Saturday, March 28, 2015

XenoShyft Onslaught

Yesterday (Saturday 28th) my old chum Ants turned up for a game he acquired though KickStarter entitled XenoShyft Onslaught.

This is a deck building game, so if you are familiar with Thunderstone, Legendary and others of similar type then you won't find this game difficult to understand and start playing.

I found the game challenging.  It took Ants and I three games to actually win.  First game we lasted until turn 7, second game turn 5, third game we survived to the end of turn 9.  This game does have an end game that can be achieved without the delays in some deck building games.

The game only plays for 9 phases, broken into 3 waves of 3.  Each wave allows new troops to be obtained, increased expenditure but also nastier monsters.  Rather than a combined group against a set of monsters (like Thunderstone), each player has 4 (or more) creatures to battle on their own, or with assistance from others.

To survive you really need weapons that can nail the creatures quickly.  The game that we lost really fast was due to poor locations, equipment choices and troop types.  So I think balance needs to be addressed with this game,  Clearly four players is optimum, but then the base can be lost even quicker if you have one round of poor defense.

All up I enjoyed the game and hope that Ants brings the game along to the next Blind Pig in May.

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