Saturday, March 24, 2018

Blind Pig Games Club Meet 24th March 2018

The Buy Swap Sell Event was magnificently attended this time around with a wide range of product for sale.  I just wish I had the money to spend on some really good bargains there.

So apart from the Buy Swap Sell there was just the board game community at the club today.  Seems that there were a number of other events happening in Brisbane and surrounds that drained our usual supply pool.

One group played A Feast for Odin.  I've played this game, I own it, I enjoy it immensely, especially in solo mode.

Some new comers to the club for today, though I have seen them around the circuit at other venues over the years.  Hopefully they will come back again, always welcome.


Jason brought along Dragonfire today.  A learning experience, I had played Crossfire with him quite some time ago so some of the game mechanics came back as we played.  We almost made it to the end, three monsters to defeat, one was a troll...  I certainly like to play again, most certainly as four player, not less.

We were looking for a filler game for our new guest Mikey Lindh today and Enchanters was chosen, and while he had to dash off to work before he could finish I think he would be please to know his hand won the day!  A fun game, hopefully it might one day see a reprint.

I also got to play a three player game of London, wasn't able to take some photo as I was teaching and playing at the same time.  I enjoyed it, though I think we may have been doing some of the mechanics wrong, but I'll review the How to Play video later tonight.  I think everyone enjoyed the game though.

Below is my running tally of games I've played this year.  You'll notice that a lot of the games that I've played once are usually ones that I've played at the club, the opportunity the play a second time sometimes does not always occur.  Yet this is what I like about playing games at a club, if I like a game I don't own, or see it in action, it will often spur me on to buy it.  This often being more of a driving consideration than an online review or box art or article.

As always my best friend is happy to see me come home.
Till next time.
The Hon. John

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