Monday, February 24, 2020

4AD for Fantasy Grounds

I recently obtained Fantasy Grounds!
It was on a whim.  One of the Humble Bundle packages I bought for some role play pack contained some content that required Fantasy Grounds.  Me having no idea, and not really knowing what it was didn't really care at the time.
While doodling around I stumbled across Fantasy Grounds on Steam for a really cheap price I think it was Cyber Monday or some such sale and being a sucker I bought it without really knowing what I was really letting myself into.
After watching the "how to" on YouTube and finding out the potential this little sucker has I have gone the whole hog and went Ultimate.  Mind you I haven't work out how to host yet.  Little steps, little steps.

(Addendum: I clocked over 240hrs on this engine to date just playing with creation!)

What I have found it that it appears I can create solo mode games easily on this.  Still experimenting, but here is my work with Four Against Darkness.

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