Friday, March 6, 2015

Blind Pig Club Day 7th March 2015

Another successful day done and dusted.
Thank you to everyone who helped out.
A great variety of games in play today.
Dreadball League (a lot of activity there, good to see)
Epic Armageddon
Wrath of Kings (love the look of these models, game plays well)
Naval War (old card game my version 1983)
Miskatonic School Girls
Pirate's Cove

40K (massive multiplayer point game)
Next meet is 21st March. It is also the first Buy Sell Swap day so mark it in your diary.
Our Lord and Master enjoying a game.

Brendan asking why nobody else brought their copy
or Arena Rex with them!

Peter F (on left) the Spartan Vanguard waving the
flag for Planetfall.

A fan of Epic Armageddon playing Conor, with a
bemused Alex looking on.

One of the many games of Dreadball in play today.
The League has started, thanks to Michael S for his
hard work in getting this off the ground.

Massive point game of 40K.

Infinity (and beyond)!

Wrath of Kings

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