coldshore and Kreel witnessed the touching exchange between the delicate (dare we say effete) half-elf da Mare and the hirsute (and we do say brutal) half-orc Boarnog.

Headline 1 Handsome Glug Boarnog, smiter of fae hearts.
Officer Coldshore was quoted as saying “it brought tears to my eyes when I saw him drop to his knees, and then scrabble for the ring in haste before presenting it to his surprised companion.”  Coldshore’s offsider Kreel thought that da Mare had dropped the ring and questioned his friend’s interpretation of the events.  However the size of the lady like engagement ring now adorning Boarnog’s left hand is unmistakable even if the diamond is less than substantial.
Rodelik Karneth and up-and-coming member of the Jewelers’ Guild has promised to fashion a magnificent ring for the couple – for a price.

Empty Net Not So Empty
Questions are being asked as to the closed events at the local dive known as the Empty Net.  Long rumoured to be a haven for the less reputable citizens of Saltmarsh, it is becoming more and more common for some to notice the establishment to close its doors.
Council member Gellan Primewater spoke to the editor that it was none of the papers business as to what any business did as long as it did not break the laws set down by the Kingdom or those imposed by the council of Saltmarsh. 
When questioned about the rumours of his attendance at such a dive, he shrugged off the questions with “well we all like to live dangerously by poking our noses into places they aren’t wanted.”

Body Fished from Harbour
The body of Zander Rowland was fished from the harbour showing signs of murder most foul.  Only son of much loved widow Ana Rowland, she is known for the magnificent flowers she tends and is much admired by the townfolk.  The loss of her only son has aged the widow and the council at the urging of angry citizens are demanding action is taken against the perpetrator or persons involved.

Jasker’s New Project
Are you worried that your pampered pet might come to harm from marauding panthers or shadowy monsters in the night.  Then come see Jasker at the armourer’s guild.  Custom jobs now a becoming popular after local socialiettes spotted a kitty in what appeared to be armour.
Lady Shawna Towerfall was smitten by the sight, and after being treated for superficial scratches and bites from the modelling beast she declared “I simply must have Mr Fish Eggs accoutred in something far more magnificent.”
Citizens all know that this is the delightful and animated feline of such ancient lineage that none know whose ancestors it had, though Lady Towerfall assures us all constantly that it’s breading is impeccable.  We all recall that damp feeling left in our lap after visiting her Ladyship, in which we are reminded to always use the privy before visits and not blame poor Mr Fish Eggs.
Jasker sees a boom in new business opportunity in the well heeled if not well balanced citizens of Saltmarsh.

Winged Monsters Sighted
Travellers are warned to watch the skies for the foul monstrosity born from the meat of hanged murderess.  It is known that these creatures came about from the villainy of the scorned wife who killed and eat the heart of their husbands’ lover(s).  When finally caught and hung for their crimes the carrion that fed on their cursed carcass became the creatures which now fly the winds seeking those foolish enough to travel without precaution.
The council is offering a reward to find and eliminate the nest.  Attend the council chambers or provide proof of deed to claim reward.

Additional Fishing Contracts
Captain Xendros of the Faithful Quartermasters of Iuz are seeking larger quantities of fish product.  If you are a passing merchant with trade connections then contact Captain Xendros on the western side of the harbour during daylight hours.

Beating the Wicker Goat
Lankus Kurrid one time soldier of the Keoish army is threatening extreme violence on the village children who are periodically breaking his tavern sign.
The sign, which is in the form of a goat, a wicker one – made from plaited twigs or osiers. 
Investigation has shown that the local birdlife have taken to nesting in this effigy and the resultant eggs is what spurs on the act of vandalism.
When told to change his sign to the more traditional wooden sign common to other establishments Kurrid replied heatedly “then this wouldn’t be The Wicker Goat then would it.  When I was in the army...”
Kurrid then went on for some length of time about army life, forgetting about what the actual issue was.  However when reminded he threatened a sound thrashing to any person who broke his tavern sign that he caught and would demand reparations for repairs.

Indignities on top of Loss
The city guard remind all people, both citizens and transients to respect the property of those who call Saltmarsh home.
Ana Rowland, the widow and now grieving mother of recently murdered Zander has had her prized flower patch raided and flowers taken.
Residents will know that Ana took to gardening and in particular growing flowers when her husband Lukas, Captain of the Iron Prow was lost twenty years ago.  This activity and the support of the community helped her cope with the loss of her husband.
Councilman Primewater, a long time friend of the Rowlands is said to be outraged at this lack of common civility and has threatened to lock the offender up when caught.

Next Issue Out - Needfest, Earthday 21st, 576

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