Sunday, June 9, 2019

Saltmarsh Sentinel Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of my newspaper for the Dungeons and Dragons groups I am coordinating.  Yes there is more than one now!  As I have written the adventures will center around the town of Saltmarsh, though that will not limit the brave (or foolish) adventurers in their quests for glory, loot and the all nation dream.

I had hoped to include the actual newspaper I had prepared but this new age world we live in demands so many micro-transactions to access even the basic of publication manipulation these days.  I'm not sure how much longer my Office 2007 is going to operate, but at present it seems to suffer the slings and arrows the internet throws my way. All I want to do is convert PDF to JPG and the barriers that get thrown in my way is ridiculous.  That and I don't trust the internet...

The newspaper headline font is courtesy of and specifically.  

So sadly here is the poor mans version of the newspaper...

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Editor ~ Abelard Larthe                             Needfest, Earthday 6th, 576

Merchant Shipping Missing
Disturbing reports continue to filter into Saltmarsh of merchant traders being intercepted by parties unknown.  None have survived to report the tale. 

Missing Merchandise Found
Some of the goods bound for Saltmarsh were discovered for sale here in Saltmarsh Markets.  The individuals who attempted to sell the articles were promptly arrested and delivered to the town council for questioning.

Blue Frog Brewery
The proprietor of this fine establishment is seeking persons to harvest those sweet swamp blueberries from Hool Marshes.  Enquire at the Brewery during daylight hours.

Fishing Interests
The Aeltyn family announce the addition of the newest member of their fleet the Maiden’s Bounty.  This brings them into contention as one of the leading fishing fleets operating out of Saltmarsh.  Captain Xendros has been seen at the family docks numerous times these last days.

Black Spot Plague or Curse
A recent ship to port has been quarantined and its crew restricted to the ship and the healing graces of Pelor.  Warale Essryn of the Pelor church has assured the good people that he has the matter in hand.  Those who are concerned can attend the church where aid can be sought for those of frail constitution of mind and body.  A cure is being sought and will be delivered to all who seek it.  Pelor be praised.

Druidic Groves Dead
News has reached the town that a number of blessed Groves have been desecrated by person or parties unknown.  The town council is meeting to discuss this troubling matter. 

They Were Already Dead!
This was the claim the stranger An Shika gave the council when explaining the stolen merchandise she and her partner in crime were attempting to sell at market.  The sorry tales this pair weaved proved more entertainment than a passing troupe of harlequins.  In the end the probing questions of several sound members got to the truth.

Smugglers at Haunted House
The Haunted House long known to be the home of the alchemist Demedor Amnon has been the base of operations of smugglers.  The council has charged the pair who was in possession of the stolen merchandise to solve the problem of the smugglers.

Black Shadow on Prowl
Residents are warned to lock their doors and take care when walking late at night.  Rumours abound of a stealthy beast prowling the streets.  A recent arrival to town refuses to be drawn on whether his companion panther is the culprit; stating profiling all cats was a crime against felines.

Increased Bear Activity
Locals are reminded to be vigilant in the recent rise in activity with bear sightings in the surrounding area.  This may be linked with the re-emergence of local legend Tarmond Blackburn. 

Counterfeit Coin Circulating
Care is to be taken when dealing with strange coins not of the realm or those whom you have not had prior dealings with.  A small amount of counterfeit coin has been passed in some of the local markets and pubs.  New comers to Saltmarsh are best to exchange their foreign coin at the Merchants’ Guildhall.

Anmeh’s Hall of Oddities
See the Wonderous Eel-Man!  Behold Nature’s Cruelist Trick: The Toad-Faced Dog!  Test Your Endurance in the Pit of Vile Ooze!  Entrance only 1sp. 

Next Issue Out - Needfest, Earthday 13th, 576

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