Monday, November 24, 2014

Dogtown Memories Part 2


Well unless you’re dead or have been on vacation, then you know what I’m talking about. This is a club campaign with a difference , you get to run your own business and act as part of town’s future direction. Shoot your way out off trouble or into it. What you put into it you’ll get out it. Remember that everything you do does have bearings on the town and the people in it .

The idea is to supply your own figure if you can or one will be given for use. If you want a family then you will need to supply them yourself. On any club day at highnoon it is open season in Dogtown. It means that if somebody puts his figure on the table then you can place yours too and get involved or decide to look the other way . Between club weeks your income will be worked out and posted on the net and in Snake Eyes as well . It is up to you to think of ways to improve your business as well as pay back the loan. The life of Dogtown depends upon the people who are in it.

The beef Baron is the man who has given you your chance to start out fresh. You will need to remember that. Beware that the dangers are there and you will need to stick together as a town. Could be Indian’s or Mexican’s or Outlaws or whatever, are you ready? Don’t forget the natural disasters like the diseases, twisters or fire. Anyhow I’m sure I’ll see you down Main Street in Dogtown U.S.A.

                                                May your gun never jam
                                                          Beef Baron

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