Saturday, November 1, 2014

Warhound Restoration Part 1

A friend of mine Peter F, had an accident with his Warhound Titan, it fell from a shelf which moved and due to the instability of the model, it plummeted to its apparent death.  Peter posted on facebook about his sad tale and I made a comment about, leave it with me and I'll fix it for you.  So on the Blind Pig Games Club day Peter arrived with his Warhound in a box, the box wasn't that big and it did worry me when I collected it.

The box of pieces.  Doesn't look good does it?

After I pulled everything out and placed them out.  Looks like it's all there.

Went to Bunnings at 9am this morning to collect some strong bonding glue.  Looks fairly straight forward, from what I can see there is very little damage to the pieces themselves.  A little lick of paint for a few of the scrapes but it looks like it should all finish up "a proper job" in the end.  I just have to find a suitable base now as Peter tells me it's prone to topple.

What have I charged for my service?  Nothing.  Peter offered to pay me for my time, but I refused.  The world today should be more about helping people.  I have the time (too much) and the skill and patience to put it back together.  For me it comes back to community, and my community has sort of lost it's way and forgotten that it's a hobby we enjoy.  It's about sharing experiences and helping out mates when needed.  Pursuing the "money" trail is not what the hobby is about (though too many will argue that point).  Yes I may charge some people for my services, but that is usually when my finances are in dire need of assistance, and the people who know don't mind paying in those circumstances.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Restoration!

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