Monday, April 22, 2019

Battletech Adventures - Rolepay Story Act 2

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Authors Note: During the many years I have roleplayed in campaigns I can think of very few occasions where I've had a situation when I've had a one shot appearance.  Well my Battletech Adventure has sadly lasted one.  Rather than leave it up in the air I have ended it in a spectacular way.  This event never happened in game play, I have written this to satisfy my characters departure from the game. That though is the part of roleplay and the aspect of story writing and narrative creation.  As a writer I create a piece of fiction based on events that occur (or in this case didn't) during a session.  Of course as a writer I can always choose to ignore or embellish what does or does not occur during these sessions.  I write these stories primarily for my own entertainment, whether anyone else enjoys (or dislikes) them is their own prerogative.

The Dashing Adventures of an Interstellar Gentleman of Leisure

“Alpha-Two in position.”
“Alpha-One in position.”
The words came in on the secure channel at a location some kilometres from the space-field.  A number of suitably shadowy individuals, all of them masked and intimidating manned the array of communication and sensor equipment that had been temporarily set up in a disused office overlooking the fields.
“All clear. Guards have been redirected for 30 seconds. GO.”
The two shadows sprinted along the engine discharge fire channels of the landing field towards their goal – a battered Union class dropship - Alpha-Two coming from the north, Alpha-One the south.  
“Alpha One and Two. Target just requested clearance to leave.  Accelerate mission.”
Both figures watched as the ground crew completed detaching the fuel cabling and ground clamps.  The mercenary company’s own security surveyed the departure of the ground crews and checked that there were no stowaways.  Sensor sweeps were conducted, but failed to detect the masked intruders hidden in the landing pads.  Satisfied with the sweep the security withdrew to the boarding ramps but did not enter, clearly awaiting the ignition sequence.
In the darkness of the huge landing feet, the intruders went to work.
The retreat of the security detail and retraction of the boarding ramps signaled that time was up.  The two operatives had completed their task 13 seconds prior and had exited the target and slipped away from the danger zone.  The mighty vessels engines ignited and it climbed into the night’s sky where it suddenly suffered catastrophic vessel integrity which resulted in it plummeting to earth in a fiery comet.

“This is Nannette Roux NABCC reporting live at the crash site of last night’s dreadful dropship crash outside Breon.  Reports so far have confirmed that there have been no survivors.  Damage to the industrial area and the fires started as a result of this tragedy have been contained.  It would appear that good fortune have been with the citizens of this area with a scheduled security clearance saving what may have resulted in the loss of thousands of Breon citizens.  20 Million in property damage has been estimated by the Council of Estates and Insurers.  A spokesman for Prince Hanse quoted the Prince as saying  it is deemed a small price to pay compared to the actual loss of those citizens who would have been causalities as a result of this incident.  Investigators are expecting to provide a report on their findings within the week.  Unofficial sources seem to favour negligence on the mercenary company who owned and maintained the vessel.”
Bunter applied medical salve to the sunburnt locations of his lordships back.
“I say, careful there Bunter! I’m a bit tender in that location.”
A cynical laugh came from the other occupant of the smoky room.
“I’m surprised you didn’t get roasted in that blazing sun you silly fool.  Just as well Bunter was there to ensure you didn’t get roasted to a crisp.”
Bunter applied some more salve with perhaps some more gusto than was needed.  His own reddened skin glistened with lotion, and his expression while bland showed some unhappiness at both their situations.
“Yes, Mother always said I had two left feet and a tendency to fall asleep on the job.  Wasn’t it a stroke of luck Monty old man that Bunter and I quit that crowd?  It’d be worse than sunburnt skins I fear, I fancy crispy in hell would be in order right about now.”
All three men shared a knowing look and an almost slight smile touched their lips.
“I argued with your mother about her publicly announcing you.  That little stunt of hers opened up a whole can of worms.  The fact your employer was behind the failed kidnap attempt two days later clearly showed his interest in coin and self promotion.  We’ve since linked his activities back to certain elements that are of particular concern.  Your abrupt termination of employment was not unexpected.”
Ackerley Talbot Barrington Davion gingerly extracted himself from the massage table and donned an elegant silk dressing robe, wincing despite the salve.  Picking up his pipe, he filled the bowl with his choice tobacco and lit it, taking several draws to ensure the tobacco was packed right.  Satisfied he hummed happily and surveyed the company.
“Well I guess my days with that lot are over its back to work now.”

Story (c) John A McDonnell 23 April 2019

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